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19 Crystals for Work: These are the Best Crystals for the Workplace

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If you’ve been using crystal healing in your life for a while, you might be well-versed in using crystals throughout your home.

But did you know you can also use crystals for work?

Whether you work in an office space, a retail location, or even if you’re self-employed and working from home, crystals can help you change the vibrations while you work.

In fact, using crystal healing in your work environment can help your energy even more than using them at home!

crystals for work - small clear quartz on top of an old book

We all know that workplaces generally have a mix of energies and you can’t always choose who you work with or interact with on a daily basis.

This is where crystals can really help!

Using crystals for work can help you ward off negative energy, lower work stress, create more mental clarity, generate success vibes and financial abundance, and more!

Crystals for the workplace fall into two categories, depending on their purpose and specific properties.

  • crystals for work success
  • crystals for work stress / crystals for protection at work

Crystals for work success can help you generate positive vibes, have more mental clarity, and attract wealth and abundance through your career.

They generally fall into the category of crystals that attract positive energy.

They help you create an environment at work where you can thrive.

Crystals for work stress or protection at work help you create a protective bubble around yourself.

They deflect negative energy, help you reduce stress, or can even help you move past an unwanted situation.

These generally fall into the category of protection and grounding crystals.

They help you stay rooted and secure in yourself no matter what the outside circumstances in your work or office look like.

Crystals for Work Success:

Do you need help reaching your goals or being recognized for your accomplishments?

Would your workplace benefit from better communication or more peace and tranquility?

Do you just want everyone to get along and help each other?

If so, try one of these crystals for work success.

They can help you generate more income, get a promotion or raise, be recognized for your hard work, or even help with team building and compassion among coworkers.

Rose Quartz:

rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for creating a more peaceful work environment.

It enhances the vibrations of unconditional love and compassion.

If you’re having a hard time connecting with others at work, using rose quartz can help you create more deep connections.

It can also help you love your work!

If you already love your work, using rose quartz will just amplify that feeling even more, and help others within your sphere love their work as well!

You can wear rose quartz, or keep it on your desk’s feng shui relationship area to enhance all of your work relationships.

See this post for more info about rose quartz: how to use rose quartz for love


various amethyst crystals

Amethyst is a stone of positive energy and high vibration.

It melts stress and can bring more balance to your emotions. It also enhances focus and motivation!

Amethyst is an all-around great crystal to have in your collection because it does so many different things.

You can use it to attract more wealth and abundance, communicate with your spirit guides, and even reduce fear, anger, and anxiety.

Place amethyst on your desk’s feng shui wealth corner to attract more prosperity, or on your desk’s feng shui wisdom area if you need more clarity or guidance in your work.

Clear Quartz:

clear quartz tumble

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that is called the “master healer” for a reason!

It balances all of the chakras, from root to crown. It enhances mental clarity and can help you clear what’s blocking you.

And you can program it to hold ANY intention.

It also amplifies other crystals — but it will also amplify whatever energy is in your workspace.

So it’s important to program your clear quartz with your intentions, otherwise, you can make things worse instead of better!

Use clear quartz for ANY work or business intention.

You can also wear it for greater clarity and sense of purpose.

See this post about how to feng shui your desk to see where you should place your clear quartz so it correlates with your intention!


chrysocolla crystal

Chrysocolla is the Stone of Communication.

It opens the throat chakra, helping you speak your truth and inner wisdom.

It is also a stone of personal empowerment, helping you connect to your experiences and communicate them.

Chrysocolla is helpful any time you are struggling with public speaking or teaching others, calming feelings of fear and stress while helping you use your voice.

You can keep chrysocolla on your desk’s knowledge and wisdom area to enhance wisdom and communication.

Green Aventurine:

green aventurine crystals in a heart shape

Green aventurine is the stone of luck and opportunity.

It enhances wealth and good fortune, but it also aids in decision-making and enhances leadership qualities!

It connects to the heart chakra, helping to calm anger and resentment and generate feelings of compassion for yourself and others.

Green aventurine is especially helpful for people in sales or lead generation, helping you to be “in the right place at the right time.”

Use green aventurine anytime you could use a little luck or positive vibes!

You can place green aventurine on your desk’s feng shui wealth area or on your desk’s helpful people area to attract helpful people of all kinds!

Pink Opal:

pink opal palm stone

Pink opal is the stone of hope and encouragement.

It brings feelings of optimism and inner peace and can help you connect to your heart’s desires.

It can help you move past old worries and problems so that you can move forward with strength and encouragement.

Use pink opal when your work life is going through a change or could use more emotional calm.

Pink opal is also a great crystal to help you transition into a new job or renew your love for your current work!

Red Jasper:

red jasper tumbles and other red crystals

Red jasper is the stone of motivation and endurance.

It can help you call on your inner strength and stamina to help you compete tough or long-term projects.

It is grounding and stabilizing, helping you stay rooted to your inner well-being.

It can also help with quick-thinking and organizational skills!

Use red jasper any time you need more courage or passion in your work.

Keeping red jasper on your desk’s feng shui fame area can also help you attract more attention and recognition at work!

Lapis Lazuli:

lapis lazuli stone

Lapis lazuli is the stone of spiritual energy, helping you to connect to the greater wisdom and higher truth of the Universe.

It is also a manifestation crystal, helping you to make your dreams come true!

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye chakra, which helps with inspiration, problem-solving, new ideas, and creativity.

It’s a great crystal for creative work like design or writing!

Use lapis lazuli at work to help you generate new ideas and tap into your intuition.

Keep lapis lazuli on the feng shui creativity area or knowledge and wisdom area to connect to insight and creative solutions!

Blue Lace Agate:

blue lace agate palm stone

Blue lace agate is one of the most gentle crystals for work success because it helps with soothing stress and feelings of self-doubt.

It connects to the throat chakra, helping you communicate clearly and confidently.

It also encourages listening and understanding, and is considered a stone of support and nurturing.

Use blue lace agate when you need help with self-expression or communicating your thoughts clearly and effortlessly.

It will bring you positive vibrations and lift your spirits!

Green Tourmaline:

green tourmaline crystal

Green tourmaline is one of the best stones for opening the heart chakra.

It helps with harmony, balance, optimism, and gratitude.

It is a great crystal for manifestation, helping you reach your goals with joy and connection.

Use green tourmaline when you need positive transformation or to accomplish stretch goals.

If you need more help believing in your ability to accomplish your dreams, green tourmaline is the crystal for you!

Green Quartz:

green quartz pebble

Green quartz helps with emotional balance and releasing negative emotions so you can feel compassion and generosity for others.

It works with the heart chakra, creating harmony even in the most chaotic environments.

It also calls more luck and good fortune into your life!

Use green quartz when you need cooperation from others at work, or to create a team that works well together.

Green quartz is perfect to keep on your desk’s feng shui helpful people area!


pyrite pebble

Pyrite is THE go-to crystal when you need more wealth and abundance in your job!

Whether you need a raise, more clients, or just more financial success, pyrite is the stone for you!

It attracts good fortune but it can also help you create more financial stability because of its grounding properties.

Use pyrite when you’re making a big push towards your goals and you’ll find you have the strength and stamina to go after everything you want.

Keep pyrite on your desk’s feng shui wealth area to become a magnet for abundance!

This post also has more info about pyrite: how to use pyrite to attract wealth


citrine tumbles

Citrine is the stone of joy, optimism, willpower, and a sunny disposition.

Known as the merchant’s stone, it attracts professional success and wealth and can bring good luck to any business.

Use citrine when you need to create a more optimistic environment at work.

It can also help boost creative thinking and imagination!

Citrine is great for creating optimistic vibes in ANY area, but it works best on your desk’s feng shui wealth area.

This post has more info about using citrine: how to use citrine to attract money

Which crystal for work success is best?

Whichever crystal for work success you feel drawn to is the best one for you!

Your intuition will always lead you to the crystal that will work best in your situation.

If you already have one of them in your crystal collection, start with that one!

You really can’t get it wrong.

Otherwise, use whichever crystal best fits the intention you have for your work.

If you’d like a raise or promotion, for example, you could choose pyrite or red jasper.

If you’d like more happiness or contentment in your environment or with your coworkers, you could use pink opal or rose quartz.

Crystals for Work Stress / Crystals for Protection at Work:

Do you have a lot going on at work?

Is your workplace full of tension or is there a lot of gossip and back-biting?

Do you feel like you need help protecting yourself from bad vibes from coworkers or bosses?

If so, these crystals for work stress can help!

Use them to create a protective bubble around yourself, absorb and cleanse negative energy, or just help you stay strong in the face of confusion or chaos.

Because these are crystals for grounding and protection in negative environments, they are great crystals to wear or keep in your pocket.

If you work in an office, you can keep them near your office door to protect your room or cubicle from negativity and stress.

You can also keep them between you and everyone else as a barrier to unwanted vibes or attention.

Tiger’s Eye:

tiger's eye tumbles

Tiger’s eye is one of the best crystals for work stress.

It has a long history of being used as an amulet or talisman to ward off bad vibes.

It balances the root chakra, helping you feel strong and empowered even in the face of adversity.

Tiger’s eye can help you feel fierce and powerful, like a tiger!

It can also ground and center your energy, helping you realize anything is possible if you have enough nerve!

Use tiger’s eye when you’re stuck in a negative environment, or you could just use more moxie to go after what you want.

Smoky Quartz:

smoky quartz crystal

Smoky quartz is the gentle grounding stone, removing negative vibes but also enhancing clarity and stamina.

If you are feeling really confused at work, or you’re having trouble seeing the truth of a situation, smoky quartz can help!

Smoky quartz helps you connect with the energy of the earth, while removing and transmuting negative thoughts and stress.

Use smoky quartz to help you think through complicated situations or when you need enhanced focus.

Black Tourmaline:

hand holding a piece of black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a great stone to protect from all sorts of negativity.

It is especially helpful in situations where you HAVE to interact with negative people.

It can create an energetic bubble around you while still allowing free-flowing energy.

It transforms negative energies into higher vibrations, but it can also repel negative vibes so they leave you alone.

Use black tourmaline when you want to create an energetic bubble or when you need help interacting with an especially negative person.

Black Obsidian:

black obsidian crystal

Black obsidian is one of the most powerful tools you can turn to when you feel like nothing else will work.

It is extremely protective and can absorb bad vibes.

Obsidian can sometimes be too protective and too grounding if you are sensitive to energy, and can cause depression or low energy.

Use obsidian when you need immediate help from the Universe to protect you in the most extreme situations.

It will bring all of the negative emotions to the surface and help you release them, but once removed it will also help you keep your workplace clean and clear energetically.

Tourmalinated Quartz:

tourmalinated quartz crystals

Tourmalinated quartz combines the unique properties of black tourmaline and clear quartz to remove unwanted energy while keeping your energy clean and clear.

Tourmalinated quartz is the yin and yang of crystals, helping with grounding and stability while enhancing enlightenment and truth.

Use tourmalinated quartz when situations at work feel muddy and disconnected, or you need help staying balanced in stressful situations.

Keeping a small piece in your pocket or on your work desk will keep you clear of confusing energy and help you see the underlying truth of situations.


malachite tumbles

Malachite is a stone that absorbs negative energy and bad vibes, transmuting them into the highest good.

It is the stone of transformation, clearing vibrations and helping all issues come to the surface so they can be cleared.

You can use malachite when you need to cleanse negative energy, but it’s also helpful near electronics to protect from electromagnetic frequencies.

Malachite can also help you overcome what’s blocking you, so it’s great to use if you feel like something is standing in your way.

Which crystal for work stress is best?

The best crystal for work stress is the one you feel drawn to using.

Your unique situation and your own personal energy field will tell you which crystal will work best for you!

You can’t get it wrong because all of the crystals have a similar frequency.

You can also choose whichever crystal aligns the most with your intention.

For example, if you have a lot of negative coworkers or a mean boss, you might choose black tourmaline or obsidian for protection.

If there’s a lot of lying or confusion at work, you could use smoky quartz.

Whichever crystal you choose, you can program it to help with your specific situation.

How to Use Crystals for Work: 3 Easy Steps

There are only 3 steps to using crystals in your workplace, and this goes for using ALL crystals:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Program
  3. Place/Wear


You should always cleanse your crystals before using them.

This resets their energy back to their original frequency and cleanses any vibrations they’ve absorbed from their environment.

This post explains everything you need to know: How to cleanse your crystals.


Program your crystals to hold your intentions.

This gives your crystals a job and puts their vibration and frequency to work for a specific purpose.

All you have to do is hold or touch your crystal for a few moments.

Repeat your intention to yourself and feel the feelings of having what you want.

If you want to program your crystal to protect you from a negative workspace, for example:

Touch your crystal.

Take several deep breaths, imagining an energetic bubble around you.

Feel the feelings of being protected and all negative energy bouncing off of you.

Think of your crystal as an energetic shield, radiating protection and safety. It is done!

You can also write a short, clear intention statement on a small piece of paper and set your crystal on top of it for a while to further infuse your crystal with your intentions.


If your crystal is small, you can wear it or keep it in your pocket to help you align your vibration all day long.

Or you can also place your crystal on your desk or somewhere in your office, using the feng shui bagua map to align it with your intentions.

Check out these posts: how to feng shui your desk, or how to use the feng shui bagua map to find out which areas of your desk or office align with the different areas of your life.

Do you have to keep the crystal IN your workplace in order for it to work for you?

No! If you can’t keep crystals at work, you can keep them in your home and they will still work for you!

According to feng shui, your home directly reflects all areas of your life.

You can use crystals in your home’s career area to directly help you in your job.

Or if your problems at work are related to money, use the crystals in your home’s feng shui wealth area.

If you need to use crystals to help with people talking about you at work or to enhance your reputation, you can place them in your home’s fame area.

Check out this post for more info: How to use the feng shui bagua map.

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