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feng shui bathroom tips – how to create a spa-like experience at home!

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When you first start learning feng shui, your bathroom might seem like a complicated area. 

Bathrooms represent draining energy in feng shui, which no one wants when they’re trying to create good energy in their home! 

But it’s actually not that hard to create a bathroom that’s full of good feng shui energy!

Here are tons of feng shui bathroom tips to help you!

feng shui bathroom tips - how to create a spa-like experience at home!

Before we get started, let’s discuss feng shui and bathrooms in general. 

The reason bathrooms seem tricky in feng shui is because of the water, the drains, and the germs. 

Water is flowing energy, and because of the drains the water flows right out of your home. 

And of course bathrooms tend to accumulate dirt, germs, and grime a lot more quickly than other rooms. 

But these things don’t need to be a source of concern because they are easily fixed!

Routine bathroom cleaning alone helps the majority of the “yuck” energy, and the draining water energy can be countered with these feng shui bathroom tips!

The two most important things you can remember when it comes to feng shui for your bathroom:

  • Create a spa-like, restful, rejuvenating environment
  • Keep it clean

See? Simple!

table with bath items and basket of towels

Feng shui bathroom tips for a spa-like experience:

One: Color!

Good feng shui bathroom colors help counteract the water element and slow the draining energy. 

When you think “spa” you probably think of these colors:  beiges/neutrals, greens, and browns. 

And those are the perfect feng shui colors to use in your bathroom! 

These are the earth and wood element colors, which help slow down the water energy in the room.

Two: Frequent deep cleaning. 

Part of what makes a spa so relaxing is how clean the environment is. 

Spas are free of clutter, dirt, and germs. 

Deep clean your bathroom frequently, and don’t forget the corners and ceiling! 

Any place that accumulates dirt and grime also accumulates stagnant energy. 

So the “good” energy in your bathroom is draining away from the flowing water, but the dirt and grime keeps the dirty, stagnant energy! 

So clean and organize your bathroom often. 

Get rid of old bottles, soap, hairspray cans, toys, makeup — anything that accumulates under the sink or on counters or in storage. 

This goes for old linens too — replace your towels, washcloths, and rugs when they are worn or full of holes. 

You are worth the fresh, sparkling energy of a clean bathroom with fresh linens! 

This is also a fairly inexpensive way to update and refresh your space, which equals updated and fresh energy!

bathroom counter with towel and accessories

Three:  Add a plant. 

Plants are wood and earth energy, which again helps stop the fast flow of the draining water in the bathroom. 

If a plant won’t thrive in your bathroom, you can just use a picture of a plant or a landscape that you love. 

What is the best feng shui bathroom decor?

The best decor is the decor you love!

You don’t have to add items just because they’re good feng shui — especially if you don’t love them. 

However, if you don’t really have a bathroom decor preference and want feng shui friendly decor – think nature. 

Natural decor is always a good idea:

  • plants and fresh flowers
  • jute
  • cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics or materials
  • ceramic tile
  • wicker baskets, and items made of wood

These are great items to balance out the water element and also create a spa-like environment! 

You can also add candles, essential oils, and other fragrance items to enhance the air in your space and help you relax.

woman lighting candle in bathroom

Are there colors you should avoid if you want a good feng shui bathroom?

Avoid these feng shui colors in the bathroom:  Water colors!

Colors associated with the water element are: blues and blacks.  .

Since there’s already a lot of water in the bathroom, don’t add more unless you just really love them. 

If you do really love blacks and blues and want to use them in the bathroom, just make sure to balance them out with some greens, browns, and whites.

What are the best feng shui plants for your bathroom?

If your bathroom has enough light and space for a plant, the best feng shui bathroom plants are:

  • Tall plants, like lucky bamboo
  • Plants with rounded leaves
  • Succulents (like jade)
  • Pothos
  • Any plants with lush, green leaves

Plants to avoid in the bathroom:

Cactus or other spiky plants (cactus are generally not great for feng shui anyway because they are “dangerous” but if you love them, they go best in your fame area.

So if your bathroom IS in your fame area, you can keep them there!)

woman combing hair in bathroom mirror

What are the best practices for good bathroom feng shui?

One: Keep the toilet lid closed. 

This stops the good Chi (life force energy) from going down the toilet drain.

Two: Keep the bathroom door closed. 

If you can’t keep the bathroom door closed or if you have an open bathroom in your bedroom, you can put up a curtain or a screen to slow down the energy. 

You only have to worry about this if you are really struggling, however. 

For example, if you are struggling with insomnia and you’ve tried everything (including the feng shui bedroom tips here,) blocking the bathroom might help. 

Or if you have a bathroom in the center of your home, or another area of your home where you or someone in your family is struggling, try keeping the door closed and see if it helps.

Three:  Keep it clean. 

We talked about this above, but keeping the bathroom clean helps remove the icky energy that tends to accumulate there. 

Take out the trash often. 

Make sure there isn’t a lot of dirt or mold accumulating anywhere. 

Also, pay particular attention to the mirrors in your bathroom and keep them sparkly clean!

Mirrors double what they reflect and they also “mirror” how we see ourselves, so you want to keep them as clean and clear as possible!

woman washing hands in bathroom sink

Four: Add a mirror. 

If you or someone in your family is struggling and you’ve tried everything else, you can also add a mirror to the outside of your bathroom door. 

It can be a small mirror, or just a decorative mirror. 

The mirror should face away from the bathroom when the door is closed, so that it keeps bouncing the energy of your home away from the bathroom. 

Again, I don’t worry about this too much unless there’s something really going on and you’ve tried anything else. 

In Western feng shui, usually other feng shui bathroom cures will work before you even get to this trick.

Five: If you have a window in your bathroom, open it frequently to keep fresh air and energy circulating. 

It’s a good practice to open it while you’re cleaning to let the old energy out and the fresh energy in.  Even just a couple of minutes will help!

Six:  Keep everything in good repair. 

This is always good feng shui, but it’s especially true in the bathroom!

Fix any leaks or problems in your bathroom ASAP and keep it in good shape.

Bonus: What do your bathroom mirrors reflect? 

As I said above, mirrors double what they reflect, so pay attention to what is reflected and make it as nice as possible!

And if you have a mirror that reflects the toilet, place something in between like a plant or other decor to block the toilet reflection.

woman taking a bath

Bathrooms and “bad feng shui”

While I don’t believe that anything in your home is “bad” there are certainly things that can be optimized. 

So if you have a bathroom that isn’t “ideal” – don’t worry! 

Apply all of the bathroom tips above and see how it feels.

Chances are really good that it won’t ever be a problem!

What if you have a bathroom in the center of your home?

Or what if there’s a bathroom above your entry?

Or if you have a bathroom in the money corner?

When you first start learning feng shui and realize you have a bathroom in an area you wish there wasn’t one – you might get immediate anxiety. 

Is it going to flush all of my money away to have a bathroom in the feng shui wealth corner? 

Are we going to struggle with bad health because there’s a bathroom in the center of our home? 

Are we going to struggle with love because there’s a bathroom in the relationship corner? 

These are valid questions, but you don’t have to worry! 

Use the feng shui bathroom tips above to keep your bathroom full of good feng shui. 

Also, go through other feng shui cures or tips for the areas you want to boost. 

And then trust that it’s going to be enough! 

Just because there’s a bathroom in your home’s career area doesn’t mean your career is going to be in the toilet. 

Instead, look at your bathroom as the ULTIMATE place to boost your career! 

Make it as clean and sparkly as you can! 

And if you really want to go all out, create a bathroom that really feels and looks beautiful to you. 

Bathrooms are usually fairly small, so it’s a lot easier to decorate it beautifully! 

Think of your bathroom as enhancing the area it’s in. 

Think of it as the place of self care, rest, relaxation, and happiness and it will be!

Your intention is EVERYTHING. 

So take control over how you feel and see your bathroom – no matter where it falls in the bagua map!

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feng shui bathroom tips – how to create a spa-like experience at home!