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Feng Shui Water Element Crystals for Creating Balance & Flow

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In feng shui, the water element represents flowing, gentle energy.

Think of water gently moving through a stream, bending and flowing around any obstacles in its way, and you’re thinking of the water element!

In feng shui, it also represents good fortune, money, and luck!

In fact, the meaning of feng shui is wind and water, which is representative of how energy flows throughout your home.

Adding feng shui water element crystals to your home is a great way to add the water element without actually adding water.

This is especially helpful if you need to add the water element to a certain room, like your bedroom, where a fountain or aquarium would disrupt energy or isn’t practical.

feng shui water element crystals (aquamarine towers)

Feng shui water element crystals are crystals that are in the blue and aqua color family, and also crystals in the black and dark grey color family.

Crystals that are rounded or soft in shape are also part of the water element, so choose feng shui water element crystals that are spherical or tumbled to best represent this element!

The following is a list of feng shui water element crystals and a brief description of their meanings.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you have crystals that are in the blue/aqua/black/grey color range, they are also water element crystals!

Because the feng shui water element is a strong element, you don’t need a ton of feng shui water element crystals to balance your space.

Just a few will help – in fact, too much of the water element can create a little too much flow.

Think of “watering down” energy, or how a waterfall or turbulent ocean can cause disruption, and you’ll understand how you can have too much!

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various water element crystals - blue agate

Feng Shui Water Element Crystals & Their Meanings:

Blue Feng Shui Water Element Crystals

Blue crystals relate to the higher chakras, usually the third eye chakra and/or crown chakra. They help with connection, insight, and opening your energy to communication with your higher self and the Divine. All of them also help with peace, tranquility, and flow!

Aquamarine – clarity, creativity, courage, and relieving stress

Amazonite – speaking your truth, balancing feminine and masculine energies, and releasing worry and fear

Blue Fluorite – serenity, self-expression, insight, and organization. Also helpful for students!

Turquoise – purpose, tranquility, wisdom, and living your truth.

Apatite – growth, manifestation, achieving your goals, and personal power.

Blue sapphire – hope, loyalty, mental focus and power, inner vision, fulfilling your destiny

Celestite – uplifting, cleansing energy, connecting with a higher power, sharpens mental abilities

Kyanite – logical and rational thought, communicating with the higher dimensions, balancing energy, clearing stress and confusion

Lapis Lazuli – inner truth, intuition, spirituality, connecting with your spirit guides, transcending the past

Sodalite – intuition, self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, creating order out of chaos

Larimar – serenity, relaxation, tranquility, clear communication, connecting to Goddess energy and wisdom

Chrysocolla – creativity, luck, good fortune, manifesting your dreams, calming emotional turmoil

Blue Calcite – calm, inner sight and psychic development, amplifies learning abilities and strengths

Black Feng Shui Water Element Crystals

Black crystals are associated with the root chakra, and all of them have grounding and protection abilities in addition to their other meanings! These crystals can all help purify and cleanse energy too.

Obsidian – balance, removing emotional blocks and limitations, introspection, prevents negativity

Black tourmaline – eliminating toxic thoughts, protects against EMFs, stability and security

Onyx – healing old wounds and traumas, helps with stress and grief, aids with self control and determination

Hematite – balancing masculine and feminine energy, self-confidence, willpower, self-esteem, courage

Black moonstone – intuition, new beginnings, possibilities, changing your life

Blue tiger’s eye / hawk’s eye – making good choices, helps attract a new job, clarity, releasing stress and worry

Tourmalinated quartz – transmutes negative energy, clarity of thought, unblocks energy, helps remove inner conflict

Shungite – detoxes energy, purification, great for shadow work, protects from EMFs, relieves stress and anxiety

Black amethyst – divine connection, replenishes energy, helps with transitions and change

Smoky quartz – transmutes energy, helps with getting your life in order, helps with negative thinking and confusion

crystal grid with feng shui water element crystals

Where should you place feng shui water element crystals in your home?

Feng Shui Career Area

The feng shui water element is most helpful in your home’s career area.

The career area is ruled by the water element, so placing the water element crystals here will help with career success.

The feng shui career area is associated with your career, life’s mission and purpose, and which path you take in life (not just your job!)

If your career area is also your entryway or front door, it is also associated with attracting positive energy, new opportunities, and good fortune!

Career Area of Your Desk

You can also place feng shui water element crystals on the career area of your desk, which will directly help you while you work.

In this position, they can help with work stress, frustration, and create more creative flow and energy while you work.

Feng Shui Wealth Area

The feng shui wealth area is ruled by the wood element.

The wood element represents growth and stability, and the water element feeds the wood element in the feng shui element cycle.

Placing water crystals in the wealth area can increase abundance in all areas of your life (not just money!)

Feng Shui Family and Legacy Area

The feng shui family and legacy area is also ruled by the wood element.

This represents the connection between your family members and the legacy you leave in the world.

Placing water element crystals in this area can help create stronger connections within your household and also within your extended family.

It can also help grow and nourish your legacy in the outer world (what you’ll be known for or leave behind when you pass from this world to the next.)

larimar crystals

Where should you not place feng shui water element crystals?

Be mindful of placing too many water element crystals in your home’s fame area or your bedroom.

Water helps diminish the feng shui fire element, so too much water in these areas can reduce passion and create problems in your relationship.

Placing too many water element crystals in your bathroom can also cause problems.

Bathrooms already contain the water element, and all of the drains in these areas cause positive energy to “go down the drain.”

It’s better to place wood element crystals or fire element crystals in your bathroom to balance it and help positive Chi circulate in your home.

chrysocolla crystals

How to Use Feng Shui Water Element Crystals

You can use feng shui water element crystals to:

▶ Balance the fire element in your home, creating more balance and flow. This is especially helpful in rooms with a lot of electronics or a fireplace.

▶ In your feng shui career area, or the career area of your desk to attract a new job, promotion, or more positive energy in your career.

▶ By your front door, to help you find a new life path or start a new journey and attract new opportunities.

▶ Using the blue feng shui water element crystals while meditating will open and balance your third eye and crown chakras, helping you receive insights and wisdom. Using the black water element crystals during meditating will balance and ground your energy and cleanse negative vibes from your aura.

▶ Wearing the black water element crystals will help ground and protect your energy from negativity and bad vibes.

▶ Placing a black water element crystal by your front door can help shield your home from negative energy (negative Chi) and cleanse energy as it enters your home.

▶ If you have a career or life path vision board, place one of the water element crystals near it to activate it and help it manifest!

▶ Create a career or life-path crystal grid with these crystals to concentrate energy and help your intention manifest even faster!

▶ Use one of these crystals for a feng shui full moon ritual to program and amplify energy for your intentions, and attract new beginnings and fresh energy to your manifestations!

▶ You can also come up with your own ritual using these crystals! The only limit is you!

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