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14 Powerful Crystals for Grounding and Protecting Your Energy

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Grounding is the intentional act of connecting to the earth.

It can help stabilize your energy, clear negative energy, and connect you to the present moment.

Connecting to mother earth is a way to clear your auric field by touching your physical body to the earth.

You can practice grounding techniques any time you’d like, but sometimes it’s just not easy to get outside.

That’s where crystals for grounding can help!

Crystals for grounding are a great way to help you maintain and protect your energy.

You can wear them, keep them in your pocket, or even keep them on your desk.

The key is to use them as touchstones to help ground your energy as needed.

You can even program them to keep your energy clear and protected throughout the day.

Let’s get into the specifics of how to use crystals for grounding and energy protection!

14 powerful crystals for grounding and protecting your energy

Crystals for grounding: How do they work?

Everything on earth is made up of energy.

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency.

That frequency can be felt by others.

If you’ve ever walked into a room and immediately sensed danger, walked by someone and knew they were angry or walked in on people having an argument, you’ve felt that frequency!

Crystals work much the same way.

Because they come from the earth and are made of different minerals, they carry the energy associated with that mineral.

Holding, wearing, or keeping specific crystals nearby can help you connect to that specific frequency.

This can clear and attune your frequency to the crystal, changing the vibration of your body.

Grounding crystals connect with the deep energy of the earth.

Earth energy is connected to the root or base chakra in your body.

The root chakra is your base chakra.

It is the foundation of your energy.

It represents safety, security, protection, and feeling rooted in your life.

Crystals for grounding hold that earth energy and help attune your lower chakras to it.

They can help you feel connected while also keeping your energy clear and balanced.

woman meditating on floor

How do you use grounding crystals?

Crystals have their own frequency, which is associated with their mineral makeup and the properties we associate with it.

But they can also pick up and hold the frequency of the things around them, which can muddy their inherent properties.

This is why smudging is important when you first work with a crystal.

It clears the energy the crystal picked up from the people and other things in its previous environment.

This resets its energy to its inherent properties.

Then you can program the crystal to hold YOUR intentions.

One: Clear the crystal’s energy by smudging it with sage or another smudging herb.

You can also run some crystals under water, place them in a bowl of salt, place them on a selenite slab, or set them in the window under a full moon.

Any of these things can cleanse the crystal’s energy so that you can begin to work with it. (Want to learn more about smudging? Try this post: How to smudge. And this post: How to cleanse your crystals.)

woman meditating with crystal bracelet

Two: Once you’ve cleansed the crystal, you can program it with your intentions.

To program a crystal for grounding, you should hold it in your hand.

Feel the feelings of being grounded or rooted in the earth.

Feel all of your worries, fears, and concerns melting away.

Feel the feelings of the earth energy surrounding you and protecting you.

Imagine a protective bubble around you, where all negativity bounces away and isn’t allowed to enter your auric field.

Three: Now that you’ve programmed your crystal, you can use it to keep you grounded!

Different ways to use crystals for grounding:

  • As a touchstone. Hold it any time you need to feel grounded or protected.
  • As an amulet. Wear the crystal or keep it in your pocket to ward off negative energy in your daily life.
  • During meditation. To deepen your relationship with the earth and its protective energy and stabilize energetic boundaries.
  • To make crystal water. Place it near your water bottle to program the water with grounded energy.
  • To make an energetic spray. You can use small crystal chips to create an energetic spray that cleanses the energy of your space or auric field.
  • Keep a small one under your pillow to clear your aura while you sleep.
  • Create a crystal grid to transmute specific negative energies or protect you in a certain situation.
woman using sound bowl

12 Crystals for grounding and energy protection:

Let’s go through the different crystals for grounding and protection!

  • red jasper
  • smoky quartz
  • black obsidian
  • black onyx
  • black tourmaline
  • shungite stone
  • hematite stones
  • tiger’s eye
  • moss agate
  • black jasper
  • fire agate
  • tourmalinated quartz
  • mahogany obsidian

Red jasper:

red jasper

Red jasper ranges in color from brownish red to almost orange because it’s filled with iron inclusions.

It represents passion that is grounded in reality.

It carries the energy of inner strength and protection, allowing you to feel your inner power while still being connected to the earth.

It is a powerful stone that is deeply connected to the root chakra because of its red color.

If you need to heal or balance your root chakra, then red jasper is a good stone to use.

Smoky quartz:

smoky quartz tower

Smoky quartz, as with all crystals for grounding, connects you to the earth’s energy.

It transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

It protects your aura from lower vibrations while calling on your personal power of transformation.

It helps you tap into your inner power while keeping you grounded and safe.

If you are super sensitive to the heavy/grounding properties of black obsidian or hematite, try smoky quartz!

Black obsidian:

black obsidian tumbles

Black obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals for grounding and protection energies.

It is a great crystal to use when you need to be protected from unwanted energies or you need to cut energetic ties.

It can help you call all of your personal energy back into your body while protecting you from outside influence.

Black obsidian is a crystal for clarity and inner strength.

If you are super sensitive to black obsidian’s grounding properties, it can feel heavy and dense.

Pay attention to your vibration and how you feel when you wear obsidian – it might be a crystal you only use as needed and not one you should wear every day.

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Black tourmaline:

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone without feeling as dense or heavy as hematite or black obsidian.

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for helping you change your inner feelings of negativity and self-doubt into confidence and positive momentum.

It is also a stone with high outward projection energy, which means it can protect you when you’re entering challenging, negative environments.

While obsidian and hematite are more dense, personal protection stones, black tourmaline almost paves the way for you in your environment.

It has a wider auric field, helping you create a protective bubble around your energy and physical body.

Shungite stone:


Shungite stones are made almost entirely of carbon.

Because of their unique properties of purification and filtration, they have been used for centuries to purify water.

Shungite stones are thought to protect from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF emissions) and also reduce stress and inflammation.

Shungite can help you remove negative and toxic energies from your body and the auric field.

It can also help protect your physical body from outside energies while protecting your aura from psychic attacks.

It is also a stone that creates balance in your body and life.

Black onyx:


Black onyx is a stone of clarity and focus. It can help you clear muddy thinking, clear negative emotions, clear negative energies, and make better decisions.

It can help you set strong intentions and have the willpower to see them through.

It grounds and centers your body and mind, especially during times of stress or upheaval.

Wearing black onyx is especially powerful because it’s been worn for centuries as an amulet to ward off evil and danger.


hematite stones

Hematite stones are supportive and centering stones, balancing the energy of your body and environment.

Hematite is an attraction stone, helping you attract the energy you need to focus on the things you want.

It is a stone of confidence, focus, stability, and willpower.

It can help you deeply attune to the energy of the earth, centering you and focusing you on the task at hand.

If you are extremely sensitive to vibration, hematite might feel too heavy or grounding.

Use it in small increments, when you really need help creating a strong connection to the earth or you’re having problems staying focused.

Clear quartz:

clear quartz

Clear quartz is the chameleon of healing crystals.

Because of its clarity, it can be programmed with any intention you like, including grounding, centering, and protection!

Using clear quartz as a crystal for grounding is as simple as holding it in your hands and infusing it with the feelings of being protected from negative energy.

If you are super sensitive to the energy and stability of the black protective stones, try clear quartz!

Make sure you cleanse it and infuse it with your intentions. It will transmute the negative energies into positive wellbeing!

Tiger’s eye:

tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye has both protective and grounding properties.

It can help you center yourself while feeling inner strength and the capability to accomplish your dreams.

It was often worn as an amulet to ward against harm and evil spirits while giving the wearer courage and fierce energy.

Wear tiger’s eye whenever you need to draw on your inner tiger’s strength and abilities.

Moss agate:

moss agate

Moss agate is a stone that is deeply connected to the energy of the earth.

It’s also used for gardening and plants, drawing on the earth’s healing abilities to help boost strength and vitality.

Moss agate can help you connect to mother earth, developing the strength and resilience needed to grow through challenges and adversity.

Moss agate also brings the heart chakra into alignment, grounding you with the love of the earth.

Black jasper:

black jasper

Black jasper is a great stone to use when you’re feeling too connected to your problems.

It can help you stay grounded and centered while giving you the mental space and clarity you need to find a solution.

It can help you take control of your life while still staying stable and protected.

It can also help you stay focused and productive when outside situations are trying to pull you off balance.

Fire agate:

fire agate

Fire agate can help you have the inner strength to break out of negative behavior patterns.

It can help ground you while giving you the ambition and inner fire to go after your dreams.

It can help you create a protective bubble around you that deflects negative energy while boosting courage and creativity.

Tourmalinated quartz:

tourmalinated quartz

Tourmalinated quartz combines the protective properties of black tourmaline with the amplification properties of clear quartz.

You can program the clear quartz to help you with anything you desire, yet the tourmaline helps you stay grounded and protected.

This is a great stone to use when you have very specific needs for help from the Universe in your daily life.

It is one of the best crystals for energetic and emotional balance, helping you to balance the positive and negative energies throughout your life and body.

Mahogany obsidian:

mahogany obsidian

If you have trouble creating energetic boundaries with others, mahogany obsidian is the grounding stone for you.

It can help you cut cords and stand strong in your convictions.

It can help you anchor yourself and develop your inner strength. It can also help you heal old wounds, find your own center, and move forward in your life.

It also helps balance the lower chakras and brings them into alignment with the earth’s energy.

Which grounding crystal should you choose?

Anytime you want to work with crystals, it’s best to use one with which you have a strong connection.

If you’re looking at the list of crystals for grounding and protection, does a particular one stand out to you?

If so, that one probably connects to your personal energy in some way.

As each of the crystals connects to the earth’s energy in different ways, each also connects to your energy in different ways!

It’s always a good idea to go with your intuition and use whichever crystal feels best to you. Trust yourself!

woman meditating next to candles and incense

A simple grounding exercise that uses crystals for grounding to center your energy:

Choose a protective stone to work with. Whichever one you want to use is fine!

Sit or lay somewhere quiet. It’s best to have some contact with the floor or to be outside to connect to strong earth energy.

Hold the grounding crystal in the palm of your hand. Either hand is fine.

Take several deep breaths, connecting your mind and body to the physical world.

Close your eyes and focus on the grounding crystal in your hand. Feel the texture, the weight, and the energy it holds.

As you take more deep breaths, feel the contact your body makes with the floor or earth if you are outside. Feel where your body touches the ground or floor.

Once you’ve established your connection with the ground, imagine a warm light in the center of the earth. Imagine the ball of light coming up from the center of the earth, and into your feet. Imagine that light traveling up through your body and warming you in your core.

Take a few more deep breaths. Imagine the light that connects your root chakra and solar plexus to the earth running up and down your body and back into the earth’s core.

Take a few more deep breaths, feeling your energetic connection to the earth’s energy.

Once you feel calm and connected, repeat to yourself: I am here. I am connected. I release what no longer serves me.
Take a few more deep breaths (you can meditate as long as you like!)

It is done.

Any time you need you can bring this feeling back into your body.

You can use your crystal to aid in your grounding meditations or carry it with you to use as a touchstone to remind you of your connection to the earth and its wonders.

If you prefer, you can also find guided grounding meditations on youtube, or the insight timer app.

You can also develop your own meditation visualizations to connect yourself to the earth’s energy.

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