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feng shui bagua series: the feng shui health area

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The health area is the very center of your home, which means it touches every other area of your home (just like your life!)

So if the feng shui health area of your home is out of balance, chances are really good that other areas in your home (and life) are suffering as well.

feng shui health area

If you look at the feng shui bagua map of your home, you’ll see that the health area is in the center.  Here’s a picture of the bagua map:

feng shui bagua map

As you can see, the health area is the heart of the home. It’s the basis of well being!

(Click here to learn how to apply the feng shui bagua map to your home and find the health area!)

The feng shui health area is related to:

Your general health and vitality (and the health/vitality of everyone who lives in your home)
Physical health
Mental health
Emotional health
Spiritual health
Nourishment in all areas
Ease and flow in all areas
Energy levels
Supports every other area of your home and life (it’s the foundation of your home)

When the health area is in balance, you’ll find that:

Things flow in and out of your life easily
You move from one thing to the next easily
Your life is generally balanced and less stressful
You sleep well and have great energy
Less illness and physical injuries
Illnesses pass quickly and don’t linger
General health and well being

health area feng shui home

When this area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

General feelings of being unwell
Frequent illnesses or illnesses that linger
Things feel generally out of balance or unstable
Low energy
Lots of arguments or frustration
Life feels like a struggle or you feel stuck
Confusion or lots of sadness
Something feels “off” or just not right
Physical ailments

Decorate the feng shui health corner with:

Lots of earth items – decor made of natural, earthy materials, like pottery
Potted plants in ceramic or pottery containers (make sure the plants are healthy!)
Earth tones, like browns, beiges, muted yellows
Pictures of mountains
Red or fiery accent colors (just a little!)

health area tips feng shui

Things to avoid in this area:

Tall, columnar objects
Too many metal objects
Bright, white colors without anything to balance it
Too much wood (accents are fine)

Things to look for if you or someone in your household is struggling with their health:


Clutter can be destructive in every area of your home, but it can really cause problems in the health area.

Clutter (even contained in drawers and closets) can still affect your health. It’s just sitting there, waiting to spring out!

Or sometimes it’s even just sitting there, obviously needing to be dealt with. Clutter is a metaphor for your life and health.

wellness health feng shui

Trash cans.

Keeping trash in this area can cause problems. Think about it – trash is stinky, smelly, and accumulates a build up of negative energy that needs to be thrown out.

If you have to keep a trash can in this area, make sure the area around it is neat and tidy, the trash is contained with a lid, and you take it out as often as possible.


If the energy in the center of your home goes straight up into a staircase, make sure you place a potted plant or hanging crystal in front of the stairs (not blocking flow, but just inhibiting it) to disperse the energy.

Also, make sure it has good lighting and feels attractive to you so that the energy will bounce around and stay awhile!

good health corner decor

Cactus or other “dangerous” plants.

While I don’t subscribe to the idea that cactus plants are 100% bad in your home (I love mine!) definitely don’t keep them in the health area.

Ideally, you want energy in the center of your home to flow around freely and not get stuck (or stabbed :D) so put the cacti somewhere else.

Poison arrows.

Poison arrows are sharp objects like corners of walls, tables, furniture, etc that stick out and “point” at you with their energy.

This causes disruption in your body’s nervous system and places it on high alert.

Mute poison arrows with plants or crystals in front of them to soften their effects.

Dead or dying plants.

It’s generally not good to keep dead or dying plants in your home, but if you definitely can’t bring yourself to throw them out (or you tend to have plant hospitals going on in your home) don’t keep them in the health area!

health corner cures

Anything else that is just destructive to your health or feels unhealthy to you.

When you start to look at your home through feng shui eyes, you can see how certain objects have a negative meaning for you.

If you can’t get rid of the object and you’re experiencing poor health symptoms, definitely move it out of your health area.

Feng shui cures for the health area:

Check for flow.

If there is furniture in the center of your home, make sure you can easily move around it.

Don’t have all of the furniture pressed up against walls or stuffed in the center of your home. Energy should move freely in the center!

center bagua map

Add a plant.

If you’re struggling with your health, add a healthy plant to symbolize growing past this time in your life.

Plants represent growing, healthy energy, which is exactly what you want to be happening in your life!

Light a candle.

Candles represent fire energy, and fire energy feeds the earth energy.

If you or someone you love is struggling with health issues, light a candle with intention for a few minutes every day.

See the person as healthy and thriving and set that intention every time you light the candle.

health wellbeing feng shui

Add fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers represent fresh energy, plus they uplift the spirits of everyone who sees them!

Buy a bouquet for the center of your home with the intention of creating more health and abundance.

Make sure to throw out the wilted flowers (or replace them!) as soon as they are past their prime.

Add a bowl of fruit!

Bowls of fresh fruit represent an abundance of good health that can be shared with others.

Set out a bowl of fruit with the intention to boost your health and see how quickly everyone in your family eats from the bowl!

Even if you don’t eat a lot of fruit, having a bowl of fruit on the counter is a symbol of abundance.

You can keep fresh lemons on the counter to both cook with and clean with, which extends the health of your family and your home!

health area wellbeing

feng shui bagua series: the feng shui health area