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Feng Shui Earth Element Crystals for Health & Stability!

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In feng shui, the earth element represents grounding and stabilizing energy.

The earth is the foundation of life. It is supportive, life-giving, and what a solid foundation is built upon.

When you think of building upon a solid foundation or grounding and centering your energy, you are thinking about the earth element.

The earth element is “home base,” it’s where you go to regroup, recharge, and create your life.

feng shui earth element crystals: smoky quartz points

If you need more balance and stability, adding the earth element to your home can help.

One way to do that is to add feng shui earth element crystals!

The colors related to the earth element are yellows and browns, ranging from light pale yellow to deep, dark brown.

So it follows that feng shui earth element crystals fall into two categories: yellow crystals and brown crystals.

Yellow crystals tend to be more energizing, depending on the brightness of the color, while brown crystals are more grounding and stabilizing.

When you consider earth tones, there’s a wide spectrum, so if you have a crystal that you feel is an earth element crystal but it isn’t on this list, use your intuition!

crystals that activate the earth element: jasper crystals

Feng Shui Earth Element Crystals (and their meanings)

Yellow Earth Element Crystals

The yellow earth element crystals are all related to the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for your personal power, motivation, identity, and authentic self.

The yellow crystals all share these properties in addition to their individual meanings.

yellow calcite – supports determination, persistence, and developing leadership skills

yellow jasper – helps with confidence in social situations, motivation, inspiration, and inner passion

bumblebee jasper – helps with accepting change, inspires complete happiness and joy

yellow aventurine – helps focus intentions, creates feelings of certainty and optimism, enhances energy flow

citrine – attracts prosperity of all kinds, helps with envisioning and pursuing goals (for more info on citrine, see this post: How to Use Citrine to Attract Money (14 Easy Methods))

yellow sapphire – attracts success, helps you change your life for the better

honey calcite – amplifies energy, helps cleanse bad vibes, increases personal growth and creativity

golden healer – helps you connect with source energy, raises your vibration, and is a master healer useful in all situations

rutilated quartz (golden rutile) – increases feelings of freedom and well-being, helps with intention setting, helps bring manifestations into the physical realm

sulfur quartz – balances and absorbs negative energy, helps with patience and calm, and can remove what’s blocking you so you can move forward in life

three smoky quartz crystals in a box

Brown Earth Element Crystals

The brown earth element crystals are all associated with the root chakra.

They help with grounding, centering, balancing, and protecting energy.

They can cleanse negative energy and also offer a layer of energetic protection in addition to their individual properties. (For more info on grounding crystals, see this post: 14 Powerful Crystals for Grounding and Protecting Your Energy)

brown topaz – increases strength, motivation, confidence, and security. Can help with social anxiety.

septarian – helps connect you to Mother Earth, aids with communication skills in group settings, promotes bravery and courage

aragonite – helps release emotional wounds, overcome anger, and move past resentment. Can also help with stress and negativity, and help you multitask.

smoky quartz – helps with mental clarity, transmutes negative energy, can help you get your life in order

mahogany obsidian – inspires introspection, can help you overcome old traumas and abuse, can help with ancestral healing and moving past unpleasant memories

brown calcite – promotes inner peace and stability, helps you overcome setbacks and make better decisions

tiger’s eye – increases personal power, confidence, willpower, and inner strength. Helps with achieving goals and eliminates creative blocks.

leopard’s skin jasper – helps with feelings of self-doubt, encourages self-honesty, helps with visualization and connecting with artistic abilities

picture jasper – stimulates the imagination, helps you embrace the rhythms of life, is great for connecting to the energy of the earth

brown agate – improves concentration and analytical abilities, helps with spiritual growth and maturity

amber – has strong healing energy, increases patience and balance, helps with calmness and serenity

dark brown or dark orange carnelian – anchors you to reality, creates stability and strength, increases willpower and confidence (For more info on carnelian, see this post: What Does a Carnelian Crystal Do? Plus 9 Ways to Use It!)

small smoky quartz crystal

Where should you place feng shui earth element crystals in your home?

The areas of your home that are ruled by the earth element are:

The feng shui health area

The feng shui health area is the center of your home. It is responsible for the health and well-being of everyone in your household.

It also helps harmonize the energy of your entire home and life.

Placing earth element crystals in your health center will bring peace, stability, and harmony to everyone in your home.

They can also help with physical health and vitality!

The brown feng shui earth energy crystals will also increase grounding and protection, while the yellow ones can increase energy and a positive outlook on life.

The feng shui knowledge and wisdom area

The feng shui knowledge and wisdom area represents growth in all areas of your life, especially in knowledge, spiritual connection, and learning/studying.

Placing earth element crystals in this area will help create personal growth and change that is grounded and connected in wisdom.

The feng shui love and relationship area

The feng shui love and relationships area represents not just romantic love, but also peace and harmony in all relationships in your life and household.

It also represents self-love and acceptance!

Placing earth crystals here can help with stability and harmony in relationships, remove negativity and resentment, and also create feelings of optimism and joy.

smoky quartz

The metal areas of the bagua

You can also place feng shui earth element crystals in the metal areas of the bagua. In feng shui, the earth element feeds and enhances the metal element, increasing its strength.

The feng shui children and creativity area

The feng shui children and creativity area of your home is responsible for creativity, fun, communication, completing projects, and also the well-being of the children in your life.

Placing feng shui earth element crystals here will enhance creativity, help you bring projects to fruition, and create a stabile foundation for your future to be built upon.

The feng shui travel and helpful people area

The feng shui travel and helpful people area of the bagua relates to travel of all kinds, from vacations to commuting.

It is also responsible for all of the supportive and helpful people in your life!

Adding earth element crystals to this area will help with smooth travel in your daily life and during vacations.

It will also draw helpful energy from the Universe, attracting protectors and benefactors who can help you with anything you need!

It can also help attract clients to your business or profession, increase networking opportunities, and attract guardian angels into your life.

Avoid placing too many earth element crystals in your home’s career area.

The feng shui career area is ruled by the water element, and the earth element can slow down the flow of energy in your career or life path.

If you find things in your career or life journey are moving too fast, placing a couple of earth element crystals here can help slow it down, but too many can create obstacles to career growth and opportunities coming your way.

mix of brown feng shui earth element crystals

How to use feng shui earth element crystals:

▶ Wear them to balance your personal elements, or to ground and center your energy.

▶ Place in the center of your home (feng shui health area) to create stability, grounding, and a firm foundation for everyone in your household. This will also enhance everyone’s strength, vitality, and wellbeing.

▶ Place in the love and relationships corner to energize and stabilize all relationships in your life, including with yourself!

▶ Place in the knowledge and wisdom area, to help with growth, learning, and spiritual connection.

▶ Place in the travel and helpful people area, for protection and safe travel, and to draw helpful people and guardian angels into your life.

▶ Place in the children and creativity area, to activate it and increase creativity, fun, and bring nourishing energy to all children in your life.

▶ You can also place earth element crystals on any of these areas of your work desk to increase these energies in your job or profession! Placing them in the helpful people area of your desk can also draw in new customers or clients to your business, or help you hire new people!

▶ If any area of your life is feeling extremely unstable or unpredictable, placing an earth element crystal in that area of your home can help stabilize it and calm it down. See this post: the feng shui bagua map and how to use it!

Now that you know how to use feng shui earth element crystals in your home, you might also want to know:

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