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Feng Shui for Prosperity – 12 Quick & Easy Tips to Attract Prosperity with Feng Shui!

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Could you use more wealth and abundance?

Would you like to use your home to increase your chances of attract more money and good fortune?

If so, these feng shui prosperity tips are for you!

These simple feng shui tips can work in any home to increase abundance, good luck, and yes, financial success!

Let’s discuss all of the ways you can use feng shui for prosperity to manifest more money!

feng shui for prosperity - woman's hand holding hundred dollar bill

Find Your Home’s Wealth Corner – and Remove Unlucky Items

According to Western feng shui, your home’s wealth corner is the far back left 1/3 of your home, when standing at the front door and looking inside. (For a picture of the feng shui bagua map and how to use it, check out this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!)

Your home’s wealth corner is responsible for abundance of all kinds, including financial abundance, love, success, relationships, and any other kind of abundance you want to bring into your life!

If your home’s wealth corner is full of things that bring down the energy, it can cause the flow of wealth to stop before it even gets started.

Three things to look for in your home’s wealth corner are:

  • Dirt/Grime
  • Clutter
  • Broken Items

Remove anything from your home’s wealth corner that brings down the energy.

Check out this post for the entire list: why am i so unlucky with money? 9 things to NEVER keep in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!

black front door surrounded by plants

Feng Shui Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the most important areas of your home in feng shui.

It’s how energy (Chi) enters your home and begins to circulate.

And if you want to welcome in new opportunities, good luck, good fortune, and wealth into your life, your front door is one of the first places you should concentrate on in your home.

You want to make it as welcoming as possible so that the Universe can send you everything you want!

Three things to do to your front door to receive more luck and abundance:

  • Clean it well.
  • Make sure everything works and is in good condition.
  • Remove anything that blocks the door from opening freely.

These things will make your front door more welcoming and inviting! It also makes sure that nothing blocks the Chi as it enters!

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plant and crystals on a shelf

Add a Plant

Plants bring fresh energy, new opportunities, and help cleanse the air and vibration of your home.

To increase good luck, good fortune, and abundance, you can add a plant to your home’s wealth area, career area, on your desk, or near your front door.

Three plants that increase prosperity and good luck are:

There are also lots of other plants that attract wealth and abundance, check out these posts:

fluorite crystal and candle

Add a Crystal

To attract money and abundance, you can add a crystal to your home to raise the vibration.

You can also program the crystal to hold your dreams and intentions, helping to manifest them more quickly!

You can place them in your home’s wealth area, on your desk at work, near your front door, or even wear them!

For wealth and good fortune, 3 great crystals are:

But there are also lots of other crystals that attract good fortune and abundance. Check out these posts:

woman writing next to blue and white flowers

Find Your Feng Shui Lucky Color

Your feng shui lucky color will attract good fortune and wealth into your home by harnessing the vibrational energy of that color.

Your lucky color can be either a color that you already know brings you luck (because you have a lot of experience with it) or your actual feng shui lucky color based on your birth year or the year’s lucky color.

To harness that color’s energy and attract good luck and abundance, add it to your home’s wealth area, near your front door, or wear it!

You can also add it to the area of the bagua where you need the most luck, like your home’s career area if you want to attract a new job. To figure out your lucky color, check out this post: your feng shui lucky color & how to use it to attract good luck & good fortune!

Or you can also check out the feng shui money colors in this post: the feng shui wealth colors that boost abundance and prosperity (how to use color to manifest more money!)

various 27 address plates

Use a Feng Shui Lucky Number

Numbers are very significant in feng shui, because they carry their own energy and vibration (are you seeing a theme here?)

Some of the luckiest numbers for wealth and abundance are: 8 and 9.

8 is the number associated with wealth, while 9 is associated with the pinnacle of success!

Choose your favorite number and either: write it on a piece of paper and place it in your wallet, purse, pocket, or even in your feng shui money bowl.

You can also place it inside of your manifestation journal or on your vision board to activate wealth energy.

If you have your own personal lucky number (a number that always brings you luck,) then use that one!

For more information about numbers and feng shui, check out these posts:

feng shui wealth bowl with crystals and money

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

A feng shui wealth bowl is a bowl full of items that increase wealth and abundance.

You can place it in your home’s wealth corner, on your desk, or in the wealth corner of your living room or bedroom.

A wealth bowl concentrates the energy and helps you attract more of it into your life.

You can also use it to manifest a specific amount of money or to help you increase your abundance throughout the year!

This post has all of the details about creating a wealth bowl: creating a feng shui wealth bowl – must use tips to manifest more money and abundance!

crystals and bracelets

Wear a Lucky Bracelet

A feng shui bracelet combines crystals and other feng shui items for good luck and abundance.

Wearing it helps align your personal energy to good fortune, much in the same way as crystals and plants do for your home!

You can choose a bracelet that combines your favorite wealth crystals or that has a feng shui wealth symbol on it.

Make sure you wear it on your left hand (your receiving hand!) so that you receive all of the luck and abundance you desire!

For information about different feng shui bracelet meanings and how to use them, check out this post: Feng Shui Bracelet Meanings & How to Make it Work for You!

red tea light candles

Try the 9 Red Candles Feng Shui Cure

Candles are a great way to attract attention from the Universe and activate your intentions and desires.

They harness the power of the fire element, which is a catalyst of activation and change!

In feng shui, red candles are especially powerful because they activate the fire element with color AND fire.

So 9 red candles activate the energy of the number 9 (completion) and help you attract what you want!

For more information about using candles in feng shui and the 9 red candles cure, check out this post: How to Use Candles in Feng Shui for Good Fortune (And More!)

and for more information about red in feng shui, check out this post: How to Use Red in Feng Shui to Increase Love, Luck, and Abundance!

woman's hand holding palo santo

Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

Another key component of using your home to attract wealth and good fortune, is to make sure you cleanse the energy.

You can do this by smudging your home with either a smudge wand or a smudging spray.

This resets the energy by getting rid of stagnant Chi and replacing it with fresh vibes!

Cleaning and opening the windows also stirs up the Chi and helps it circulate.

Any time you want to set a new intention or refresh your current one, it’s a good idea to cleanse the energy first!

This resets everything and makes room for the Universe to bring you what you want.

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journal and pen

Create New Habits

While feng shui tends to be “set it and forget it,” it’s always a good idea to concentrate a little bit more on bringing your intentions to life.

After all, if you want to change your life then it’s a good idea to actually make some changes!

The more you concentrate on what you desire and purposely change your vibration, the more quickly and easily you will receive the things you want!

Some ideas for creating new habits to focus on your intentions are:

Start a manifestation journal, write a manifestation list, or create a vision board.

Any one of these things can help you set specific intentions and also help you recognize when you’ve received what you want (so you can set new intentions!)

Start a meditation practice.

This can help you clear your vibration every day and make it easier to receive your dreams.

Start a decluttering routine.

This stirs up the energy in your home and it can also create space for you to receive what you want! You can also try the feng shui 27 things cure for a super easy way to do this!

woman riding a bicycle with her hands out to the side

Consider What Feeds Your Mind, Body, and Soul

It can be hard to believe that you can receive more money, change your life, attract new beginnings, or even just create a more harmonious home if you’re surrounded by negativity.

Pay attention to what you’re consuming – not just food/nourishment, but also what feeds your brain and soul!

If you’re spending a lot of time on social media and it’s not fun, cut back or stop following people who make you feel less than.

If you are surrounded by negative people, change who you’re spending time with!

All of these things can make a huge difference towards how you feel. Purposely do things that make you happy and you’ll see how that trickles down into every area of your life.

Bonus Tip: Cleaning for Manifestation

Cleaning can be one of those things that we don’t really think about doing intentionally.

But you know how it feels when your home is fresh and clean (It’s like taking a shower – it cleanses the aura and makes everything feel better!) Why not clean on purpose?

As you clean, vacuum, organize, and sweep, it stirs up the Chi in your home.

And if you do it on purpose – especially when you are calling in things like abundance and new opportunities, it becomes even more powerful!

Set your intentions to stir up the old, stagnant energy and make room for the new things to come into your life! For more info, you can check out this post: sweeping for manifestation (using feng shui while you sweep!) or this post: clearing space for what you want

As you can see, there are so many creative ways to use feng shui for prosperity! Choose one or two from the list above and you’ll be well on your way to attracting more abundance!

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