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Amethyst Feng Shui – How to Use Amethyst Crystals in Feng Shui

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Amethyst is one of the most well-known and well-loved crystals.

It’s easy to find, relatively inexpensive as far as crystals go, and comes in a variety of hues so you’re sure to find one that you love.

It’s also extra sparkly and can be found in many different forms – everything from slices, towers, clusters, geodes, polished, and druzy.

Which makes it very easy to use amethyst crystals in feng shui!

amethyst feng shui

Amethyst Meaning & Properties

Amethyst is known for:

  • Cleansing energy
  • Soothing mental and emotional stress
  • Attracting wealth and abundance
  • Creating inner peace and enhancing wisdom
  • Balancing and unblocking the crown and third eye chakras
  • Calming the mind, body, and spirit
  • Helping with sleep disturbances
  • Protecting your body and home from negative energy
  • Promoting positivity and optimism
  • Cleansing and protecting your aura
  • Attracting divine energy and good Chi
  • Enhancing psychic abilities
  • Increasing mental clarity and intuition
  • Attracting good luck and good fortune

As you can see, amethyst attracts and enhances all of the good vibes, which means it’s an excellent feng shui enhancement for your home.

Using amethyst in feng shui means you can use amethyst all over your home to increase good Chi and keep it circulating!

amethyst cluster next to ceramic buddha decor

Where to Place Amethyst in Feng Shui

You can place amethyst in feng shui in several different ways.

You can use the color of the amethyst crystal to activate different feng shui areas, like wealth or fame.

You can use the metal and wood element properties of amethyst to balance the five elements in your home.

Or you can use the metaphysical properties and meanings of amethyst (alongside feng shui) to attract those energetic properties and help you manifest those things in your life.

Here are some ideas for placing your amethyst crystals to activate the different feng shui areas of your home.

Wealth Area

Your home’s wealth area is responsible for wealth and abundance in ALL areas of your life, not just financial.

Adding amethyst to your home’s wealth area will activate it (the color associated with the wealth area is purple) and attract more abundance.

It can also have the added benefit of soothing tumultuous energy in your finances, helping calm things down so you can attract and maintain financial stability.

closeup of amethyst cluster

Entry Way

Your front door and entryway are VERY important in feng shui.

Your front door is how fresh Chi (life-force energy) enters your home and circulates throughout your life.

Placing amethyst near your front door or in your entryway can activate it, helping you attract new beginnings and good vibes.

It will also cleanse and protect your home from any negative energy that might be coming your way.

Knowledge & Wisdom Area

The knowledge and wisdom area is associated with spirituality, meditation, inner wisdom, learning new things, and knowing yourself more fully and deeply.

Placing amethyst here can help with clarity, deepen meditation, help you study (or help any students in your home,) and increase spiritual wisdom.

amethyst cluster next to a burning candle

Love & Relationships Area

The love and relationships area of your home is associated with harmony in all of your relationships – including your relationship with your partner and your relationship with yourself.

Placing amethyst in the feng shui love area can help attract a romantic partner, soothe and heal current relationships, help you love yourself more, and even protect you from negative relationships.

Travel & Helpful People Area

The feng shui travel and helpful people area of your home is associated with travel (both long-distance and commuting in your daily life) as well as attracting helpful people and benefactors.

Placing amethyst here can help you attract benefactors and guardian angels who can help you with specific problems.

It can also help you with safety and protection while traveling.

Amethyst is said to connect the spiritual realm with the physical realm, so placing amethyst here can help you draw the help you need in all areas of your life.

incense next to amethyst geode

Health Area

The health area of your home (the center) relates to the health and well-being of everyone in your household.

Place amethyst here to increase the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of every being who lives in your home.

You can also place amethyst here if someone in your home is experiencing illness or needs an extra boost on a health journey.

Fame Area

The fame and reputation area of your home relates to your reputation in the outer world.

It’s how others see you and what you’re most known for in your life outside of your home.

Purple is a fire element color, which is what rules the fame and reputation area.

Placing amethyst here will activate your fame area and draw attention to you!

This can be especially helpful if you are working towards a specific goal or need a boost to kickstart your career.

amethyst geodes next to lake


Your bedroom is another area that relates to your intimate relationship with your partner and yourself.

It is responsible for your health and wellbeing, as well as romantic love.

In fact, amethyst is one of the best crystals for your bedroom according to feng shui.

You can place it near your bed to help with insomnia, wind down after a long day, and even increase romantic love with your partner.


In feng shui, your bathroom affects your health, wellbeing, and self-care.

Bathrooms are also associated with draining energy, which means Chi can go down the bathroom drains instead of circulating in your home.

Using amethyst in your bathroom can help balance the water element and draining Chi, helping to keep that energy circulating in your home.

It can also help increase health, vitality, and turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for self-care.


Your office and desk (both at home and at work) are associated with your career and financial success.

Place amethyst on your desk or in the wealth area of your office to increase income in your job.

You can also keep it near your office door or on your desk between you and the door to help with work stress, or even protect you from negative energy in the workplace.

amethyst cluster

How to Use Amethyst in Feng Shui

Now that you know where to place your amethyst to activate the different feng shui areas of your home, how do you actually use it?

You can:

Use a piece of amethyst in your home decor, anywhere in the area you decided to enhance.

Choose an amethyst geode, cathedral, tower, or any other decorative piece and display it!

If you don’t want to display amethyst in one of those areas but you still want to use it, you can use small pieces of amethyst tucked into drawers or behind pictures or decor items.

That way the amethyst is out of sight but it will still enhance the energy.

You can also place pieces of amethyst in or near your houseplants.

This not only changes the energy of the room, but it also helps the growth of the plants.

As the plants grow, they will absorb and expand the amethyst’s energetic footprint.

Create a crystal grid.

You can use amethyst in a crystal grid that focuses on what you would like to manifest or what you need help with.

For example, you can use amethyst in a crystal grid focused on love in your home’s relationship area to attract a romantic partner.

Use a feng shui amethyst gem tree.

You can use an amethyst gem tree as an unexpected and delightful way to combine feng shui and amethyst.

Gem trees can help you grow your dreams and create positive momentum in any area of your home. See this post for more info: 3 Must-Use Tips for Making a Feng Shui Gem Tree Work for You

Bonus Tip: You can wear amethyst to balance your personal energy.

You can find amethyst in a variety of jewelry, or even just keep a small piece in your pocket!

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where to put amethyst crystals according to feng shui
how to use amethyst crystals according to feng shui