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How to Use Blue in Feng Shui to Increase Wealth and Abundance!

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In feng shui, the color blue represents the water element.

The water element is associated with wealth and abundance and how well it flows into your home and into your life. 

In fact, the water element is one of the main components of feng shui, because the name “feng shui” actually means “wind” and “water.” 

One of the ways to understand how feng shui works is to think about how wind or water would flow into and around your home. 

Would it get stuck anywhere? Would it have to flow around a lot of clutter? Could it move around your home or office freely and easily?

When you think about it that way, you are thinking about energy flow (and therefore abundance and good fortune!)

blue in feng shui - living room with blue couch, chair, curtains, and rug

The color blue is interesting in feng shui, because often when people find out that blue = water, which = wealth, most people think that means the more blue, the better.

But think about the difference between a bubbling river and a crashing, thunderous waterfall, and you can see how too much water, moving too quickly can bring as many problems as a still, stagnant lake. 

Too much energetic flow can mean things move too quickly and cause destruction. 

But water that doesn’t move at all can cause stagnant, murky energy.

So it’s important to incorporate blue into your home, office, and life, but balance it with other colors so that the energy doesn’t move too quickly or water down the other elements.

The Meaning of Blue in Feng Shui

That being said, in feng shui, the color blue represents:

  • Flow
  • Abundance
  • Inspiration
  • Authority
  • Importance
  • Loyalty
  • Deep thinking
  • Emotions
  • Introspection
  • Intuition
  • Communication

Blue is also associated with the Knowledge and Wisdom area of the feng shui bagua map.

This area is associated with spirituality, inner knowing, learning new things, studying and learning your career, and meditation and stillness of the mind.

living room with blue accent wall and blue chairs

Blue and the Feng Shui Bagua Map

The feng shui bagua map is the energetic map of your home. It shows you which areas of your home correspond with the different areas of your life.

(For a picture of the bagua map and instructions on how to use it, check out this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!)

Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The area associated with the color blue in feng shui is the knowledge and wisdom area.

This area is associated with learning, studying, inner wisdom, and spirituality. 

It supports anyone in your home who is learning something new or whose job requires expertise, certifications, or extensive knowledge (so, everyone!) It is also associated with wisdom, spirituality, and meditation. 

Adding blue to this area will support everyone in your home who could use more knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality in their life!

Career Area

Because blue is associated with the water element, it can also be used in your home’s career area.

The career area of your home is related to your career, but also your path in life. 

Adding blue here can activate it and help you attract fresh energy in your job, career, or even help you figure out what’s next for you in your life.

Wealth Area

Because the water element is also associated with wealth and abundance, your home’s wealth corner can also be activated with the color blue. 

Adding blue to your home’s money corner can attract more abundance and good fortune in all areas!

Family and Legacy Area

In the feng shui element cycle, the water element feeds the wood element

The wood element is responsible for growth, fresh energy, and new beginnings.

The areas of your home associated with the wood element are the wealth area and the family and legacy area.

The family and legacy area is associated with relationships within your extended family, as well as the legacy you leave behind in life. 

Adding water to this area will boost the growth and closeness of your extended family relationship and ensure your family leaves a lasting legacy on this earth plane.

living room with blue walls, white couch, and gray and white home decor items

Blue in Different Rooms of Your Home

Blue in the Bedroom

Blue can be a great color in the bedroom, as it promotes calm and relaxation.

However, it’s important to use blue as an accent color in the bedroom and not as the most dominant color in the room. 

Your bedroom represents your health and well-being, but it also represents your romantic relationship. 

Too much blue in the bedroom can “water down” your relationship, resulting in less passion and romance!

Make sure to balance blue with other colors so that it’s not the most dominant color in the room.

Blue in the Living Room

In feng shui, the living room is an active (Yang energy) area of the home, meant to spend quality time with guests and family members. 

Blue can work in the living room to help harmonize relationships. 

Too much blue, however, can cause the room to feel too relaxed and sleepy, making it more difficult to spend time in there. 

Balance it with active colors, like red and orange to keep your relationships fun and lively!

kitchen with white cabinets, wood counters, and blue tile backsplash

Blue in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another active area of your home, meant for activities like cooking meals and spending time with your family.

It’s also a center of health and wealth in your home. 

You can add a bit of blue to this area to create balance and flow – just keep in mind that there are also areas of flowing and draining water already in the kitchen. 

Adding too much blue to the kitchen can cause the water to move more quickly instead of staying and circulating. 

Be sure to balance it with other colors.

Blue in the Bathroom

Bathrooms represent draining energy in feng shui, because of the flowing water in and out of the room. 

One of the points of feng shui is to help the energy flow move throughout your home, not flow down the drain! 

Because bathrooms already have a lot of water element energy, be careful of adding even MORE water to the room. 

Be sure to balance it with earth tones or fire element tones to balance the draining Chi and keep it flowing!

Blue in the Office

Blue in your workplace or home office can bring a financial boost to your career or life path! 

It can increase financial flow while also bringing a calm, soothing atmosphere while you work. 

Again, be careful of adding *too much* blue, because you don’t want to cause too much energy to flow or water down the energy that’s already flowing!

bright blue front door with green wreath

Blue Front Door Feng Shui Meaning

The front door of your home is extremely important in feng shui! It’s how energy (Chi) begins to enter your home and circulate. 

Adding the color blue to your front door will increase good luck, good fortune, and abundance in your life!

You can paint your front door blue, add decor like a blue welcome mat or wreath, or add blue flowers to your porch area! 

In feng shui, a blue front door means more wealth, luck, abundance, and blessings coming your way! 

You can also add blue to your home’s entryway or inside your front door if you aren’t allowed to add blue decor to the outside.

Blue Exterior House Color and Feng Shui

Blue is often a favorite as an exterior house color, because it blends so well with the natural environment.

In feng shui, a blue exterior means more wealth and abundance in your life!

It works especially well if your home falls in the knowledge and wisdom area or career area of your lot. 

If you don’t want to paint your whole home blue, blue accent colors like trim and shutters also work well!

house with blue exterior paint color and white trim

Feng Shui Meaning of a Blue Wallet

Your wallet (or purse!) is also a wealth center, because it represents where you hold and spend your money. 

A blue wallet activates the water element, which is the element associated with good fortune and abundance! 

A blue wallet can help you attract a stronger flow of financial success and abundance!

Wearing Blue for Personal Feng Shui

If you love the color blue, or if blue is your lucky color, then wearing it can be a powerful way to increase wealth and good fortune in your life. 

Wear it on days you need a little boost, or on days when you really need to attract financial success (like for interviews, promotions, or client meetings!)

How to Use Blue in Feng Shui

You can incorporate blue in your home with:

  • Pillows, curtains, and rugs
  • Artwork
  • Home decor objects, like vases and statues
  • Blue furniture
  • Blue crystals, like aquamarine, fluorite, or blue calcite
  • Hide blue fabric or paper in drawers, behind home decor objects, or under furniture (nothing is hidden in feng shui!)
  • Paint your front door blue
  • Wear it – either as clothing or jewelry
  • Paint picture frames or lamps your favorite shade of blue
  • Blue candles or essential oil diffusers
  • Blue books
  • Hang a wreath with blue flowers or foliage
  • Add a blue doormat or blue flowers around your front door
living room with brown walls, beige furniture, blue accent pillows, and blue rug

Feng shui and Blue: FAQ

What does blue represent in feng shui?

Blue is associated with the water element in feng shui.

The water element represents energy flow, as well as wealth, abundance, and good fortune!

It is also associated with the knowledge and wisdom area of the bagua map, so blue represents spiritual wisdom and knowledge of all kinds.

Can you use too much blue in your home?

Yes, according to feng shui, there is such a thing as “too much blue.” 

With the water element, too much blue can mean that energy flows too quickly, watering down the other elements or causing energy to flow too quickly.

Feng shui is all about balance, so it’s important to balance blue with other colors, like green, brown, or red.

How do you know if you’ve used too much blue in feng shui?

If you find it difficult to hang on to money and abundance, it can be a sign that there’s too much blue in your home. 

Or, if the flow of wealth and abundance has stopped, it could be a sign that other elements are out of balance, and you need to add the fire element or wood element to get things moving again!

As you can see, color is one of the most important ways to move energy in your home, and that is especially true with the color blue! 

If you LOVE the color blue, be mindful that you balance it with other colors and elements. 

The more intentional you area with everything in your home, the more those intentions will show up in your life!

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