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8 Quick & Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Dining Room

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Your dining room is a very important room in feng shui.

It represents family togetherness, health, and overall wellbeing.

It can also represent friendships and connectedness with others, since it’s often a space for entertaining.

And since being connected to others also affects our reputation and success outside of the home, it is also a center for wealth and fame!

Unfortunately in today’s fast-paced society, our dining rooms often go unused or end up being a catch-all for storage or laundry.

But now that you know how important dining rooms can be to the feng shui of your home, you might decide it’s time to use your dining room!

Here are some easy feng shui dining room tips to make it one of the most-loved rooms in your home!

feng shui dining room

8 Easy Feng Shui Dining Room Tips

One: Consider energy flow.

Chi (life-force energy) is the most important aspect of feng shui.

When deciding the best feng shui dining room layout, think about energy flow first and always!

When possible, try to choose a dining room table that can be centered in the room so that everyone can walk around it and sit comfortably.

Two: Chairs.

Comfortable chairs with sturdy backs create a space where people are encouraged to sit and stay awhile.

An even number of chairs also creates a flow of conversation that doesn’t leave anyone out.

Three: Command Position.

The head of the household (or honored guest) should sit in the command position.

This is the chair that faces the door.

The command position represents being in control of your life and being able to see opportunities coming your way.

For guests, it also helps them feel at ease (no one can sneak up behind you while you’re seated!)

Four: Decor.

Choose artwork that is uplifting and happy, with warm and vibrant colors.

This uplifts the energy and creates a space that feels inviting and invigorating, encouraging conversation and connection.

Mirrors can also work well in the dining room!

Mirrors double everything they reflect, which means they can double the abundance and relationship energy of your dining room!

dining table set with fall decor

Five: Color.

Red, bright yellow, and bright orange: Activate the fire element, which is fast-moving and electric.

The fire element can stimulate conversation and self-expression, but too much of it can cause arguments or make the energy move too fast, causing irritation or “dine & dash” situations.

Muted yellows, browns, and earth tones: Activate the earth element, which grounds and stabilizes energy.

It also creates connections and nourishes relationships.

Yellows also increase joy and optimism!

Greens: Activate the wood element, which increases growth and forward momentum.

It can also help grow relationships!

Blues and black: Activate the water element, which increases flow and wealth energy.

White and gray: Activate the metal element, which increases creativity and clarity.

While you can always paint your dining room, don’t forget that you can also add color with curtains, decor, fabric dining chairs, artwork, rugs, and fresh flowers!

Six: Add Fresh Flowers or a Bowl of Fruit.

Place fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit in the center of the table.

Fresh flowers and/or bowls of fruit represent an abundant harvest that can be shared with others.

That means your home is full of wealth and vibrant energy!

dining table set with candles and pumpkins fall decor

Seven: Add a chandelier.

A chandelier over the table activates Chi and uplifts the energy.

Chandeliers bounce light (the fire element!) all over the room, creating warmth and auspicious Chi.

They also draw the eye upward, creating positive energy and optimism.

Pairing a chandelier with a mirror will double the auspicious Chi and create sparkly, joyful energy that permeates all of your relationships.

Eight: Use your dining room as often as possible!

In the West, dining rooms tend to only be used for hosting guests or for special occasions, but this can cause stagnant energy and stale energy.

Use your dining room as much as possible to keep the good Chi circulating!

It will also strengthen your relationships inside and outside of your home – even if you don’t host parties or formal dinners very often!

dining table set for fall

Feng Shui & Dining Table Shapes

The shape of your dining table also has a meaning in feng shui.

Circle: Represents the metal element, which activates creativity and mental sharpness.

A Circular table creates a great foundation for conversations and puts everyone who sits at the table on equal footing. Circles also represent abundance that has no beginning or end!

This is the luckiest table shape in feng shui.

Square: Activates the earth element, which is grounding and stabilizing.

Square is great for creating equality among family members.

Rectangle: Activates the wood element, which represents growth and upward movement.

Rectangular dining tables also create stability and grounding, but they can also cause imbalances in relationships.

The seat at the head of the table represents the person in power, or the head of the household, which means everyone else at the table is in a lesser position.

This is why guests are generally seated at the head of the table, to represent hospitality and safety.

Oval: Half-way between circular and rectangular, oval dining tables call on the stability of the square shape along with the rounded corners and energy flow of the circular shape.

Oval tables do create relationship imbalances, especially long ovals that make it difficult for everyone to talk to each other.

table set with fall decor

Which dining table shape should you choose?

Choose a shape that creates the best flow in your dining room.

Again, you want to be able to sit comfortably and move around the table easily.

Think about a balance of shapes, too.

Square or rectangular rooms can be balanced with round or oval tables.

Whereas round or oval rooms can be balanced with square and rectangular shapes.

dining table set with fall decor items

Feng Shui Dining Room Q & A

What is the best feng shui dining table material?

Wood is generally the best material for a dining table.

It represents growth energy, but is also a heavy enough material to call upon the stabilizing and grounding of earth energy.

Glass table tops represent water energy which can cause too much energy flow and make people uncomfortable while dining.

If you have a glass table, using a table cloth while dining can help slow down the energy flow and make people feel more comfortable.

What is the best feng shui color for your dining room?

The best feng shui color for your dining room is one that you love!

There is no right or wrong color – if you love it, that energy will carry over into your relationships every time you use that room.

If you don’t have a preference, choosing a warm or earthy color for your dining room, like muted yellow, beige, or orange can help create warmth and connection in your relationships!

Is it bad feng shui to not have a dining room?

While the dining room is important in feng shui, if you don’t have a formal dining room, don’t worry!

An eat-in kitchen can be used instead!

Also, it’s ALWAYS better to use your space than to have a room you don’t use or that ends up being full of junk and storage items.

So if you never use your dining room and you need a home office, then switch it up and create a room that you’ll actually use!

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