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Is Moonstone Good for Beginners? 10 Ways to Use Moonstone!

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Is moonstone good for beginners? YES!

Moonstone is a great crystal for beginners because of its gentle, expansive energy.

Moonstone crystals are some of the most powerful stones for creating balance and alignment, yet they also have nourishing, calming, and supportive energy.

Everyone can benefit from the healing energies of moonstone.

If you are just getting started with crystals, using moonstone is a great beginner’s stone.

moonstone crystals on a wood crystal grid

Which moonstone is good for beginners?

There are several different types of moonstone crystals, each with its own healing properties.

If you are a beginner, rainbow moonstone is probably the most well-known of the moonstone crystals, and the best one to start with on your crystal journey.

It is a mix of several different moonstone varieties, such as white, blue, gray, green, and sometimes pink or peach, and it is usually mixed with black tourmaline or smoky quartz.

The mix of different crystals is what makes rainbow moonstone so balanced and peaceful, blending energies and creating gentle healing.

Rainbow moonstone is also good for the beginner’s crystal collection because it is relatively inexpensive and comes in many different varieties.

You can find rainbow moonstone in jewelry, like bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

You can also find large pieces of rough moonstone, small tumbled pieces to go in your pocket or bra.

Or rainbow moonstone also comes in towers, palm stones, or carvings to use during meditation!

rainbow moonstone

What is the spiritual meaning of moonstone?

The spiritual meaning of moonstone is balance, awareness, new beginnings, and growth.

Rainbow moonstone is associated with connecting with the Divine feminine and enhancing intuition.

It can help connect you with your inner intuition and psychic gifts, helping you receive insight and inspiration from the Universe.

It is also connected to the power of the moon, helping you tap into the wane and flow of the energy and natural rhythm of life.

Rainbow Moonstone is also known for:

  • Calmness, mental clarity, and peaceful energy
  • Psychic perception, inner vision, and dreamwork
  • Mental balance and patience
  • Balances digestion and hormones
  • Encourages hope, optimism, and sensitivity
  • Balances emotions, grounds and centers energy
  • Opens the crown chakra and third eye, helping with intuition and communication
  • Perfect for new beginnings and spiritual growth
raw piece of rainbow moonstone

What are the benefits of wearing moonstone?

The benefits of wearing moonstone are:

It gently removes negative energies, helping bring your entire mental and physical aura into balance.

It enhances intuition and clarity, but isn’t too abrupt or harsh, so you can see the reality of situations and make changes that are right for you.

It increases positive energy and compassion, helping you tap into your heart and see the Divine energy in everyone.

It helps you align with your higher self and make decisions that are best for you.

It is also a great crystal for creativity and moving through problems with creative solutions!

rainbow moonstone crystals on crystal grid next to candle and various crystals

How do you activate moonstone?

You can activate moonstone by placing it under the full moon.

The full moon charges and refreshes rainbow moonstone’s energy, returning it to its natural vibrations and cleansing it of any programming or negative energy.

If you’d like to program or activate your moonstone with a specific intention, you can also write your specific intention on a slip of paper.

Place the paper under your moonstone during the full moon to activate it and charge your moonstone with that energy!

If you want to activate your rainbow moonstone without waiting for the full moon, you can do that too!

Here’s how to activate and cleanse rainbow moonstone at any time of the month:

Cleansing your moonstone.

You can cleanse your moonstone by smudging it with a smudge stick or palo santo, using sound cleansing, or placing it in salt.

Cleansing moonstone will also return it to its natural vibration and frequency so that it can be programmed and activated. This post has more info: how to cleanse crystals

Programming/Activating your moonstone.

To activate moonstone and programming it with your intention:

Hold or touch your piece of moonstone.

Repeat your intention to yourself, feeling the feelings of the intention you’d like your rainbow moonstone to hold.

Feel the energy of your intention, traveling through your body and hands, and into the moonstone.

Take a few deep breaths, releasing that intention to the Universe.

It is done! Your rainbow moonstone is now activated.

4 different types of moonstone crystals, white moonstone, gray moonstone, black moonstone

How do you use rainbow moonstone?

Once you’ve cleansed and programmed your moonstone crystal, you can:

  • Wear it or keep it in your pocket to balance and enhance your energy
  • Place it in your home (use the feng shui bagua map to find which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life)
  • Use it during meditation to receive guidance from the Universe and your Higher Self
  • Create a crystal grid to focus the moonstone on your specific intention
  • Keep it under your pillow or beside your bed to receive insights and enhance your dreamwork
  • Use it for crystal water or to create a smudge spray to cleanse the energy in your space or body
  • Place it near a plant to grow your dreams and intuition (check out this post for info: crystals for plants)
  • Create an altar that represents your dreams and desires
  • Place it near your vision board to activate it and charge it
  • Come up with your own moonstone ritual that fits your needs and purposes!
woman's hand holding moonstone tumbles

Can I wear moonstone every day?

Yes, you can wear moonstone every day!

Moonstone is also one of the rare crystals that can enhance sleep without causing insomnia or bad dreams, so you can wear it while you sleep.

If you are going to wear moonstone every day, make sure you cleanse and charge it often to remove any energies it picks up through your daily life.

This will make sure it continues to work for you and its energies are fully charged!

Where do you put Moonstone on your body?

During meditation, you can place moonstone on your sacral chakra or third eye.

The sacral chakra helps with fertility, emotions, creativity, and abundance.

The third eye chakra helps with insight, wisdom, and spiritual connection.

Moonstone will balance and activate either chakra, so work with whichever one you need the help with most, or rotate between them!

You can also hold moonstone in your left hand while meditating to receive answers and blessings from the Universe and your inner being.

rainbow moonstone crystals on a crystal grid

What happens if moonstone gets wet?

Moonstone can get wet without damage, depending on what other crystals it’s mixed with.

Generally, moonstone is fine if it gets wet for small amounts of time.

You can clean your moonstone with water and a small, soft brush.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaning products on it, and make sure you dry it well after it gets wet.

To keep your moonstone jewelry in good condition, take it off before showering and use water and a small brush to clean it.

Can moonstone go in the sun?

Moonstone can go in the sun for a few minutes at a time.

Leaving moonstone in direct sunlight for long periods of time can fade the color.

If you want to cleanse or charge your moonstone in the sun, just place it in sunlight for a few minutes.

The sun carries potent fire energy so it doesn’t take very long to charge and cleanse your moonstone with it.

woman's hand holding rough piece of rainbow moonstone

Which zodiac sign is associated with moonstone?

Moonstone is one of the birthstones for June, so moonstone is best for Cancer and Gemini.

Moonstone will help with emotional stability and grounding, while also helping you follow your inner guidance and intuition!

What crystals go with Moonstone?

Crystals that go well with moonstone are crystals that harmonize and work well with its peaceful and inspirational properties.

You can use crystals with moonstone to balance the chakras or amplify its properties for your intentions.

Here are three different groups of crystals that pair well with moonstone.

Crystals that balance the rest of the chakras, like:

  • Black Obsidian – for grounding the root chakra
  • Carnelian – for clearing and energizing the sacral chakra
  • Sunstone – for unblocking and balancing the solar plexus chakra
  • Rose quartz – for balancing and opening the heart chakra
  • Blue Kyanite – to open and charge the throat chakra
  • Lapis Lazuli – to cleanse and clear the third eye chakra
  • Moonstone – for opening the crown chakra
moonstone on a wooden crystal grid next to candle and other crystals

Other crystals that go well with moonstone help harmonize and increase other energetic properties, such as:

  • Rose Quartz – the stone of unconditional love and compassion
  • Clear Quartz – the master healer and amplifier of energy
  • Black Tourmaline – for cleansing and grounding energy and protection
  • Smoky Quartz – for mental clarity and strength
  • Tiger’s Eye – for empowerment and confidence
  • Green Aventurine – for good luck, good fortune, and new opportunities

You can also pair rainbow moonstone with other moonstone varieties:

  • Blue Moonstone – self-expression and communication
  • Gray Moonstone / Black Moonstone – stress relief, grounding, protection
  • Peach Moonstone – passion, individuality, self-worth
  • Green Moonstone – love, self-acceptance
  • Yellow Moonstone – happiness, joy, optimism
  • Labradorite – willpower, purpose, soul’s journey
piece of rainbow moonstone

Where should you put rainbow moonstone in your home?

According to feng shui, rainbow moonstone relates to creativity, wisdom, and feminine energy.

It goes best in the feng shui children and creativity area, the love and relationship area, or the knowledge and wisdom area.

Place moonstone in the feng shui creativity area to: Increase creativity, help you finish and complete projects, or bring more playfulness and fun into your life.

Place moonstone in the feng shui love and relationship area to: bring balance to your relationships, receive and feel more love and compassion in your relationship, or to clear tension and stress in with your partner or with others.

You can also place moonstone in your bedroom’s love and relationship area to help with self-care, compassion, and directly help your relationship with your partner.

Place moonstone in your home’s health center to: relieve stress and tension and bring balance to your entire household.

Place moonstone in your home’s knowledge and wisdom area to: increase insight, communication with the Divine, and to enhance creativity and learning in your studies (or to help students in your household.)

You can also place moonstone on any one of these feng shui areas on your desk to: increase knowledge, creativity, wisdom, clear stress, and help you complete projects at work!

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