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How to Use Black in Feng Shui to Increase Wealth and Abundance!

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Could you use more wealth, wisdom, depth, or fluidity in your life?

Would you like to enhance your career, attract a better flow of abundance, or find your purpose?

If so, it’s time to think about adding the color black to your life!

In feng shui, black represents the water element, which is connected to the flow of wealth and abundance, as well as success in your career and life path.

Let’s discuss how to use black in feng shui to create good fortune and success!

black in feng shui

The Meaning of the Color Black

In many cultures, the color black is often associated with power, sophistication, elegance, and formality.

In feng shui, black is associated with the water element, which symbolizes depth, wisdom, wealth, emotions, and fluidity.

Black can also represent mystery, the unknown, and the hidden (especially hidden emotions.)

Additionally, black is often used to convey a sense of seriousness or authority, which is why it’s commonly worn in professional settings.

However, it’s important to note that the meaning of black can vary depending on the context and culture.

Black in Feng Shui

In feng shui, black represents the water element. 

The water element is responsible for the flow of Chi in your life, and it is one of the foundations of feng shui. 

The term “feng shui” actually means “wind” and “water.” 

If you can imagine how wind or water would flow throughout your home, how the flow would be sped up or slowed down, you are thinking about feng shui. 

Water can flow fast and quickly, bringing a flash of abundance (or even destruction) or it can be slow or stagnant without much flow at all. 

So the water element (and the color black in feng shui) can represent everything from depths of stillness and quiet contemplation to the power of a crashing wave or waterfall. 

Black in feng shui is also associated with the career area of the bagua, which relates to your life path, career, and higher purpose. 

What’s more, in feng shui black is also a protective color that shields you from negative energies and promotes clarity of thought.

It can help you tap into your inner strength and potential, expanding your opportunities for achievement and success.

And when used in moderation, black can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Of course, as with anything in feng shui, it’s important to have balance. 

And much like the color red, black is best if it’s used in combination with other feng shui elements in your space. 

A little black goes a long way! 

A lot of black in your space can absorb too much energy, creating a sense of emptiness, heaviness, and stagnant energy. 

But with a balanced approach, black can be a powerful tool in your feng shui practice.

bedroom with large windows and black brick wall

Black, the Five Elements, and the Feng Shui Bagua Map

The five elements of feng shui represent the energy cycle, and how the flow of energy in your home can either be increased or decreased depending on your goals. 

Each area of the bagua map (the energy map of your home that shows you which areas of your home correlate with the different areas of your life) is associated with one of the five elements. 

Adding colors (or other elements) to certain areas of the bagua can boost the flow of energy in that area of your life.

(For a picture of the bagua map and how to use it in your home, check out this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!)

On the bagua map, the color black is associated with the career area.

The career area is the front middle 1/3rd of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside. 

The career area is responsible for your career or job, life path, higher purpose, and also success and opportunities. 

If you’re looking to enhance your career opportunities and bring a sense of calm and clarity to your workspace, using black in this sector can help you achieve this goal.

Because the water element is also related to wealth energy, black can also be used to enhance the wealth area of the bagua. 

The wealth area is the far back left 1/3rd of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside. 

The wealth corner is associated with abundance of all kinds, not just financial abundance! 

Adding black to your wealth area can boost the flow of money into your bank accounts, but also increase abundance in every area of your life.

Black can also be added to the wood element areas of the bagua (because water feeds wood in the element cycle.)

The wood element is associated with growth and expansion. 

The areas of the bagua associated with the wood element are the wealth area and the family and legacy area. 

The family and legacy area is the far left middle 1/3rd of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside. 

The family and legacy corner is associated with family relationships as well as the legacy you leave behind. 

Adding black to this area will strengthen family relationships and help you create a legacy that extends well into the future. 

living room with black accent wall and colorful artwork

Black and Other Colors in Feng Shui

Don’t forget that black can be added to other colors in order to darken them. 

That means there’s a little bit of the water element in all darker shades of colors, like gray, dark green, dark blue, and maroon. 

So if you want to add just a touch of the water element without adding pure black to your home, you can add colors mixed with black. 

Deep eggplant, for example, can be added to your wealth corner, or dark grey to your home’s children and creativity area to add just a little more flow to your life!

Feng Shui Tips for Adding the Color Black to Your Home or Office

Career Area

Adding black to the career area of your home, office, or desk increase success and help you attract new opportunities in your career or life path. Try using black furniture, decor accents like curtains or rugs, or even black crystals.

Wealth Area

Adding black to the wealth area of your home, desk, office, or business can increase abundance in all areas. It can also attract new opportunities for wealth, like partnerships, investments, or new clients!

Family and Legacy Area

Add black to your home’s family and legacy area to help your family relationships grow and create a lasting legacy.  Adding black to the family and legacy area of your office, desk, or business can strengthen relationships in your work and create a legacy in your business or career.

bedroom with black and white decor

Front Door or Entryway

The front door is an important area of your home, office, or business because it is how energy enters and begins to circulate.  Adding black to your front door area, porch, or even your entryway can boost success, attract new beginnings, and increase the flow of good fortune and abundance in your life.  You can paint your front door black, add a black doormat or wreath, or even add black windchimes outside of your door.


In feng shui, your bedroom is associated with your health and wellbeing, but also your romantic relationship.  Adding black to your bedroom can increase rest and relaxation, as well as create more emotional intimacy with your romantic partner.  Be careful about adding too much black to your bedroom, however, because it can water down the passion in your relationship, or even cause you to feel more tired and lethargic!

Love and Relationships Area

The love and relationships area represents your love life, romantic partner, and close relationships with yourself and others.  Adding a small amount of black to this area can create emotional closeness and depth, but adding too much can water down your relationships and cause things to get stuck and stagnant.   

Fame Area

The fame area of your home is associated with your reputation and attention from others, not just the traditional definition of “fame.”  The fame area is associated with the fire element in feng shui, so it’s important to not add too much black to the fame area because it can water it down or extinguish it completely!  As with everything in feng shui, balance is key. You can add a touch of black to the fame area to create flow, but too much can slow down the energy flow. 

Wear It

As we’ve discussed, black is associated with power and sophistication.  Wearing black can help you harness that energy.  Wear it to job interviews, presentations, or any time you want to attract success and abundance!

black front door with colorful wreath and doormat

Black Front Door Feng Shui

Black is a popular color for your front door, especially in feng shui! 

As we discussed above, the front door is extremely important in feng shui.

It’s considered the “mouth of Chi” and is how energy enters your home and then circulates through your life. 

A black front door can attract new opportunities and new beginnings.

If your front door falls in your home’s career area, it can also increase success in the careers and lifepaths of everyone who lives in your home! 

Black also adds the energy of power, sophistication, and strength. 

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Black Wallet Feng Shui

In feng shui, your wallet and purse represent the accumulation of wealth and abundance, because it’s an area where money is kept and used.

A black wallet can increase the flow of abundance and good fortune, and even attract new opportunities to generate income! 

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bedroom with black walls and black bedding

Yin and Yang and the Color Black

Yin and Yang in feng shui represent the balance of energy, much like the five elements. 

Playing with the balance of yin and yang in your home can have a huge impact on how it feels. 

Yin energy is associated with darkness, stillness, softness, and feminine energy. It’s great for quiet spaces, like meditation rooms and bedrooms. 

Yang energy is associated with activation, movement, light, and masculine energy. It’s great for active spaces, like living rooms and kitchens. 

In Feng Shui, black represents yin energy, while white represents yang energy.

The yin and yang energies are complementary and interconnected, and they must be in balance to achieve harmony and well-being.

To balance the yin and yang energies in your home or workspace, you can use black in combination with other colors and elements.

For example, you can use black with white or other light colors to create a sense of contrast and balance. You can also use black with wood or metal elements to create a sense of harmony and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Black in Feng Shui

Is black a good Feng Shui color?

Black is a good feng shui color, as long as you remember that a little goes a long way!

The color black is associated with the career area of your home, office, or business. 

The career area is responsible for your success in your job, work, career, and even your life path. 

Activating the career area with the color black can help you attract new opportunities (like a new job, more business, more clients, or a promotion!)

It can also help you attract success in your current career or work.

Does black represent wealth?

In feng shui, black represents the water element, which is associated with wealth energy! 

The water element represents how energy and good fortune flows into your home and life, and that translates to more wealth and abundance!

Is black and white good for Feng Shui?

Black and white can be good for feng shui!

You might recognize black and white as the colors of the yin and yang symbol, which represents balance. 

Adding splashes of black and white to your home can create energetic balance, which leads to peace and harmony.  For more information, check out this post:

As you can see, using black in feng shui can serve many purposes!

As with all things in feng shui and your environment, it is important to use black with purpose and intention.  A little goes a long way! 

And no matter what, if you don’t love the color black, then don’t use it! 

Or you can also “hide” the color black behind artwork, in cabinets, or under furniture (because nothing is truly hidden in feng shui!) 

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