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How To Smudge Your House And Get Rid Of Negative Energy

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When I first started learning all about spirituality and “woo-woo” things, one of the things I really wanted to know was how to smudge my house and get rid of negative energy.  Smudging was something I had only heard about in passing and was something I associated with getting rid of negative energies in my house. But the more I’ve learned about Feng Shui, the more I’ve learned about vibration and energy, and now I see smudging as a necessary part of my life. It’s no longer something I just do once-in-a-while – it’s something I do almost as frequently as I clean.

how to smudge your home

What is smudging?

Traditionally, smudging was a sacred ceremony where people burned sage, palo santo, or other herbs and resins in order to heal and raise the vibration of a space or person.  It was something people did as part of a spiritual practice or ritual ceremony. It was thought to heal illnesses, promote healing, and dispel negative energies (including evil influences!) 

Today, when people ask about how to smudge your house, they are usually referring to burning sage in order to cleanse their home or aura.  Burning sage has actually been proven to reduce airborne bacteria, and purify the air, while also increasing clarity, awareness, and improving mood. As you can see, the science is catching up with the spirituality!

How does smudging work?

Smudging works by dispelling negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy.  As the smoke fills the room, it releases negative ions into the atmosphere, which can make the room (or even your aura) feel lighter and more positive.  As you’re burning sage or other smudging materials,  you can also visualize the smoke clearing away any negative energy so that your space is clean and clear and ready for your positive intentions.

When should you smudge your home?

You can smudge any time that you want to remove negative energy.  This is highly intuitive and depends on how you’re feeling in the space. Have negative things happened lately? Have you been feeling depressed or anxious? Have you been arguing with your loved ones? Do you crave peace and positivity? Would you like a fresh start? Have you had a lot of people in your home recently? 

I like to smudge any time I want to invite more positive energy and chi into my home.  I also like to burn sage or palo santo after cleaning my space, just to raise the vibration higher and higher!

raising the vibration of your home with smudging

Can smudging make things worse?

The thing about energy work and Feng Shui, is that nothing is hidden.  Everything is energy, and everything is connected.  So if you start stirring up the chi in your space, this can sometimes cause shifts that you weren’t expecting.  This is why people can sometimes feel like smudging or Feng Shui made things worse.  What really happened is that things were brought to the surface that you didn’t realize were there.  While I don’t believe that smudging makes things worse, it can sometimes seem like it!

This is why I recommend cleaning a space thoroughly before smudging.  You want to start with a solid foundation, not try to put lipstick on a pig. 😉

Should you smudge with sage or palo santo?

You can use either, but traditionally, smudging is done with white sage. When you’re first learning about how to smudge your house, most people start there. There are TONS of ways to smudge these days, though.  You can use palo santo, resins, cedar, incense, and even a smudge spray!  If you’re interested in different types of smudging, you can research the purpose and properties of each type of smudge wand or resin, and pick the one you feel like you need most.  

Usually, I smudge with white sage first, then use palo santo afterward to bring in more positive vibrations.  But I also use smudge sprays when I feel like an area needs a boost but I don’t have the time to get out my sage wand.  You can even make your own smudge sprays or crystal waters if you really get interested in different types of smudging!

How to Smudge Your House:  

  1. Choose your smudging medium.  Most people use white sage sticks, but you can use palo santo, various resins, cedar smudge sticks, or even a smudging spray if you’d like!  I recommend trying many different things to see which one you like best.  You can’t get it wrong, and your intention is everything. 
  2. Use a fire-proof, heat-proof bowl or pan to carry the smudge stick.  You will be using this to catch any embers or ashes as you walk through your space.  You can also use an abalone shell, but if you don’t have one handy then just use what you have.
  3. Open a door or window so the smoke and negative energies have a way to exit your home.
  4. Light the end of the smudge stick and allow it to burn for a minute or so.  Then blow out the flame so that the smoke starts to fill your space.
  5. Place it in your smudge bowl and walk around your space.  Envision the smoke filling your space, removing the negative energies, and allowing positive energies to replace them.  Make sure to open doors, cabinets, and closets so the smoke can fill every nook and cranny.
  6. Once you’re done with your smudge stick, extinguish it with water and make sure it’s completely out before storing it away for next time.

Smudging is one of my favorite ways to instantly change the energy of my home and make it feel more high vibe. Try it today and let me know if you feel the same!

how to smudge your home & eliminate negative energy
how to smudge your home and remove bad vibes

Mariline Paul

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

I Love all the wonderful ways to fengshui my home.I will start smudging my house frequently to get rid of all negative and evil energy.Thank you


Tuesday 20th of April 2021

I store my smudge medium in a large glass jar with sand in the bottom. When finished smudging, I just place the burning end into the sand, and put on the lid. This extinguishes the fire, so you don’t need to get them wet. Just another thought that might work for some! Blessings!


Friday 19th of February 2021

Thank you, I have been depressed lately and I’m going to try this

Rosa cua

Saturday 30th of January 2021

Thank you for showing us how to fend Shui my place , first time to learn it and thank you again

veerasamy maary

Tuesday 1st of December 2020





Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Hi! Just do whatever you can to feel better! Even opening a window for a few minutes or opening the shades to let the light in can help a lot to change the energy!