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21 Crystals for Self Love, Self Esteem, and Courage

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Whether you are on a self-love journey or you are well versed in loving yourself, crystals can always help boost your feelings of love and confidence.

They can help you by removing negative energy, boosting self-confidence, and connecting you with the truth of your higher self.

You can use them in meditation practices, carry them with you as touchstones, and just keep them near you to raise your vibes and remind you that you deserve the best in life.

These are the 21 crystals for self-love and confidence (and how to use them!)

21 Crystals for Self Love, Self Esteem, and Courage

Here are 21 of the most powerful crystals for self love:

  1. rose quartz
  2. pink opal
  3. pink tourmaline
  4. pink calcite
  5. rhodochrosite
  6. clear quartz
  7. moonstone
  8. green aventurine
  9. amethyst
  10. malachite
  11. lepidolite
  12. red jasper
  13. amazonite
  14. green jade
  15. smoky quartz
  16. strawberry quartz
  17. selenite
  18. citrine
  19. morganite
  20. rhodonite
  21. carnelian

Now let’s go through each of the self-love crystals and their metaphysical properties.

rose quartz:

rose quartz tumble

Rose quartz is probably one of the most well-known and most powerful crystals for self-love.

In fact, it is known as the crystal of unconditional love and compassion.

Rose quartz is closely related to the heart chakra, helping you open your heart to loving yourself and others. It attracts love of all kinds.

pink opal:

pink opal

Pink opal is one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening, helping you to become more of your authentic self.

If you struggle with caring what others think, or you find yourself changing who you are to please others, pink opal can help.

Pink opal can help with inner healing, helping you move past painful memories and start fresh.

pink tourmaline:

pink tourmaline palm stone

Pink tourmaline can help heal emotional wounds and inner stress.

It can help you feel more secure, filling your heart with unconditional love.

It can also help free you from people and situations that hold you back.

Pink tourmaline can give you the strength to move on and love yourself!

pink calcite:

three pink calcite crystals

Pink calcite (also known as mangano calcite) brings inner peace and self-compassion.

It helps with self-forgiveness and self-worth. It can help you release blocks and attract authentic love!



Rhodochrosite is the stone for you if you need help accepting love from others and yourself.

It can help you feel worthy of love while boosting your self-esteem. It can help you reconnect with yourself and feel true joy and happiness.

clear quartz:

clear quartz crystal

Clear quartz can be programmed to hold any intention, which means it’s perfect if you are working on self-love and acceptance.

It is known as a master healer and brings balance to every space.

It is a stone of clarity and alignment, helping you see the truth of who you are.



Moonstone brings clarity, insight, and positivity.

It can show you the way forward in your life, connecting you to your inner feelings.

It is the stone of personal growth and destiny.

It carries the sacred feminine energy of the moon and spiritual self-love.

Moonstone aligns your crown chakra, use it any time you need to deepen your spiritual practice and connect with your dreams.

green aventurine:

green aventurine tumbles

Green aventurine represents good luck and good fortune.

It brings opportunity, optimism, and confidence!

It’s related to the heart chakra, helping you open your heart to growth and a new purpose in life.

It can help you release old patterns and align with success!


amethyst point

Amethyst brings inner peace and wisdom.

It can enhance intuition and meditation, connecting you to your higher self.

It can help you release negative thoughts and protect you from the negative vibrations of others.

It is the stone of inner transformation, healing, and growth.

.Amethyst can open your third eye chakra, allowing you to embrace new beginnings.


malachite tumble

Malachite is one of the most powerful stones for transformation.

It can help you get to the root of the problem.

It protects you from outside influences and move forward from your heart.

It helps you break patterns and can even help unblock all of your chakras!


lepidolite palm stone

Lepidolite reduces stress and anxiety.

It enhances self-love and positivity.

It brings emotional healing, supporting you while you release negative patterns and negative emotions.

It can also help you connect to the divine and highest good.

Lepidolite is known for aligning your nervous system, helping you feel less anxious.

It can boost your mental health and help you have a more positive outlook on your life.

red jasper:

red jasper

Red jasper is the stone of stability and strength.

It can help you release shame and connect to life-force energy.

It is also a grounding and protection stone that calms emotions and strengthens healthy boundaries.

It can help you feel safe expressing yourself.

Red crystals like red jasper align the root chakra, giving you inner strength.


amazonite crystals

Amazonite helps you remain true to your heart.

It enhances confidence and self-expression.

It is soothing and calming for the mind.

It brings hope and the highest good to all situations.

It can help you look within, express your inner truth, and take positive action.

Amazonite aligns the throat chakra and the heart chakra, helping you clearly communicate the feelings of your heart.

green jade:

green jade stones

Green jade creates well-being and harmony.

It promotes balance and wisdom.

It can help you connect to the abundance of the earth, giving you feelings of possibility and abundance.

Jade helps with self-acceptance and can help you create good luck in your life.

Green jade is a heart chakra stone, expanding your ability to love yourself.

smoky quartz:

smoky quartz tower

Smoky quartz brings stability and can help you bring order to the chaos in your life.

It promotes action grounded in reality.

It can help you resolve inner conflicts and unspoken resentments.

It transforms negative energy into positive energy and can uplift bad moods.

It boosts creative expression and helps remove emotional blocks.

Smoky quartz aligns your root chakra, helping you to feel less self-conscious in love.

strawberry quartz:

strawberry quartz crystal

Strawberry quartz is the stone of spiritual growth.

It can help you let go of old wounds and trauma.

It can help you love yourself and others unconditionally, while still reaching for self-improvement.

It amplifies love and appreciation!


selenite tower and citrine bracelet

Selenite removes negative energy and cleanses your aura.

It helps you connect to higher realms and your highest self. It promotes mental clarity and emotional healing.

It allows you to be honest with yourself while connecting to the highest truth of who you are.

It is a self-cleansing and charging stone, which keeps its energy pure.


citrine crystal

Citrine elevates your sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

It is a stone of confidence and personal power.

It also attracts abundance, prosperity, and success!

It helps you establish inner strength while inspiring personal growth in the direction of your dreams.

Citrine aligns the solar plexus chakra, helping you take control of your life.


morganite crystal

Morganite helps with self-love and acceptance.

It can help you heal heartbreak and emotional trauma.

It connects you to the divine feminine and strengthens your heart with love.

It creates compassion and wisdom and helps you attract an abundance of love.


rhodonite stone

Rhodonite can help you connect your heart and your mind, so you can move passionately towards your best life.

It can help you be kinder to yourself, leading to self-acceptance and forgiveness.

It helps you follow your heart and share your unique gifts with the world.


carnelian tumbles

Carnelian is the go-to stone of courage and confidence.

It helps with self-empowerment, awakening your determination and motivation.

It helps you trust yourself and live fearlessly.

It promotes positive life choices and can help you move past abusive situations and connect to your truth.

Carnelian balances your sacral chakra, helping you unleash your inner passion.

small self love crystals grouped together

How to use crystals for self-love?

Choose a crystal.

Whichever one you feel most drawn to is the one that will work best for you.

Cleanse your crystal.

Cleansing your crystal removes any vibrations it is currently holding. (Related post: How to cleanse your crystals)

If you just purchased a crystal or received it as a gift, it will cleanse any energies from other people who have held it.

It’s also important to cleanse your crystal if it’s been sitting for a while.

It wipes the slate clean and makes it easy for you to program your crystal for self-love.

Read more about smudging and cleansing your crystals: How to smudge.

Program your crystal.

Hold your crystal while you feel the feelings of self-love.

If you have positive affirmations you’d like to use to help you, repeat the affirmations to yourself while holding your crystal.

Set the intention that your crystal will hold the affirmations and help you on your self-love journey.

smudge stick and bowl

Now that your crystal is programmed with your intentions, you can:

  • Use it as a touchstone.

Hold it whenever you need to increase your feelings of self-love, self-worth, and courage to be your true self.

  • Use it in meditation.

Hold it while you meditate with the intention of connecting with your higher self.

  • Wear it or keep it in your pocket.

If your crystal is small or if you’re using crystal jewelry like a bracelet or necklace, you can wear your crystal to keep your love vibrations high throughout the day.

  • Keep it under your pillow or bed while you sleep.

This will help infuse your dreams and your aura with your intentions.

  • Keep it on your desk while you work.

This will change the vibrations of your work so that you feel more confident and able to achieve your goals and ambitions.

  • Keep it in your home’s love area or your bedroom, to infuse your whole home with loving energy. (Click here to learn more about your home’s love area!)
  • Use it in your self-care practice.

If you are working out, meditating, taking baths, journaling — whichever self-care practice you’re using, keep your crystal nearby to help connect to love vibrations.

  • Use it in your plants to grow love vibrations. (Related: Learn more about using crystals for plants.)
  • Make crystal water.

Place your crystal near your water bottle to infuse your water with loving energy.

  • Create a crystal grid.

Create a crystal grid with your self-love crystal at the center, to focus and amplify the feelings of love.

Place your intention statement under the grid to focus the energy!

  • Create a crystal elixir.

Spray the elixir any time you need to change the vibration of your room or clear your energy field.

If you are in a negative spiral or having feelings of self-doubt, the elixir can help you break the pattern.

Crystals for self love FAQ:

What is the best crystal for self-love?

The best crystal for self-love is the one you feel most drawn to. I

f one of the crystals above really stands out for you, that is the crystal that will work best.

It’s always a good idea to follow your intuition because you will be led to the crystal you most need.

If you are just starting your self-love journey, however, and really don’t know which crystal is best, start with one of the pink stones like rose quartz, pink opal, or rhodochrosite.

They are full of gentle, loving energy and can help with any self-care practice you choose.

Can amethyst be used for self-love?

DEFINITELY! Amethyst is a stone of peace and wisdom.

It can help you connect to your higher self and receive messages from your inner being.

It is a stone that helps with inner healing and growth, helping you to dispel negative thinking and move forward.

Which crystal helps with self-doubt?

One of the most popular crystals for getting rid of self-doubt is carnelian.

It is the stone of courage and power, helping you take action.

It encourages self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is an excellent stone for helping you create positive energy in your life.

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21 crystals for self love

21 Crystals for Self Love, Self Esteem, and Courage