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How to Feng Shui Your Office or Cubicle to Boost Your Career!

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Could you use more positive energy at work?

Would you like to use feng shui to increase your success in your career?

Do you know where to place your desk for good feng shui?

Let’s discuss how to feng shui your office or cubicle to increase success and positive energy!

The amazing thing about feng shui is that you can use it to bring harmony and balance to any space — even your office.

Whether it’s your home office, cubicle, desk, or workspace you can apply feng shui principles to help you work better and feel better while doing it!

feng shui office tips

Here are a few feng shui office tips that can apply no matter where you work!

One: Keep it clean and decluttered.

If you’ve studied feng shui at all, you know that a decluttered space is the foundation for good feng shui.

This is even more important in your office since you spend a lot of your life there.

If you haven’t done a purge of your space in a while, set a timer and declutter for at least 10 minutes.

Clean out your desk, and any piles of papers you have, and if you have your own closet, don’t forget to clean it out too.

Decluttering makes room for new energy and helps the flow in your space.

Plus it’s also good for your mental and emotional health!

Two: Put your desk in the command position.

The command position is a place in the room where you can see the door while you’re sitting at your desk.

Ideally, a solid wall should be behind you as you sit in your chair, and you should be able to see anyone entering the room.

The door shouldn’t be behind you, which means your desk should face into the room and not face a wall.

The command position means that no one can sneak up behind you, there is safety behind your back, and you are in command of your space.

If putting your desk in the command position isn’t possible, you can place a small mirror in front of you so that you can see the reflection of the door while you’re working.

This helps your nervous system relax because you can see what’s happening behind you.

desk with laptop and office supplies

Three: Add a plant.

Plants help raise the vibration of your space, and a lot of office spaces tend to be impersonal, cold, and full of metal objects.

A plant will help purify the air, and also represents the earth element which means growth, resiliency, legacy, and balance.

All things that are needed in your workspace!

If you want to place the plant on your desk, it’s good to place it in the back left corner where it will help grow your income.

For more information about feng shui office plants, see this post: The Best Feng Shui Office Plants for Good Fortune and Positive Energy!

Four: Find art that you love.

If you can hang artwork, choose pieces that help you feel inspired.

But also consider the energy in your office.

If you work in an office full of other people, with tons of activity, you might want more calming art so that your office or cubicle feels like an oasis.

If your office is quiet, everyone keeps to themselves, and is low energy, you might want artwork that is vibrant and full of energy so you can keep your spirits up.

If your office is full of neutral, boring tones, choose art that is colorful so that it balances the space.

On the other hand, if your office is full of bustle, color, and interaction, you might want artwork that is neutral.

Go with your gut!

But also make sure the art depicts objects, colors, and sayings that reinforce what you’d like to feel while you’re working.

office area with cute artwork and decor

Five: Add lighting!

If you can add lights to the entire room, try to find lamps that shine light upward towards the ceiling.

That will create positive energy and upward momentum.

If you can’t add lights to the entire room, then add a lamp to your desk!

Choose one that’s bright but not so bright that it creates eye strain.

Six: Add a personal touch.

Bring something into your office that you can look at to remind you to stay centered and grounded.

That could be a picture of your family, a crystal, a piece of artwork that reminds you of your purpose, a candle, a sentimental item, or even a statue.

Pick something that you love and that reminds you of who you are and what matters most to you.

If you work in an environment where that kind of thing is frowned upon, keep it in your desk drawer so that it’s your own special thing that only you know about.

desk area with decor and potted plants

Seven: Keep piles off of the floor.

Piles on the floor not only block the chi (energy) movement of your office, but it can also drag your own energy down as well.

If you have piles of books or papers, get a bookshelf or filing cabinet that will help you keep things organized.

Better yet – declutter it and get rid of it if possible!

This will immediately raise the vibes of your office, not to mention help you move around more freely in your space.

If you’re feeling drained or trapped at work, clearing the floor clutter is especially important and is the first thing you should address to help alleviate it.

Eight: Add a crystal.

You can use crystals in your office to raise the vibration, attract more money in your career, increase clientele, or even protect yourself from negative energy in the workplace!

Depending on your intentions, you can place the crystal in different areas of your office or on your desk.

For more information about the best crystals for work, see this post: 19 Crystals for Work: These are the Best Crystals for the Workplace

office area with plants and laptop

Nine: Feng shui your desk.

You can feng shui your desk the same way you feng shui any area of your office or home.

You can use the bagua map to organize your desk items and even enhance different areas of your desk to help you with different areas of your career. See this post for more info: how to feng shui your desk for career success and happiness at work!

Ten: Create an energy-clearing routine.

At least once a month (but it’s even better if it’s once a week) go through your office and put things back in their place, clear off your desk, dust, vacuum, and smudge to clear the energy.

Workspaces are areas that can naturally attract items piling up or being displaced as they’re used.

Resetting your workspace and then clearing the energy makes room for new energy to enter.

If you clear your space at the end of the week or the beginning of the week, it also sets you up for success because everything is in its place and ready to go.

If you can’t smudge your space with actual sage or palo santo, you can use an energy clearing spray, play some music, use a broom in the corners of the room and around your desk, or even clap in the corners to break up the stagnant energy.

For more information about how to smudge, see these posts: How To Smudge Your House And Get Rid Of Negative Energy and DIY Sage Spray to Get Rid of Negative Energy (from ANYWHERE!)

desk with laptop, books, and potted plant

How to Feng Shui Your Office: Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a desk be placed in an office?

The best place for your desk according to feng shui is the command position. This means that you can see the door and ideally the whole room while you’re sitting at your desk. Your desk should be facing the room, and not facing the wall. And ideally, you have a solid wall behind you.

You can also look at the feng shui bagua map to decide where to place your desk in your office. The bagua map shows you which areas of your office apply to the different areas of your work life. If you can place your desk in any area of the bagua, try the wealth area, the knowledge and wisdom area, the career area, or the creativity area.

What direction should your office desk face?

In western feng shui, the direction of your desk isn’t as important as the command position. But in other schools of feng shui, like compass school, there are “lucky” directions and “unlucky” directions. In western feng shui, you create your own luck, and your intention for your workspace is the most important aspect!

desk area with chalkboard art on wall and cute decor

What is the best feng shui color for an office?

Neutral colors are always great starting places, and then you can use other colors to help balance the energy and elements in your office space.

Otherwise, you can also consult the bagua and use it to help you pick the best color for your office depending on the area of the bagua that your office falls within. (Yes, you can apply the bagua to your entire office building!)

  • Greens: are good for offices because they represent wood energy, which means growth, balance, and new beginnings.
  • Blues: are water colors that can represent healing, safety, and calming energy.
  • Purples: are fire energy, and represent wealth, opulence, and power.
  • White: can be activating and represents mental energy, but can sometimes be too activating so it’s good to balance with other colors.
  • Browns/neutrals: represent earth energy, and represent stability, harmony, and good relationships.

Keep in mind that most offices need more activating energy: bright colors and lots of light so that people are uplifted and energetic while they are working. Calming colors and dimmer lighting are better for more intimate workspaces, like counselors’ offices.

If you’d like to look at the different feng shui color meanings to read about one not listed here, click here.

cubicle area with plant, pin board, calendar, and office supplies

How do you feng shui a cubicle?

Of course, if you work in a cubicle you don’t have as much control over it as you do your own office space. But you can still use feng shui in your cubicle!

1: Correct the command position.

If someone can walk up behind you while you’re in your cubicle, it can cause your nervous system to stay on high alert. You can correct this by placing a small mirror in front of you. Place it so that you can see anyone who walks up behind you.

2: Keep your cubicle as neat and as organized as possible.

If you need more storage or organization, add it! There are so many affordable storage organizers these days, you’re bound to some that work.

3: Add your personality.

If you can, bring photos from home, add a plant or crystal, or add something personal to your desk area. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if you can make your space feel special it will definitely create good Chi and energy flow in your cubicle!

4: Add a small lamp.

If your cubicle feels dark and closed-in, adding a small lamp can uplift the energy. Small lamps also create a cozy vibe that can help reduce stress and help you stay focused while you work. It can also be less harsh on your eyes and help with eye strain!

5: Keep your chair area and walkway clear.

Make sure that you don’t have anything cluttering the floor so that your chair can move freely. Cluttered areas around your feet or around your walkway into your cubicle can stop good energy from entering and circulating. Not being able to move your chair freely can also be really frustrating and make you feel stuck and overwhelmed.

As you can see, anything you can do to bring good energy into your office area is good for feng shui! Feng shui doesn’t have to be complicated to work well. And you can do one thing at a time and find that your office will feel better and better! After all, we spend so much time at work, it’s worth it to make sure you have great energy in the office. You’ll find that it helps you feel better outside of the office, too!

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