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feng shui bagua series: feng shui fame and reputation area

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What’s fame got to do with it?


You might be thinking to yourself: I don’t want to be famous, so I don’t need to worry about this feng shui area of my home. I thought that at first too!

But the fame and reputation area of your home actually relates to SO MUCH MORE than just being famous.  In fact, it might be the missing link for you!  

feng shui fame and reputation area

If you’ve tried all sorts of things to get your career off the ground but it isn’t working. 

If you’re trying to switch careers but you can’t seem to get your footing in the new career or job. 

If you’re not getting the recognition you need at work to get the promotion you want. 

If people just don’t seem to be noticing you? 

Then it’s time to look at your home’s fame and reputation area!

find home's reputation area

How to find your home’s feng shui fame and reputation area:

The feng shui bagua map divides your home into 9 different areas. Each area corresponds to a different area of your life.

When you stand at your front door and look inside your home, the feng shui fame and reputation area is the back middle third. 

Here is a picture of the feng shui bagua map so you can picture it more easily:

feng shui bagua map

Click here to learn more about the feng shui bagua map and learn how to use it in your home!

The feng shui fame area of your home is responsible for:

What you want to be known for in life
How people perceive you
Recognition at work
Reputation in your business – how customers see you
Successfully achieving your goals
Respect at work, at your job, or in your business
Your reputation in your community
Receiving credit for your work

When this area is in balance, you’ll find that:

It’s easy to get recognition in your job
Switching careers is easier
People know you, like you, and trust you
It’s easier to accomplish your goals
You have a good reputation in your job, business, or community
The spotlight is on you and people “see” you and your work
Your boss recognizes your contributions

feng shui tips for fame

When the fame area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

Switching careers or what you’re “known” for is more difficult
Someone else gets credit for your work
People don’t “see” you or give you credit
You might be struggling to get clients or clients disrespect your work
You can’t seem to change your reputation no matter how hard you try
You get passed over for promotions
It’s harder to achieve your goals
You feel discouraged when it comes to attracting recognition or success
People seem to ignore you or talk badly about you

Decorate your home’s reputation area with:

FIRE! The element most associated with the fame area is fire:  so candles and fireplaces go great here!
Bright, fiery colors (red, orange, hot pink)
Greens also work well
Wooden objects or decorative items
Triangles and pointy objects 
Cactus or tall plants
Fiery colored artwork or wood-filled landscape scenes
Bright lighting (shines a spotlight on you!)

feng shui decor fame area

Other items that go well in the fame and reputation area:

Awards, certificates, or diplomas (in the field you want to be known for)
Artwork or other representation of how you want to feel about yourself or want others to see you
Items that represent goals you’re trying to achieve
Objects that represent success
Pictures of famous people

Items to avoid in your home’s feng shui fame area:

Too much water or water features
Watery colors (blues and blacks)
Too many wavy lines or free-form shapes 

If you are struggling with your reputation or success, look for:


I know that’s my answer to almost everything, but clutter “clogs” up the flow of energy in your home. 

If you’re struggling, clutter is definitely one of the first things to look for! 

Clutter in closets, your garage, or even the attic above your fame area can cause the energy to get stuck. 

Clutter is also a symptom of something else going on — even if it’s just that you don’t have the time to get to it! 

Clearing the clutter can help free up the energy in your home and help everything move forward.

using home's fame area

Broken items, unfinished projects, or needed house repairs. 

Similar to clutter, broken items or unfinished projects can lower the energy of your space. 

Tending to these items releases the negative energy and can immediately uplift the energy of your home. 

Plus don’t underestimate how much of your OWN energy is devoted to the projects you know need to be finished. 

Finishing them frees up your own mental energy!

Furniture or items you don’t love. 

If you have things in your home that you don’t love, it can really drain your energy. 

Items in your home reflect the energy you have when you look at them. 

Every time you see them, you feel the energy you have attached to them. 

When you are working on success or moving ahead in your life, having items you don’t love or that have negative energy attached to them can drag you backwards in life. 

Either remove these items from your fame and reputation area, or remove them from your home altogether. 

OR, alter them in some way so that you love them!  Refinish furniture, change the color, or do whatever it is you need to do so that you love it and your home!

how to attract success feng shui

feng shui cures for the fame and reputation area:

Add light! 

Because the feng shui fame and reputation area is associated with fire energy, adding uplights or bright lights to this area can “shine a light” on you! 

Think about the spotlight shining on you and what you’d like to happen with your goals. 

Then add a lamp or change out the bulbs in this area to create magic! 

Add fire! 

Do you have a particular goal you’d like to achieve in your career or something you’d like to happen that feels like success to you? 

Find a picture that represents this goal and helps you feel the feelings of already having it. 

Place that picture under a candle and light it. 

While the candle is burning, feel the feelings of already having what you want to achieve. 

Keep the candle lit for a few minutes (or longer if you have the time) and set your intentions.  Do this for at least 9 days in a row to help you really anchor the desire and help it manifest!

feng shui fame corner

Add red. 

Red activates energy and it’s perfect for the fame area! 

You can add the color red as a decor accent (if you love red!) or even line drawers or place red paper under furniture. 

Add a plant. 

Plants represent wood energy, and wood feeds fire. 

Buy a plant specifically for this area, to represent feeding the fire of your success and watching it grow! 

Any plant will do well, but this is also the area you can place cacti in, if you love them.  Cactus also represent fire energy, so cacti in this area do double-duty!

feng shui reputation corner

What if the fame and reputation area of your home is missing?

In feng shui, nothing is “missing!”

Your home is perfect as is, so don’t freak out if the fame area of your home seems to be missing. 

Instead, you can place the feng shui cures on the walls surrounding this area. 

This activates them and allows those areas of your home to serve as the fame area. 

If this area is outside, like a courtyard or “u” shaped area, you can also place items outside in that area to activate it! 

find home's reputation corner

Another option is to create a fame area in a different room of your home. 

You can use the feng shui bagua map inside individual rooms, so creating another fame area is easy!  Some rooms that are great for this:  your home office, family room, or even a room that falls in your career area.

What if the fame and reputation area of your home is someone’s bedroom or is otherwise inaccessible?

The same rules apply as if the area is missing.  You can’t feng shui for someone else, so if the fame area falls in someone’s bedroom, just pick another area of your home to use as your fame area.

home fame reputation area

What if your home’s fame area falls in a bathroom?

Because the fame area is associated with the fire element, the water in a bathroom can drain the energy. 

This is an easy fix, though! Just make sure to keep the toilet lid closed, and make sure the faucets in the bathroom don’t drip.  You can also add plants to this area to slow down the draining energy and feed the fire element!

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