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how to do a feng shui space clearing (SUPER EASY TIPS!)

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Feng shui space clearing is the art of cleansing negative energy from a space.

You can use space clearing techniques to cleanse negative energy from ANYWHERE.

Your home, your office, your car, and even your aura can all be cleansed with these feng shui space clearing techniques!

Space clearing removes any negative vibrations circulating in a space and makes room for positive energy to enter.

feng shui space clearing with palo santo and smudge dish

We have all heard the phrase “like attracts like.”

This refers to the law of attraction: like energies attract other energies of the same frequency or vibration.

If your space is full of negative energy, it will attract more negative energy.

If your space is full of positive energy, it will attract more positive energy!

One of the main reasons to use feng shui is to create a space full of positive Chi (life force energy) that freely flows throughout your home, and therefore your entire life.

Space clearing creates an energetic clean slate.

It allows you to remove negative vibrations (negative Chi, or even stagnant Chi) and fills your home with positive energy.

It is part of the energetic maintenance of your space, keeping it fresh and vibrant.

How do you know when you should perform a feng shui space clearing ceremony?

The best times to perform a cleansing ritual are:

  • When moving into a new home, to clear the energy of previous occupants.
  • When moving into a new office or workspace.
  • When you’ve done a deep physical cleaning of your space.
  • If there has been a lot of arguments in your space or people aren’t getting along.
  • If there’s been an end of a relationship.
  • If you’re starting a new relationship.
  • A space feels “off” energetically.
  • There have been negative events or bad luck in your life.
  • If there’s been any major life change, like a new job or new baby.
  • You’re ready for new beginnings of any kind.
  • You feel down, depressed, sad, or stuck.
  • There’s been an illness in your household or among family members
  • There’s been a death in your household, family, or friend network.
  • Someone in your household has lost a job or opportunity they really wanted.
  • There’s something in your life you want to let go of energetically.
  • You want to sell your house.
  • You’ve had a lot of people in your home and want to clear any lingering vibrations.
  • You’ve brought new things into your home.
  • You’ve brought antiques, furniture, or belongings from someone else into your home (like yard sale, thrift store, or estate sale items or furniture.) This removes predecessor energy and astral imprints from the items.
  • You brought new crystals into your home.
  • You’ve done an extensive clutter clearing.
  • You are changing how you use a room or changing the purpose of a room or living space.
  • When a room hasn’t been used in a while and is full of stagnant energies or you want to “wake it up.”
  • Plants in your space are dying or have died (some people believe they absorb negative energy!)
  • Anytime you feel like you need a clean slate, a fresh start, or want to set new goals or start a new habit.
  • At the end of the year.
  • At the beginning of the year, or right before Chinese New Year.
woman lighting sage smudge stick with matches

As you can see, you can really use these space clearing techniques ANYTIME you want to, to clear all kinds of energy!

You can do them once a week, once a month, once a quarter, with the new seasons, with the new year — anytime! Use your intuition!

Contrary to some beliefs, you do NOT need to hire a space clearing practitioner to cleanse energy. You can do it yourself, whenever you want! The process is really simple.

The basics of feng shui space clearing are:

  1. Clean your space thoroughly. Clear clutter too – especially from countertops and table tops. Remove dirt, dust, and grime. Vacuum and mop. Sweep all corners and around the ceiling if necessary. Don’t forget ceiling fans and light fixtures!
  2. Open a few windows and/or doors to let out negative energy.
  3. Perform the feng shui space cleansing ritual. Whichever one you feel led to use at the time is the perfect one!
  4. Fill your space with good vibes. Feel the feelings of good energy permeating throughout your space. You can also use a white light meditation to fill your space and create a positive energetic bubble.
  5. Take a shower or bath to cleanse your aura. Use a white light meditation to cleanse your energy.
  6. It is done!
orange calcite crystal and palo santo

How to perform a feng shui space clearing ritual:

The steps in a space clearing ritual are:

Open a few windows or doors.

This let’s the stagnant energy and bad vibes leave the space. If you don’t allow the energy to escape, it will just be stirred up and circulate!

Start at the doorway. Move in a clockwise direction around the room and go from top to bottom.

Make sure you also If you are cleansing your whole home, start at the front door and work your way throughout each room in your home in a clockwise direction.

Make sure you cleanse each room from top to bottom, including all closets!

Concentrate on corners of ceilings and rooms, and behind furniture too.

Spend extra time on areas where energy doesn’t move very often or where it feels dark and/or especially stuck.

As you move throughout your space, you can say an intention statement or use a smudging prayer.

This helps you take command of your space and tells the negative energy to leave. For example:

▶ All energy that is not here for the highest good must leave now. This space is full of love and light.


▶ I command all negative energy, spirits, and vibrations to leave this space. I call in the divine energy of the Universe to fill this space now.

Or you can use this smudging prayer from Chopra:

May your hands be cleansed, that they create beautiful things.
May your feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be.
May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear its messages clearly.
May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed.
May your eyes be cleansed, that you might see the signs and wonders of the world.
May this person and space be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant plants.
And may that same smoke carry our prayers, spiraling, to the heavens.

Woman’s hand holding burning sage smudge stick, spreading the smoke around with white feather.

Once you’ve used the smudging technique throughout your entire space, it’s time to fill your space with positive energy and vibes!

You can:

Light a candle.
Set up an altar to give thanks to the Universe.
Play uplifting music.
Do a white light meditation to fill your home with good energy.
Just spend a few moments feeling happiness and good vibes filling your home or space.
Or a combination of all of the above!

Let’s go through the different types of feng shui space clearing techniques!


Smoke cleansing involves lighting a smudge stick, incense, or palo santo stick.

Walk around your space, using the smoke to cleanse every area of each room.

You can use a feather, your breath, or even a small fan to dissipate the smoke.

As the smoke moves throughout the air, imagine all of the negative energy moving with it.

Smudging can be done with:

  • White sage
  • Incense or resin
  • Palo Santo
  • Cedar
  • Smudging wands with different combinations of herbs and flowers.
  • Loose smudging herbs in a fire safe ramekin or smudging caldron

Note: Smoke cleansing and smudging is an ancient practice full of nuance and history in many indigenous cultures.

Palo santo and white sage, in particular, have a history of cultural appropriation.

Please only use herbs that you feel a connection with, and make sure that they are sustainably sourced!

woman using feather to spread smoke around space

Space Clearing Spray

Space clearing spray is made with herbs and crystals that repel negative energy.

Use it by spraying it throughout your space.

Let the mist fill the air.

As it dissipates, imagine all of the bad vibes evaporating with it.

Space clearing spray is usually made with essential oils, herbs, or crystals such as:

  • Sage essential oil
  • Palo Santo essential oil
  • Orange essential oil or fresh orange peels
  • Lavender essential oil or dried herbs
  • Black tourmaline crystals, smoky quartz crystals, or other combinations of grounding crystals.
  • Herbal infusions, like cedar or white sage

Space clearing spray or smudging spray is great to use in areas when smoke cleansing isn’t practical.

It’s especially useful in an office to remove stagnant energy and invite fresh, new energy into your work environment.

No one will ever know you’ve used it, but everyone will feel the positive effects!

resin burning on charcoal dish

Sound Cleansing

Cleansing negative energy with sound is an effective way to cleanse a lot of energy at once.

Sound breaks up stagnant energy and forces it to move, creating better energy flow.

You can use sound cleansing by itself, or even combine sound cleansing with the other methods.

I like to play uplifting music and/or use bells or singing bowls while performing a smoke clearing.

To use sound cleansing, play music or use one of the sound tools.

Move around the room, using the sound tool or music as you would the smudging wand or smudging spray.

Make sure you move into the corners or around furniture!

Set the positive intention that the music is moving the energy, breaking it up and forcing it out of your space.

Some common tools for sound cleansing are:

  • Clapping
  • Tuning forks
  • Feng shui bells or other small bells
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Music

If you have a small Bluetooth speaker, you can even move the music around the room as you cleanse your space, directing it into corners, closets, and behind/under furniture!

incense cones in dish next to palo santo

Salt Cleansing

You can use sea salt or Himalayan salt as an energetic cleanse by placing small bowls of salt throughout your home.

Place them in corners of rooms or in the center of rooms.

Leave for 24-72 hours.

As you place the bowls, set the intention that all negative energy will be absorbed into the salt.

After the required amount of time, throw the salt away.

This post has more information about using salt to remove negative energy: 7 ways to cleanse negative energy with sea salt!

Rice Cleansing

Bowls of rice work the same way as bowls of salt.

Place small bowls of rice throughout your home, in the corners of rooms or center of rooms.

Set the intention that the rice is absorbing all of the negative energy.

After 24-72 hours, remove the bowls and throw the rice away.

candle, crystals, and dish of palo santo sticks on windowsill

How to perform a person space clearing:

If you want to cleanse your aura or personal energy, you can use any of the above cleansing methods.

Choose whichever one you resonate with the most!

Using your intuition will always lead you to the right method for you and your energy.

You can even use these personal energetic clearing methods on a daily basis if you’re going through a hard time in your life and need to move a lot of energy out of your body.

This will keep the flow of energy in your body clear (and can help unblock chakras and keep them clear too!)

Once you’ve chosen a method, here are the steps to cleanse your personal energy and aura:

To clear your energy with smoke:

Use the smudge stick and create smoke.

Walk through the smoke quickly, or move the smudge stick around your body to quickly cover your entire aura.

Take a few deep breaths, and feel the feelings of the negative energy leaving your body.

To cleanse your person with smudge spray:

Spray the mist through the air and quickly walk through it.

Or spray it around your entire body.

As the spray evaporates, take several deep breaths.

Feel the feelings of being clear and of the negative energies leaving your body.

To clear your energy with meditation:

Sit or lay somewhere quietly.

Take several deep breaths, imagining a white light beaming down over the crown of your head and throughout your whole body.

Feel the white light washing away all negative vibrations.

Feel the good vibes and protection of the Universe entering your body. You can also use a white light meditation from youtube, if that’s easier for you!

woman lighting smudge stick with candle

Or use a white light meditation in the shower:

While the water is running over you, imagine the water is filled with white light.

The light and water of the shower is cleansing your aura, washing away all negative energy.

That energy is going down the drain, leaving your aura clean and clear.

You can also use essential oil drops in the shower, like eucalyptus or lavender, to fill your shower with a cleansing mist!

How to use sound and movement to cleanse your aura:

Play the space clearing music or use one of the sound clearing tools.

You can ring energy clearing bells or use a singing bowl around your entire body.

You can play music with a deep beat and move your body, shaking up the negative vibes.

Or you can use a sound meditation or chakra meditation and sit quietly, taking deep breaths and feeling the sound move the energy throughout your body.

In conclusion, using a feng shui space clearing ritual to clear negative energy from your home, space, or body doesn’t have to be something that takes a long time.

You can change the energy of a space just by setting an intention!

All of these space clearing techniques are there to help you get the energy moving.

You can use a combination of them, or even come up with your own space clearing ritual!

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