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The Best Crown Chakra Crystals [and How to Use Them!]

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The crown chakra is responsible for wisdom, spiritual connection, clarity, and insight into the Universe around us.

When it becomes blocked or unbalanced, we can feel frustrated, disconnected, and unable to think clearly.

Using crown chakra crystals are a great way to keep your crown chakra balanced and clear. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use them!

How Crown Chakra Crystals (7th Chakra Stones) Work

Crown chakra crystals/7th chakra stones can help balance and unblock your crown chakra.

They are able to do this because they have their own inherent vibrations and frequencies, which can help align your crown chakra to the frequency of the crystal.

They can also remove whatever frequencies are blocking the chakra so energy can move more freely.

crown chakra crystals - amethyst, celestite, and a purple orchid

Crown chakra crystals fall into three categories:

  • Purple/violet crystals
  • White or clear crystals
  • Crystals with properties that match the crown chakra

You can work with any of these crystals to balance and unblock your crown chakra. Choose whichever one speaks to you the most!

This is a list of the most common crown chakra crystals and their meanings.

If you have a crystal that is white, violet, or matches the vibration of the crown chakra and it isn’t on the list, chances are good that it’s still a crown chakra crystal! Use your intuition!

Crown Chakra Crystals (& Their Meanings)

Amethyst – spiritual awareness, stress reliever, inner peace and healing, connects to the higher planes of existence

Clear Quartz – master healer, clarity, amplifier, can be programmed with any intention

Moonstone – intuition, hope, protection, works with the energy of the moon and Divine feminine

Selenite – purifies and cleanses energy (and other crystals), connects with Universal consciousness, helps with stress and forgiveness

Howlite – enjoying life, releasing unhealthy attachments, enhances memory and patience

Lapis Lazuli – stone of inspiration, helps you access your inner truth and wisdom, can facilitate clairvoyance, aids all spiritual practices

White Calcite – stone of spiritual awakening, raises consciousness, helps you connect to your higher self, cleanses the aura and all chakras

White Agate – turns the impossible into the possible, helps with overcoming negative emotions, clears emotional trauma

Lepidolite – brings emotional balance, relieves stress and anxiety, connects to the angelic realm, boost coincidence and synchronicity

Purple Fluorite – aids decision making, creates mental clarity, clears confusion and anxiety about the future

Charoite – aligns to the highest spiritual energy, puts things into perspective, helps with discernment and clarity in decisions, stimulates insight

Labradorite – stone of transformation, calms an overactive mind, helps strengthen faith in yourself, relieves stress and anxiety

Apophyllite – stone of awakening and uplifting energy, releases repressed emotions, connects the physical and the spiritual

Scolecite – stone of peace and inner transformation, connects to other realms, brings serenity and inner peace

Rutile Quartz – amplifies intention, helps with manifestation, brings insight and inspiration, links the root chakra to the crown chakra

Celestite – helps contact the angelic realm and guardian angels, enhances psychic ability, relieves stress, frustration, and depression

Danburite – stone of enlightenment, creates a deep connection to the Divine, helps with patience and understanding, links the crown chakra to the heart chakra

Grape Agate – awakens psychic abilities, increases courage and self-confidence, stabilizes energy, helps you receive answers from Divine sources and universal energy

Opalite – stabilizes the mood and emotions, helps reveal inner feelings, helps soothe negative energy and frayed nerves

Herkimer Diamond – boosts clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy, creates clarity and clears confusion, purifies and amplifies energy, draws in light energy

White Jade – stone of peace, harmony, and good fortune, helps you see the bigger picture, increases focus and connection

Spirit Quartz – connects to the spirit realm and your spirit guides, aids astral travel, brings spiritual evolution and spiritual growth, uplifts the soul

clear quartz crystal

What’s the Most Powerful Crown Chakra Crystal?

Clear Quartz!

While the most powerful crown chakra crystal really depends on your personal vibration and what crystal you connect to the most, if you had to choose just ONE crown chakra crystal to use, choose clear quartz.

Clear quartz is the Master Healer.

It helps with clarity and focus.

It can be programmed to hold any intention.

And it is an absolute star at helping with manifestation work.

If you want to start with just one crystal, clear quartz is the one to choose, especially for clearing and balancing the crown chakra.

celestite crystal for the crown chakra

How to Use Crown Chakra Crystals

There are many different ways to use crown chakra crystals to balance and unblock it.

But before using your crystals, you should always cleanse them.

Cleansing your crystals resets them to their original vibrations and frequencies.

It also removes any programming or energy they might be holding from the environment or from people interacting with them.

This creates a clean energetic slate so you can use them for your crown chakra (or program them with your own intentions!) For more info about cleansing your crystals, see this post: How to cleanse your crystals.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal, it’s time to use it!

Ways to Use Crown Chakra Crystals:

Meditate with them.

Meditating with a crown chakra crystal is probably the most well-known way to unblock and balance your crown chakra.

You can lay down and place the crystal near your crown, or you can also meditate in a seated position and hold the crystal.

You can repeat the Sahasrara chakra mantra (Om) to yourself or out loud to focus and open the crown chakra.

Or you can do a silent meditation, taking deep breaths and quieting the mind.

Alternatively, you can meditate to crown chakra balancing music or perform a white light meditation.

Sleep with one under your pillow.

Placing one of the crown chakra stones under your pillow can help balance and open the crown while you sleep.

It can also help you connect to divine messages and help with astral travel.

Stones for the crown chakra can also help quiet your mind, helping with insomnia and racing thoughts.

Wear them.

You can wear crown chakra crystals as jewelry or keep one in your pocket (or bra!) to balance and open your crown chakra throughout the day.

Place them near your plants.

You can put your crown chakra crystals in or near your house plants to help amplify their vibrations!

Plants can absorb the vibrations of the crystals and disperse them throughout your space, aligning your chakras in the process.

See this post for more information: how to use crystals for houseplants!

Keep one near you while doing yoga.

There are yoga poses for balancing and unblocking the crown chakra.

In addition to practicing the poses, keeping one of the stones for the crown chakra near you can amplify the energy of the poses.

Headstands, lotus pose or half lotus, tree pose, and rabbit pose are several poses that help unblock the crown.

You can place your crown chakra crystal at the head of your yoga mat, or just keep it near you while practicing.

This will fill your space with the energy and frequency of the crystal while the movement helps you move the energy throughout your body.

Take a crystal bath.

Keep your crown chakra crystal near the bathtub to infuse the water (and your aura) with the crystal’s energy!

Create crystal water.

You can infuse your drinking water with crystal energy by placing crystals near your water pitcher or using a crystal water bottle.

This infuses the water with the vibration from the crystals and balances your body from the inside out!

Create your own crown chakra ritual.

You can use your crown chakra crystals to balance the crown chakra any way you want. Use your intuition and come up with your own ritual!

For even more ideas about balancing your chakras with crystals, see this post: Chakra Balancing with Crystals (Crystals and Chakras for Beginners!)

Sahasrara, crown chakra symbol.

Crown Chakra Crystals Q & A

How Does The Crown Chakra Work?

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) is at the top of the chakra ladder.

It is located at the top of the head (crown) and is your bridge to cosmic connection.

The crown chakra is related to everything in the mental realm.

Thinking, consciousness, connection to the Universe and others, wisdom, focus, enlightenment, and self-knowledge – all of these things are related to the crown chakra.

As with all of the 7 chakras, the crown chakra can become blocked or unbalanced due to stress, extreme emotions, anxiety, and other lower vibration emotions.

Problems in your life can block any or all of the energy centers, which causes emotions to get “stuck.”

Emotions and vibrations should be freely processed so they can move through your body and then be released.

When they get stuck, however, it can be harder to process emotions and remain high vibe.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) Properties

Location: crown of the head
Color: violet / white
Physical Body: brain, nervous system, pituitary gland
Responsible for: spiritual wisdom, connection to the Universe, clarity, enlightenment
Unbalanced: spiritual disconnection, inability to connect to others, depression, isolation, loneliness

How Can You Tell if Your Crown Chakra is Blocked?

When your crown chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it can lead to:

  • Muddy thinking
  • Brain fog
  • Inability to connect with others
  • Isolation
  • Lack of focus
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • No sense of purpose
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty meditating
  • Unable to see clearly
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Lower chakras “take over”

Signs your crown chakra is overactive:

  • Thinking too much
  • Feeling “in your head”
  • Drawn to over-meditating or over-spiritualizing
  • Feeling overwhelmed by knowledge or spiritual connection
  • Being spiritually judgemental

The Balanced Crown Chakra:

When your crown chakra is balanced you are:

  • Intuitive
  • Connected to source energy
  • Clear-minded
  • Balanced between the spiritual plane and physical plane
  • Full of inner wisdom (know what’s best for yourself)
  • Can make decisions and take action easily
  • Feel connected to your life purpose

While the crown chakra is responsible for your connection to the outer world, spirituality, understanding the Universe, and innate wisdom, when it’s blocked or unbalanced it will prevent the energy from flowing further down into your other chakras.

That’s why it’s important to balance all of the chakras and make sure they are all clear.

Balanced energy throughout your chakra system means that energy, emotions, vibrations, and frequencies flow throughout your entire body without being stuck or blocked.

Using crown chakra crystals makes this a lot easier, but there are definitely other things you can also do, such as grounding techniques, yoga or other exercise, self-care rituals, using feng shui in your home, and just generally working through your emotions and protecting your energy.

Don’t get stuck on just one thing – play around and find out what works best for you!

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