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feng shui bagua series: the feng shui creativity area

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Your home’s feng shui creativity area not only relates to your creative spark and inspiration, but it also relates to the children in your home.

When you think about it, creativity has a lot to do with our inner child.

For example:

How playful do you feel towards life?

Do you have a lot of leisure activities that you enjoy?

Do you have enough youthful energy to pursue your creative ideas?

Do you need more inspiration for projects in your life?

How are your children doing?

Does your home feel inspirational and supportive to your entire family, including your pets?

These are all questions that can be addressed with your home’s feng shui creativity area!

feng shui creativity area

Where is your home’s children and creativity area? Here is a picture of the feng shui bagua map:

feng shui bagua map

The feng shui bagua map shows you which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life. Your home is divided into 9 areas (like a tic-tac-toe board.)

Your home’s children and creativity area is the middle right third, when standing at the front door, looking into your home.

Click here to learn more about the feng shui bagua map and how to apply it to your home!

The feng shui creativity area of your home relates to:

Creativity in all aspects of your life
The health and well being of your children (if you have them)
Fun and playfulness
Leisure activities
Youthful energy
Artistic ability
Generating new, creative ideas
Having children
Improving relationships with your children
“birthing” projects into the world
Joy, happiness, and inspiration
Inner child

When this area is in balance, you’ll find that:

The children in your home are thriving
The pets in your home are thriving
Projects are easily started and finished
Inspiration is around every corner
Artistic endeavors are exciting and easily created
Creativity is heightened and fun
Your life is full of leisure activities you enjoy
You feel youthful and full of energy
Relationships with your children flow well

bagua home children area

When the feng shui creativity area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

Children in your home are struggling
You feel uninspired and lacking creativity
Creative projects aren’t moving forward
Life feels blah and boring
You don’t have time for leisure activities
Life feels more stressful and like you can’t take a break
You feel “old” or “stuffy”
You might struggle with infertility

Decorate your home’s children and creativity area with:

Metal objects
Earth objects (pottery and natural fabrics work well here)
Whites and pastels
Splashes of earth tones, like pale yellows and beiges
Crystals and mineral specimens
Metallic tones
Pictures of your children (except not over a fireplace, if one exists in this area)
Playful objects and colorful artwork
Games, puzzles, creative and hobby supplies of all kinds
Musical instruments
Works of art or objects that you find inspiring
Circle/spherical shapes
Books that support your creative endeavors
This is a great place for the television and other electronics
It’s also the perfect place for your children’s playroom
Pet beds and pet accessories also work well in this area

creativity area bagua map

Items to avoid in the children and creativity area:

Lots of bright, fiery colors
Lots of candles
Too many plants (wood energy)
Tall cylinder shapes
Lots of black and watery colors
Depressing artwork or pictures of sad and/or lonely children or animals
If there’s a fireplace in this area, make sure to balance it with a large mirror (if possible) over the mantle

Things to look for in the feng shui creativity area if you or someone in your family is struggling:


Clutter is always the first thing to look for if you are struggling with an area of your life.

Clutter is an outward manifestation of inner chaos, which means when something in your life isn’t working, there’s almost always clutter that goes along with it!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be clutter directly in the children or creativity area, though sometimes it is.

But clutter anywhere in your home can affect other areas of your life.

And yes that includes clutter in your garage, closets, and under beds.

feng shui child area

Broken items, unfinished projects, or water leaks.

Again, any of these items can affect any area of your life and home.

In the children/creativity area, unfinished projects and broken items can result in even more unfinished projects!

If you are struggling with completion or seeing projects come to fruition, remove or complete the projects asap.

Leaks represent leaky energy, which means energy is flowing out of your life faster than you can refresh it. If you are feeling exhausted creatively, can’t seem to find the time to finish projects, or you feel like you just can’t keep up with everything you need to do, check for a leaky faucet or drain somewhere in this area!

Too many bright colors and/or chaotic artwork.

While SOME color is always good, the creativity area is associated with metal energy.

Metal energy represents cleanliness, order, organization, the color white, lightness, and clarity. Which represents a blank slate that can be filled with creative energy!

Having too much chaos, too many fiery colors, and too much clutter in this area can interfere with the creative process.

Conversely, not ENOUGH color, energy, art, or inspiration in this area can cause things like writer’s block or not enough creative energy to get a project started.

Feng shui is about balance – you want enough Chi (life force energy) to get started, but not so much that it causes chaos and the inability to concentrate.

feng shui child creativity

Feng shui cures for the creativity area of your home:

If you are feeling creatively blocked and you’ve looked for the above items in this area of your home, it’s time to get started with some feng shui cures!

Feng shui cures are specific things you can do to help boost the Chi in this area.

One: Clear the energy.

Clean, sweep, dust, mop, vacuum, organize, declutter, and rearrange furniture!

Do so with the intention of stirring up the Chi and creating movement in your life.

Don’t forget any mirrors or windows in this space!

Once you’re done, you can smudge to clear the aura even further and open you and your home up to creative possibilities! (Click here to learn how to smudge your home!)

feng shui creativity children area

Two: Practice creative endeavors, like art, writing, journaling, musical instrument practice in this area for extra inspiration!

Better yet, buy new supplies for your creative projects and store them in this area too! Just don’t forget to use them!

Remember, creativity is a PRACTICE, and sometimes just showing up even when you don’t “feel” like it is enough to get the creative juices flowing!

Three: Turn on a light and/or change the light bulbs in this area to higher wattage bulbs.

This physically shines a light on your inspiration and creativity, which can spark new ideas!

Four: If you would like to welcome a new child into your family, buy something that represents this child coming into your life and place it in this area.

Baby shoes, a children’s book, baby name books, or anything that represents the new child will work well!

Just a small token that makes you excited and helps you see the child coming can set the events in motion and welcome the new energy into your home!

homes creativity area

Five: Add a plant, wind chime, or fresh flowers to stir up the Chi.

If things just aren’t moving in this area of your life, placing a living object (like a plant) can help stimulate growth and movement.

Wind chimes also stir up energy (even if they don’t “move” with the wind – they represent stimulating energy.)

And fresh flowers are always a good idea when you want to create a more happy, grateful environment.

Buy them with the intention of saying thank you for the creative energy you have and signaling to the Universe that you are ready for more!

What should you do if the feng shui creativity area is missing in your home?

If your home is missing the feng shui creativity area, it’s not really missing!

Instead, use the outer walls around this area to energize it and do double-duty.

Hang something with the metal element, like picture frames made of metal.

You can also use metal lamps or metal furniture in the areas around it to energize the creativity area.

You can also apply the feng shui bagua map to individual rooms, so you can choose a room nearby, or a shared family space to create your own creativity area!

homes child area

What should you do if the feng shui creativity area of your home is inaccessible?

If this area is someone’s bedroom or otherwise unavailable, use the advice above and pretend the area is missing.

You don’t have to feng shui someone’s bedroom in order for your intentions to work!

Hang metal objects on the outer walls, or create your one creativity area elsewhere in the home.

You can’t get it wrong, and your intentions are the STRONGEST element in your home.

Anything you do to boost your creativity will set the intention within your home and the Universe will understand.

What if the children and creativity area falls in a bathroom?

Bathrooms represent draining energy, but there are several things you can do help the energy stay in your home.

First, keep the toilet seat down as much as possible.

Second, keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible.

Third, add plants to your bathroom! Plants help slow the energy down and keep it from flowing away.

Fourth, keep the bathroom as clean as possible to keep the energy fresh!

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