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How to Use Orange in Feng Shui for Increased Energy and Motivation!

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Could you use more warmth, happiness, and connection in your home?

Would you love more positive energy, passion, creativity, and inspiration in your life?

Do you need more motivation, vitality, and an energetic boost?

If so, it’s time to learn about the color orange!

Orange is associated with the fire element in feng shui, which is the element associated with activation, passion, and motivation, and it’s also the catalyst for change and new beginnings.

Let’s discuss how to use orange in feng shui to increase all of these things in your life!

orange in feng shui: living room with orange couch and accent pillows, plants and neutral decor

The Role of Orange in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange is a vibrant, stimulating, and uplifting color that is associated with the Fire element in Feng Shui.

It is considered a cheerful and social color that promotes conversation and warmth.

In Feng Shui, orange is associated with love, passion, and enthusiasm.

The fire element is also associated with the fame and reputation area of the bagua map (the feng shui energetic map of your home.)

The fame and reputation area is associated with what you are known for in your life outside of the home, including your public image, reputation, and how others perceive you in your day-to-day life.

If you need a promotion, want to be “famous” or well-known for something, or even if you’d just like to get things moving in the right direction for your career or reputation, orange can help you!

When used properly, orange can be activating and give you an “all eyes on you” edge that other people in your field or life don’t have!

sitting room with neutral furniture and orange home decor accents

The Impact of Orange on Energy and Mood

Orange is a powerful color that can have a significant impact on your energy and mood.

It is believed to stimulate creativity, motivation, and productivity.

Orange is also thought to promote feelings of happiness, joy, and optimism.

If you are feeling down or need a boost of energy, incorporating orange into your home or workspace can help lift your spirits and improve your mood.

Too much orange, however, can have the opposite effect.

Because orange is a fire element color in feng shui, too much orange can be overstimulating, aggravating, or even stressful.

Orange is a yang (high energy) color, which means it can make you feel chaotic and unable to concentrate, or even cause insomnia if used in a bedroom.

light gray couch with orange blanket and orange and black accent pillows

Orange and the Bagua Map

In Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is used to determine which areas of your home or workspace correspond to different aspects of your life.

For a picture of the bagua map and instructions for how to use it, check out this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!

Fame and Reputation Area

Orange is associated with the Fame and Reputation area of the Bagua Map, which is located in the center back 1/3 of your space.

This area is related to your reputation, public image, and how others perceive you.

Even though the average person doesn’t need to be famous, the fame area is associated with whether or not you’re seen by others at all.

So if you are struggling with something like being recognized for your work, you need to activate the fame area!

Adding orange to this area will activate it and get the energy moving.

Using orange in this area can also help boost your confidence, create warmth in how others see you, and even bring more positive energy and attention to your career or life path.

Orange and the Earth Element

In the feng shui element cycle, the fire element feeds the earth element.

That means you can add fire element items to earth element areas of the bagua to activate them and make their energy stronger.

Health Area

The health area of your home is the center 1/3 of your home when standing at the front door, looking inside.

The health area is associated with the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of everyone in your home.

Adding orange to this area will activate it and feed the earth element, bringing more support and stability to every living being in your home.

If you are struggling with a health issue or just want to support a healthy lifestyle, orange can be a great way to bring attention to this area.

Love and Relationships Area

The love and relationships area is the far back right 1/3 of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside.

The love and relationships area is associated with love and relationships of all kinds, including a romantic partnership and your love for yourself!

Using orange in this area can activate it, bringing more passion, inspiration, and creativity into your relationships!

Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The knowledge and wisdom area is the front left 1/3 of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside.

The knowledge and wisdom area is responsible for supporting all kinds of knowledge, including academic and career knowledge, learning new things, and also inner wisdom and a relationship with a higher power.

Adding orange to this area can increase inspiration, passion for learning, and enthusiasm for pursuing all sorts of knowledge.

It can also attract extra motivation and positive energy to anyone struggling with school or learning something new.

home office with orange walls and colorful rug

Feng Shui and Orange in Different Rooms in your Home

Because orange activates the fire element, you can use it in any room in your home.

Just remember that a little goes a long way, and also match the shade of orange with the purpose of the room.

Here’s how to use orange in each room according to feng shui!

Active Rooms

In active (yang energy) rooms of your home, you can use brighter oranges.

This keeps the energy moving and circulating throughout your home.

It will also promote optimism and positive energy in those rooms!

kitchen with orange cabinets and white backsplash tile

Orange in the Kitchen

Orange is an excellent color for the kitchen as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

It’s also a color that stimulates the appetite, making it a great choice for those who love to cook and entertain.

The kitchen is a center of both health and wealth in your home, so adding orange will increase wealth and abundance and also boost health and vitality!

Displaying a bowl of oranges in your kitchen is even more auspicious because citrus fruits represent abundance that can be shared with others!

Orange in the Dining Room

In feng shui, the dining room is considered an important room as it’s where families come together to share meals.

Orange is a great color to use in the dining room as it promotes conversation and socialization.

It also increases positive energy and happiness in your relationships with friends, family, and anyone you invite into your home.

Orange in the Living Room or Family Room

Living rooms and family rooms are active rooms, meant for entertaining and spending time with your family and other members of your household.

Using orange in these rooms can increase optimism, stimulate conversation, boost energy, and create a welcoming vibe so everyone wants to spend more time together.

Orange in a Playroom

Playrooms have a lot of energy in them already, because of all of the colorful toys and activities.

Using orange in the playroom can increase creativity and joyfulness in play and learning.

Orange in the Office

Your office in your home or at work represents success in your career, work, or lifepath.

Using orange in the office can activate it, bringing more positive energy, happiness, and optimism in your work.

It can also activate the fame area of your office or desk, helping you to receive positive recognition for your work!

Orange in Restful Rooms

In rooms that are meant for peace, relaxation, or meditation (yin energy,) using pale or muted oranges is best.

This will activate the fire element without causing restlessness, anxiety, or stress.

neutral bedroom with pops of orange accents

Orange in the Bedroom

In feng shui, your bedroom is meant for rest, relaxation, and romance.

Orange is great in the bedroom because it activates the fire element, bringing more passion and excitement to your relationship.

Stick with small pops of orange (or pale or muted oranges, like peach) otherwise too much orange can cause insomnia or stress in your relationship.

Orange in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are associated with health and well-being in feng shui.

They also have draining Chi, because of all of the drains and moving water.

Using orange in the bathroom is an excellent way to counteract the draining Chi, which slows it down and keeps it moving throughout your home instead of going down the drain.

Use small bright pops of orange, or stick to muted or pale shades to create a restful, spa-like experience!

brick home with orange front door

Feng Shui Meaning of an Orange Front Door

The front door of your home is one of the most important areas when it comes to feng shui.

It’s how fresh Chi energy enters your home and begins to circulate.

An orange front door represents positive energy, creativity, optimism, happiness, good fortune, good luck, and good health!

It can also attract abundance and prosperity!

If you don’t want to paint your front door orange, you can add an orange doormat, an orange wreath, or even place orange flowers on your porch or in your entryway.

Feng Shui Meaning of an Orange Wallet

Your wallet is a wealth center in feng shui, because it’s where money is used and stored.

An orange wallet will activate your finances, bringing more abundance, wealth, and financial success.

If you struggle with relating positively to your money, an orange wallet can also boost optimism, joy, and happiness with your finances!

Orange Exterior House Color and Feng Shui

In feng shui, an orange house represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and a joy for life.

It will also attract good fortune and good luck!

Because orange is a fire element color, a little goes a long way and you don’t have to paint your whole home orange for it to work!

Use it for accent colors, exterior flowers, paint your front door orange, or even paint your mailbox orange to add a little pop of passion and enthusiasm to your life!

Check out this post for more information about feng shui exterior house colors: Harmonize Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

living room with burnt orange couch surrounded by neutral decor

Ideas for Adding Orange for Good Feng Shui

You can add orange to your home decor pretty easily by:

  • Painting your front door or mailbox
  • Adding an orange wreath or doormat to your front door or entryway
  • Adding orange artwork to your home
  • Using orange furnishings, like sheets, pillows, curtains, or furniture
  • Using orange home decor items, like vases or picture frames
  • Buying orange fresh flowers each week or a few times a month
  • Planting orange flowers outside your home
  • Wearing orange
  • Adding a bowl of oranges to your kitchen, dining room, or entryway

Wearing Orange for Personal Feng Shui

Because orange is associated with optimism, positive energy, happiness, joy, warmth, and creativity, wearing orange can be especially lucky!

Wear it any time you need to feel more positive, need more motivation and passion, want to attract good vibes or increase creativity, or any time you need a happiness boost!

It can be especially lucky to wear it on job interviews, meetings with clients, while giving presentations, or even going out on a date!

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange in Feng Shui

Where do you put orange in feng shui?

In feng shui, orange is a color associated with the Fire element. Therefore, it is best to place orange items in areas that represent Fire energy, such as the fame and reputation area of your home. You can use orange decor items like candles, pillows, or curtains to enhance the Fire energy in these areas.

What do oranges mean in feng shui?

Oranges are a symbol of wealth, happiness, and good fortune in feng shui. They are often used to attract positive energy and abundance in homes and businesses. Oranges are also believed to promote good health and vitality.

Is orange an auspicious color?

Yes, orange is considered an auspicious color in feng shui. It is associated with the Fire element, which represents passion, energy, and creativity. Orange is believed to bring joy, optimism, and enthusiasm into your life. It is also a color that promotes social interaction and communication.

What does an orange car mean?

In feng shui, the color of your car can influence your life in various ways. An orange car is associated with the Fire element, which represents passion, energy, and enthusiasm. It is believed to bring joy and excitement into your life and help you achieve your goals.

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