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Feng Shui Wood Element Crystals to Fuel Upward Growth

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In feng shui, the wood element represents upward growth, strength, vitality, and flexibility that is grounded and anchored to the earth.

Symbolically, the wood element is represented by a growing tree or plant that grows upward and outward with deep roots growing into the earth.

When you think of personal growth, sustainability, and leaving a legacy, you’re thinking about the earth element!

feng shui wood element crystals: raw emerald crystals

Live plants and tall indoor trees are one way to add the wood element to your home, but that isn’t always practical in your space.

While you can use high-quality fake plants, they can trap stagnant Chi and become dirty or dusty relatively quickly.

So how do you activate the feng shui wood element if plants aren’t practical? By adding feng shui wood element crystals instead!

The feng shui wood element crystals are those that fall into the green color family.

Green crystals are associated with growth, vitality, health, good fortune, and abundance, in addition to their individual meanings.

The following is a list of the most common wood element crystals and a brief description of their meanings, but if you have a green crystal that isn’t on the list, it is also included!

Bonus tip: all of these wood element crystals can be used near your houseplants to increase and amplify their properties and also help your plants grow! See this post for more info: Crystals for Plants: 11 Healing Crystals for Indoor Plants

wood element crystals - fluorite point

Feng Shui Wood Element Crystals (& Their Meanings)

Amazonite – connection and harmony based on authenticity; speaking your truth

Green Aventurine – good luck, good fortune, and abundance; stone of opportunity

Green Opal – stone of change; finding your purpose, rejuvenation, healing friendships

Jade – self-acceptance, good luck, abundance; finding the joy in life

Moss Agate – the gardener’s stone; making progress, new beginnings, growth

Tree Agate – self-discovery, inner peace, clears energy blocks, strengthens family bonds

Green Apatite – helps grief, sadness, and heartbreak; expands knowledge and truth

Malachite – helps you recognize and use your personal power; protection and grounding; helps with resisting temptation

Unakite – steady progress, healing emotions, stress relief; helps with determination and encourages gratitude

Prasiolite / Green Amethyst – self-expression and self-worth; helps you see the divine in everyone

Zoisite – boosts creativity, releases deep fear, increases vitality; helps with growth in all areas of life

Bloodstone – helps with motivation, confidence, and courage; boosts inner strength and resilience

Prehnite – stone of prophecy (helps with intuition); allows you to stay in the moment and see the good in everything

Green Fluorite – growth, healing, re-energizing; clears the mind of distraction, helps you make decisions; good for students because it increases focus and learning

Peridot – helps you own and move past mistakes, helps you find the best version of yourself, shields you from negativity; helps with alignment of the mind, body, and spirit

Emerald – encourages you to follow your heart, connects you with divine love, opens your heart to receive

Serpentine – aids with personal transformation and transition to new levels in life, helps you feel in control of your life

Moldavite – helps you walk your true path, creates spiritual transformation, can connect you to other dimensions

Infinite Stone – the healer’s stone; helps with worry and grief, is used for reiki healing

Lodolite / Garden Quartz – the Shaman stone; can help you connect with past lives and history, connects you to your inner wisdom

Green Tourmaline – increases personal joy, transmutes negative energy, helps you manifest your goals

Chrysoprase – increases love, compassion, and hope; increases creativity and financial abundance, can help you attract new love

Green Moonstone / Garnierite – aids emotional balance and harmony, helps you go with the flow in life

raw emerald crystal in a box

Where to Put Feng Shui Wood Element Crystals in Your Home:

The wood element is associated with the following areas of the bagua:

Feng Shui Family & Legacy Area

The feng shui family and legacy area relates to your family as a whole, including ancestors and future generations.

This area also relates to the legacy you leave behind in life.

Placing feng shui wood element crystals here can strengthen family ties, help with connecting the past to the present, and help you cultivate new beginnings!

Feng Shui Wealth Area

The feng shui wealth area of your home represents abundance in all areas of your life, not just financial!

But of course, it also relates to the money in your bank account, your income, your savings, and other financial abundance too.

Activating the wood element in this area can help increase long-term wealth and abundance.

It can also help you attract good luck and good fortune in all areas!

Feng Shui Fame Area

The wood element also feeds the fire element in the feng shui element cycle.

You can add feng shui wood element crystals to your home’s fame and reputation area to feed the fire element!

The fame and reputation area relates to recognition for your work, how others see you, and also how much attention you receive from others.

If you want to create a sustainable reputation in your career or outside of the home, adding wood element crystals here can help!

This will feed long-term growth (as opposed to a “viral” fame that grows quickly and then dies out.)

raw emerald crystal in a box

Be Mindful About Placing Wood Element Crystals in These Areas:

The Career Area

The career area of your home is activated by the water element, and the wood element weakens the water element.

This can be helpful if you are struggling with too much energy in that area of your life and you need more stability, but adding too many wood element items to these areas can cause stagnation.

The Earth Element Areas

In the feng shui element cycle, the wood element destroys the earth element.

This means it breaks up the energy and can cause chaos and confusion, instead of harmony and well-being.

Be mindful about placing too many wood element crystals in these areas: The health area, the love and relationship area, and the knowledge and wisdom area.

Adding one or two crystals to these areas can help create stability in the energy, but too many can interrupt flow and cause issues.

raw green crystal cluster

How to Use Feng Shui Wood Element Crystals:

Meditate with them.

All green crystals are associated with balancing and opening the heart chakra.

Meditating with these crystals can help you feel more compassion, unconditional love, and open your heart for giving and receiving love.

It can also help you in your personal growth journey!

Wear them.

Wearing wood element crystals can help balance your personal element profile.

Since these are also crystals of growth and new beginnings, wearing them can help you attract opportunities, good luck, and overcome obstacles to your personal growth.

Add them to one of the areas of your home that is related to your intentions.

If you need more peace, stability, growth, and opportunities in a certain area of your life, placing one of the wood crystals in that area of the bagua can help you attract it! (For more info about the feng shui energy map, see this post.)

You can even program your crystal to hold your specific intention to help it grow!

Write your intention on a small slip of paper and place it under your crystal to help you manifest it!

Place one of the wood element crystals on your desk.

Your desk represents your work and career, so using wood element crystals on your desk can help fuel growth and stability in your work. For more info see this post: how to feng shui your desk.

Place them near your plants.

Using feng shui wood element crystals near your plants can increase their health, vitality, and give them strong roots!

Plants also enhance and expand the crystal’s energy, amplifying your intentions and spreading that vibration throughout your home. This post has more info: how to use crystals for plants

Activate your vision board.

If you have a vision board related to wealth or family, placing wood element crystals near it can help fuel your dreams coming true!

Create your own crystal ritual.

Whether you like to create crystal grids, perform moon rituals, or use a manifestation journal, you can use wood element crystals to activate them!

Including wood element crystals will fuel your manifestations and also keep them stable and growing to new heights!

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