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How to Create a Feng Shui Money Bowl for 2024!

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creating a feng shui money bowl – must use tips to manifest more money and abundance!

In feng shui, there are tons of ways you can manifest more money and prosperity. 

You can feng shui your money corner, use colors to attract wealth, feng shui your front door, and even feng shui your wallet! 

All of these things will help bring more money, good luck, and good fortune into your life. 

But there’s another feng shui item that a lot of people overlook or haven’t heard of, and that’s the feng shui wealth bowl!

feng shui money bowl for 2024
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A feng shui wealth bowl is a collection of items that you put together to help you attract more money into your life. 

It’s meant to be displayed so that you see it often, reminding you of the money you want to bring into your home and life. 

Many business owners keep one next to their cash register to increase sales and business. 

But you can also make one that you display in your home to signal to the Universe that you’d like to attract more overall wealth and prosperity for your whole family. 

Here’s how to make one!

How to make a feng shui wealth bowl:

The number one thing to keep in mind is that your wealth bowl is meant to be displayed, so it should be something you like to look at and want to display in your home. 

There are a lot of ways you can make a money bowl, so don’t get super hung up on getting it “right” or “perfect” for the feng shui rules. 

Instead, focus on adding things that you love and that have meaning to you!

The feng shui ingredients for your prosperity bowl are:

  • A ceramic, glass, wood, or metal bowl.
  • Glass stones or other material that fills the bottom of the bowl or container.
  • Money attracting crystals and/or a gem tree.
  • A laughing buddha.
  • Money – either chinese feng shui coins, or high denomination coins in your currency, or even jewelry.
  • Gold painted rocks or gold ingots.

The feng shui prosperity bowl represents growing wealth, and the ingredients fit together like a layered cake. 

Everyone’s wealth bowl will be different and should be full of things that have meaning for you! 

Keep in mind where you are displaying your bowl: if you keep it somewhere that a lot of people frequent that you don’t know or trust (like next to your cash register if you own a business, or in your living room, entryway, or another public space where people will see it as they come into your home), then you wouldn’t want to place items that have a lot of sentimental value or actual wealth. 

Instead, you’d choose items that are symbolic and represent your wealth accumulating. 

If you’re keeping your money bowl in your bedroom, however, you could keep your jewelry in it or other gems that have value.

Choosing the bowl:

Ceramic, wood, metal, or crystal is best, but you can also use glass. 

Keep in mind that if you can see the ingredients through the bowl, it can represent wealth leaking out.

So it’s better to choose one that is not 100% clear. 

Pick one that you love! 

Choose one that’s about the size of a normal cereal bowl and not too flat. 

Square or round is best, and you don’t want one that’s too shallow. 

If you don’t really care what it looks like, a cereal bowl will be perfect! 

Otherwise, you can find lots of different bowls that will work, like these:

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(Click on any of the pictures above to see the bowl on Amazon!)

feng shui wealth bowl ingredients

Steps for Creating a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl for 2023:

Set your intention:

If you want, you can set an intention to attract a specific dollar amount in 2023. Write it on a small piece of paper and place it in the bottom of your bowl.

Fill the bottom of your bowl:

The bottom is the foundation for wealth, so you can use things like small rocks, crystals, glass beads, or anything else that is shiny or attractive. 

You can even use colorful fish tank rocks!

The rocks represent the earth element, which is a stabilizing element in feng shui.

feng shui money bowl step 2

Next, add your crystals, jewelry, coins, gold-painted rocks, and/or other types of money. 

Don’t forget that this is symbolizing the wealth you are creating in your life, and it doesn’t have to be a large denomination of actual money to work! 

If you don’t want to put real coins, then a few chinese feng shui coins will do!

Feng Shui Coins:

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Gold Ingots:

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Crystals that are great for abundance are: amethyst, green adventurine, tiger’s eye, and pyrite:


51XfCGM1A7L. SL160ir?t=peacelovefeng 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0721KQLJJ

Green Adventurine:

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Tiger’s Eye:

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41pbas5H1NL. SL160ir?t=peacelovefeng 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B081XVK78P

Click here to see even more feng shui wealth crystals!

On top of the crystals, coins, and jewels you’ll place your laughing buddha and/or gem tree. 

These represent the joy and prosperity that will grow from your accumulating prosperity. 

The laughing buddha is brimming with the joy and excitement that comes from your happy, prosperous life. 

And the gem tree or money tree represents the roots and the growth of your accumulating wealth!

Gem Tree/Money Tree:

51j4hA+nz1L. SL160ir?t=peacelovefeng 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B082DV283L

If you don’t have a buddha or gem tree, you don’t have to add one to your feng shui wealth bowl. 

They are just the icing on your money cake, so to speak!  😉

But they are traditional feng shui symbols of abundance, so if you’d like to add one, it’s a nice touch!

Laughing Buddha:

51qMFaN0bqL. SL160ir?t=peacelovefeng 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07R16B9MQ

Once you’ve arranged all of your items, make sure that you love it! 

If it seems not quite right to you, keep adding or subtracting things until it feels right!

completed feng shui wealth bowl

Where do you put your feng shui wealth bowl?

Your home is actually full of feng shui wealth areas – the areas of the bagua (feng shui map of your home) that correspond with money and prosperity. 

Your main money corner is the far back left corner, when standing in the front door looking inside your home. 

(Click here to see the feng shui map and how to apply it to your home!) 

The wealth corner is always a great area to keep your prosperity bowl if you want to accumulate wealth and grow your abundance!

Each room also has a wealth area, which is the far left corner when standing in the doorway, looking in. 

So you can place your bowl in any room that feels best to you, just place it in the back left corner if possible!  

You can also place it on the back left corner on your desk in your home office (or work desk, if you want to display it at work!)

Or you can place it in your entryway, which will stimulate prosperity energy as the Chi (feng shui life force energy) enters your home. 

This is an especially lucky place to put it if you’re working on bringing new financial opportunities and good luck into your life! 

Click here to learn how to feng shui your front door or feng shui your home for more luck and good fortune!

The bottom line is that you should keep your wealth bowl wherever you will see it often, and remember your wealth goals. 

Keep it somewhere special to you so that your life is full of wealth-building energy whenever you look at it!

Is there any place you SHOULDN’T keep your feng shui money bowl?

Don’t keep the money bowl in your bathroom – bathrooms represent leaking energy! 

Similarly, don’t keep it next to a sink or on the cabinet next to the sink in your kitchen because drains also represent leaking energy.

Once you’ve set up your wealth bowl and placed it somewhere you love, what do you do with it?

The prosperity bowl is there to help you keep your wealth intentions and vibrations high so that you manifest more and more wealth into your life. 

Every few weeks or so, take everything out of your bowl and wipe it down so that it doesn’t get dusty.

If you’d like, you can also add things or remove things each time you clean your money bowl. 

Keep it fresh, clean, and your intentions high!

If you’d like, you can even write down a specific number you’d like to manifest and place it under your wealth bowl, and then change out the piece of paper once you’ve manifested the money!

I like to go through my entire money area and clean, shift things around, and spruce up all of my feng shui money cures every few weeks. 

This helps stir up the Chi (feng shui life force energy) and keep everything moving. 

It also reminds me of my money intentions, and while I’m working on the money area, I put all of my wealth intentions out into the Universe and thank it for the money I’ve received and the money that’s coming.

The point is to make sure you practice feng shui in the way that works for you — so create your own rules and see what happens!

When should you remove your feng shui wealth bowl?

You can remove your feng shui prosperity bowl whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore!

Any time you use a manifestation tool like a feng shui wealth bowl, it’s important to listen to your intuition.

If you’ve attracted the wealth you desire and no longer need your bowl, you can remove it.

You can remove the wealth bowl ingredients and place them somewhere else.

You can also give the wealth items to another person.

An alternative to removing your prosperity bowl is to refresh it and set a new wealth intention.

Take everything out of your prosperity bowl and evaluate whether or not you feel like you should re-do it.

You can start from scratch and choose a new bowl and all new ingredients.

Or you can also just take everything out and clean it, then put it back and set a whole new intention.

It’s up to you how to use the feng shui wealth bowl and make it work for you!

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