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how to feng shui your car for protection & smooth travel!

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Did you know you could feng shui your car? You can! Your car is an important possession in your life because it enables you to get from place to place and can be a catalyst for changing your life!

If you want to your commutes to be as positive and safe as possible, using feng shui in your car can go a long way!

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feng shui tips for your car: getting started

how to apply the feng shui bagua map to your car

The feng shui bagua map shows you which area of your car relate to the different areas of your life.

When applying the bagua map, Western feng shui aligns the bottom of the bagua map with the entrance of your car.

The bagua will also only apply to the interior of your car. 

This means the dash and windshield of your car will align with the left 1/3rd of the bagua (knowledge/helpful people, family/legacy, and wealth.) 

Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how it works!

Once you’ve figured out how to apply the feng shui bagua map to your car, it’s time to implement some feng shui tips!

My favorite way to use feng shui in your car is to appeal to all 5 senses. This means being in your car will be the most pleasing experience possible!

One: Sight

It’s time to clean out your car!

Take the time every few months (once a season is always a good idea!) to organize and deep clean your car. 

If your car tends to be a dumping ground for old gum wrappers, trash, dirt, crumbs, and general grime – it drags down your energy. 

Even if it doesn’t seem like it bothers you, on a subconscious level it does! 

Feng shui is all about fresh, clean energy. 

Dirt, grime, and clutter all contribute to stagnant energy and drag down the overall energy of your life. 

Don’t forget to clean the windows (inside and outside!) and mirrors too! 

In feng shui, windows and mirrors represent how we see the world and how we see ourselves – you want to be able to see clearly, especially in the car!

Two: Smell

Every time you get in the car, roll the windows down for a few seconds and let the stagnant air out. 

Also, consider how your car smells when you get in. 

If you don’t like the smell, or if it smells stale and yucky, you can place a cup of baking soda in a bowl on the floorboard for 24 hours to absorb the bad smell.

You can also sprinkle baking soda on the floor mats and vacuum it up to deodorize and refresh the smell. 

Once you’ve done that, you add a few drops of essential oils sprinkled around your car to enhance the Chi! 

You can also add an air freshener or a piece of palo santo. 

Get creative and make sure whatever you use, you love! 

Don’t underestimate how much changing the scent in your car will change your driving experience!

If you tend to get anxious or frustrated in the car, using essential oils like lavender can really help calm you down and create a more relaxed environment.

girl with hat leaning out of car window

Three: Touch

Everything you touch in your car affects your experience. 

Consider adding seat covers or a steering wheel cover if yours are worn or if you don’t like the color. 

You don’t have to do much to create a whole different feel in your car.

Four:  Taste

Taste is one that most people never even consider, but what if you gave yourself a little treat every time you got in the car? 

Chew gum, have a mint, or even treat yourself to a little piece of candy. 

Create a happy experience when you get in the car and you can make even mundane chores be more fun! 

Set the tone for everyone in the car and share some with your passengers too!

Five:  Sound

Another thing you might not think about is: What are you listening to when you’re in the car? 

Is it positive or negative?

Is it something you look forward to? 

Do you end up talking to people or listening to the news? 

Sound can really influence energy. 

When you’re using feng shui in your car, you want to really be mindful of all of the things that change your car’s energy. 

If you really don’t enjoy being in the car, change up what you’re listening to! 

Listen to upbeat music, a podcast about something you love, or call your favorite friend on speakerphone. 

If you purposely change what you’re doing in the car, your entire drive will change. 

Consciously choose things that you love so that your experience in the car is one of fun and happiness, and watch how it changes your life!

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Even more feng shui tips for your car:

Feng shui car color:

In western feng shui, the best way to pick a car color is to choose one that you love. 

The more you love a color, the more attractive your vibration will be (because you’re surrounded by something you love!)

If you don’t really care about color and just want to know which feng shui color is best for your car, you can go by the color meanings:

Here’s a really brief summary of feng shui car color meanings:

Red – stimulating, activating
Green – growth, balance, prosperity
Purple – royalty, prosperity
Blue – calm, serenity, peace, truth
White – purity, mental clarity
Black – protected, grounded
Brown – protection, rooted in the earth
Gray/Silver – harmony, wisdom
Yellow – happiness, health, positive attitude
Gold – wealth, prosperity
Turquoise/Teal – confidence, new beginnings

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the feng shui color meanings and how to use them!

Another way you could pick a feng shui color for your car is to pick a color that attracts good luck and good fortune!
Click here to learn about your feng shui lucky color!

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Feng shui for car protection:

What about using feng shui for car protection and safety? Can you use feng shui in your car to enhance safe travels and protection?

YES! Here are some quick feng shui tips for car protection:

One: It’s important to remember that using feng shui for protection (in any area) relates to your personal energy and how safe you feel. 

If you have a lot of anxiety around driving, it’s important that you create a safe haven in your energy as well as using feng shui in your car. 

If you use feng shui in your car but don’t believe that it will work for you, you’re undoing all of your protective energy before you even get in the car! 

  • Work on your personal energy by:
  • Doing a quick meditation when you get in the car and setting an intention. 
  • One way to do this is to take a few seconds when you get in the car to imagine a white light streaming down over your car. 
  • Imagine that light surrounding you, your passengers, and your car in a protective bubble, washing away all anxiety and fear. 
  • Breathe in the protective energy and release the fear energy as you exhale. 
  • You can also quickly imagine a protective bubble around you and your car at any point during the drive if you feel anxious or upset. 

Reset your energy and your intention to be safe and protected.

Two: Add a protective or good luck charm to your key ring or glove compartment. 

You can also hang a good luck charm to your rearview mirror, but be mindful of whether or not it will get in your way while driving or blind other drivers.

I recommend adding one to your keyring instead because that way you’ll always have it with you! 

Feng shui items for good luck include (click on any picture to see the feng shui good luck charm on Amazon!):

feng shui coins tied with red ribbon

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green tara protection wheel

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(Click here to learn all about the different feng shui items for good luck!)

You can also use a protective crystal:

Keep a piece of protective crystal in your glove box, center console, in your pocket, or on a keychain! These are the crystals that carry the most protective energy:

smoky quartz

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black tourmaline

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clear quartz programmed for protection

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Chakra crystal pendant for balance

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Before you add any feng shui items for protection or good luck to your car, use these feng shui car tips to prepare your car energetically:

One:  Declutter, clean, organize, and cleanse. 

You want to clear the energy in your car before you add any feng shui enhancements, otherwise, you might accidentally amplify problems. 

Any time you use feng shui (whether in your car or your home) you want to clear the energy and make room for new Chi (life force energy) to enter! 

Deep clean and organize, then follow that by either smudging or parking your car in the sun for a few minutes to let the sun burn off stagnant energy.

Two: Wash the outside of your car to remove dirt and grime.

Also, give your windows and mirrors a good scrub!

Windows and mirrors represent clarity and sight, both things you need if you want to protect your car from negative energy.

Three:  Car maintenance. 

If you’ve neglected any car maintenance, now is the time to catch up! 

Check fluids, check the air in the tires, and change the air filter if you haven’t changed it in a long time. 

Maintenance in your car is just as important as maintenance in your home – if your car is full of broken things or neglected energy, that Chi is trapped and can cause a build-up of frustrated energy. 

Four:  Set an intention and add your crystals or feng shui protection items. 

Now that the energy is clear, it’s time to add your feng shui car protection items! 

Even if you already have good luck items in your car, you can cleanse them and the energy at any time. 

It’s especially helpful to clean the energy in your car any time negative things happen while you’re driving. 

Seeing a lot of car accidents, having lots of nervous or angry energy, listening to negative things while driving, or having arguments with passengers can all create frustrated energy. 

Clear it out every few months and reset your intentions for fresh, protective energy while you’re driving. 

You are in control of the energy that surrounds you, so use these feng shui tips for your car to gather your fresh intentions and control your vibration!

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feng shui car plate number:

Is your license plate number important to feng shui? Should you feng shui your car plate number?

In Western feng shui, your car license plate number doesn’t really matter — UNLESS you want it to matter!

If you desire a feng shui license plate number, then you should definitely choose one with your lucky number, or with a number that means something to you. 

If you don’t really care what your license plate number is, then it won’t affect you. 

You don’t have to worry that a license plate number that is “bad feng shui” is going to affect your car’s energy. 

In fact, I would argue that your license plate number is only going to enhance your car’s energy if you WANT it to. 

If it feels good to you to have a lucky license plate number, that is more important than whether or not the one you receive is considered lucky or not.

If you’d LIKE a lucky feng shui license plate and you are able to choose your plate numbers (keeping in mind that some areas don’t let you choose them, so feel free to ignore the following feng shui number information if that’s in your area!) here are the feng shui car plate number meanings to help you choose a lucky plate:

The luckiest numbers in feng shui are:  1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9.
The unluckiest number in feng shui is: 4 (by itself, multiples can be very lucky!)

Feng shui car plate number meanings:

1:  new beginnings, fresh starts
2:  cooperation, balance, yin & yang
3:  mystical powers, a direct link to the universe
4:  misfortune – the Chinese word for the number four is the same pronunciation as the word for death. However, more than one 4 together can be auspicious, like double 4s = 8, which is the number for good fortune and infinite blessings.
5:  radical transformation, the five Chinese blessings (Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Luck and Prosperity)
6:  auspicious because it’s a multiple of 3.
7:  togetherness, life essence, the 7 gods of prosperity in Chinese traditions
8:  good fortune (in Cantonese, the pronunciation for the number 8 is the same as the word prosperity)
9:  the peak of good fortune, harmony, a long life
0:  pure potential, limitless

As you can see, every number could have a positive meaning and a negative meaning, and no number is inherently bad unless you feel like it is! 

If you already have a favorite number or a number that you consider to be good luck in your life, then use that!

Your personal experiences and personal meanings for your lucky numbers are way more important to your overall lucky energy than the feng shui meaning of a number. 

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What about feng shui for buying a car? 

One: You can use feng shui to make purchasing a car easier and more fun. 

One way to do this is to use a feng shui helpful people box.  Inside the box, place the names or titles of everyone you’ll need to help you in purchasing a car. 

For example:  car loan financer, car salesman, credit bureau, your partner or cosigner, etc. 

Click here to learn more about a feng shui helpful people box and how to use it! 

Another area you might want to enhance when you’re purchasing a new car is your wealth area. 

Set the intention for the car purchase to go quickly, easily, and exactly how you’d like it to go in terms of wealth and prosperity. 

Write out an intention statement, or even print out a picture of the ideal car you’d like and place it in your home’s wealth area. 

Click here to learn more about your home’s feng shui wealth area and other things you can do to enhance wealth!

Two:  You can use feng shui to attract the perfect car for you! 

Create a vision board that represents everything you want with regards to your new car. 

If you have a very specific car you want, find pictures of it and print them out or tear them out of magazines. 

You can pick EVERYTHING you’d like about your new car:  color, model, year, interior, price – no detail is too small! 

Once you’ve made your vision board, you can place it in your home’s travel and helpful people area (since your car represents how you travel from place to place!)

Click here to learn more about how to create a feng shui vision board!

girl in blue dress looking at map

Are there feng shui car details you should consider when purchasing a car?

Again, whatever features are important to you are what you should consider. 

Do you have a specific color you’d like?

Are there specific safety features you’d like so you feel safe and protected?  Is maintenance important to you?

Or a car’s warranty? 

Whatever makes you happy, excited, and feel protected when driving or owning your car is the most important in terms of feng shui. 

How you feel about your car is everything! 

Go with your intentions and your gut feeling – if your gut is telling you the purchase is wrong for you, don’t second guess it. 

Your intuition might very well be picking something up from the energy around the car that you aren’t consciously acknowledging or perceiving. 

Often times when it comes to feng shui, your intuition will be 100% correct.

You’ll be arranging or choosing items in your home and/or car that ends up being correct or “good feng shui.” 

It’s not an accident – it’s the energy around the car or your home. 

Don’t ignore it! If something feels good to you then it is. 

If something feels “off” to you – then it is! Don’t second-guess yourself!

Now that you know how to create good feng shui for your car, you might also want to know:

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