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How to Use Yellow in Feng Shui to Boost Optimism and Joy!

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Could you use more happiness and positive energy in your life?

Would you like to create a more uplifting and creative environment in your home or office?

Could you use more focus and energy?

If so, it’s time to add the color yellow to your home and life!

In feng shui, yellow represents sunshine, positivity, optimism, and a cheery attitude.

Let’s discuss how to use the color yellow in feng shui to bring all of those good things into your life!

using yellow in feng shui: living room with warm yellow walls, green couch, and wood coffee table with plants

Significance of Yellow in Feng Shui

Yellow is a color that holds great significance in feng shui.

It is known as the color of sunshine, happiness, and warmth. In feng shui, yellow is believed to bring positive energy and good luck into your life.

Yellow is associated with the earth element, which is associated with grounding, stability, and the foundation on which all life is built.

Lighter shades of yellow (like pale yellow), and deeper shades of yellow (like mustard) have more muted energy, which helps your home feel more grounded.

While brighter, more neon shades of yellow have a more fiery energy, similar to the fire element, which can increase activation and help energy move more quickly.

In feng shui, the energy of yellow is associated with:

  • Sunshine
  • Positivity
  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • Cheerful disposition
  • Stability, Grounding, Foundational, Balanced Energy (light yellows and muted yellows)
  • Active, Bouncy, Excited Energy (bright yellows)
  • Caution and Warning (bright, neon yellow, like traffic lights and warning signs)
gray sofa with yellow throw pillows and a coffee table with flowers and yellow candles

Yellow and the Feng Shui Elements

As we discussed, yellow is associated with the earth element in feng shui.

The earth element is associated with grounding, stable, calm, foundational energy (like the earth itself!)

But bright, fiery, neon yellow is also active energy (yang energy) which can make it extremely high-energy, like the fire element.

If you don’t like to use colors like red, bright orange, or bright pink, you can use bright yellow to activate the energy and get it to move more quickly throughout your space.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the energy yellow in your feng shui practice:

Yellow is a great color to use in areas where you want to promote activity, such as a home office or a workout room. It can help you stay focused and energized.

Yellow is also a good color to use in areas where you want to promote happiness and positivity, such as a living room or a child’s bedroom.

However, be careful not to overuse yellow, as it can be overwhelming and can cause anxiety or nervousness in some people.

If you are using yellow in a bedroom, it’s best to use it as an accent color rather than as the main color. Too much yellow in a bedroom can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. You can also use darker shades of yellow, like mustard, or pale yellow to to keep the energy more calm and grounded.

When choosing shades of yellow, opt for warmer, more muted tones rather than bright, neon yellows. These softer shades will promote a more calming and peaceful energy.

Overall, yellow can be a great color to use in your feng shui practice, as long as you use it in moderation and choose the right shades for your space. By incorporating yellow into your home or office, you can promote creativity, positivity, and mental stimulation.

decorating with yellow feng shui

How to Use Yellow for Good Feng Shui

Because yellow is associated with the earth element, it goes best in the following areas of the bagua:

Health Area

The health area is associated with the health and well-being of everyone in your home. You can add any shade of yellow to this area, depending on the health goals you’d like to set for your home.

Bright yellows can activate the energy, bringing attention to your health goals and helping you have the energy to accomplish them.

Or more muted tones, like pale yellow or earthy yellow can bring a more stable, calm energy to your health (especially helpful if you’ve had health scares in your family and need to slow down the energy!)

Children and Creativity Area

The children and creativity area of the bagua is associated with creativity, artistic expression, finishing projects, and also any children in your household or life.

Because the earth element feeds the metal element in the element cycle, adding yellow to this area can feed creativity and expression, help you finish any long-term projects, as well as support any children in your home.

It can bring optimism and happiness to all of these areas, helping everyone feel more playful and excited for life! It can also help ground and center the energy, increasing the feeling of safety and calm.

Travel and Helpful People

The travel and helpful people area is associated with travel of all kinds (trips and even daily commutes) as well as your relationships with mentors and people who can help you (like doctors, lawyers, teachers, bosses, and benefactors.)

Adding yellow to this area can speed up the energy (bright yellows) and help make things happen more quickly and with positive energy. Or you can use more muted yellows in this area to help ground the energy and calm it down.

Wealth Area

Adding pops of yellow to your home’s wealth area can increase optimism and positive energy in your finances, while also creating financial stability.

living room with yellow couch and lots of plants and natural decor

Using the Energy of Yellow Room-by-Room

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color in feng shui that is associated with the earth element. It symbolizes happiness, warmth, and optimism. Incorporating yellow into your living space can promote a positive and uplifting energy flow.

Here are some ways you can use yellow in feng shui:

Bright, happy shades of yellow go best in active (yang energy) areas of your home. These areas are:

Family Rooms and Living Rooms

These rooms are meant to be shared with your family as well as for entertaining. Adding bright, warm yellows to these rooms can help everyone feel more optimistic and happy, while also stimulating relationships.

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living room with gray couch, yellow, orange, and black throw pillows, colorful artwork and lots of home decor items in various shades of browns and reds

Playrooms or Art/Hobby Rooms

Adding yellow to playrooms, art rooms, or hobby rooms can increase optimism, creativity, playfulness, happiness, and also help you finish creative projects!

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Kitchens and dining rooms are centers of health and wealth in feng shui. Adding yellow to your kitchen or dining room can increase happiness, positive energy, and even increase abundance that you can share with others!

kitchen with white cabinets and muted yellow walls

Office or Desk

Your office and desk at home or at work represent success and opportunity in your career, work, or professional life. You can add yellow to these areas to increase positive energy, happiness, creativity, and even help you create more positive work relationships. You can also use yellow in the travel and helpful people area of your office or desk to help you call in happy clients and customers!

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office area with desk, computer, plants, and yellow walls


Bedrooms are associated with your health and well-being, as well as your romantic relationship. Bedrooms should have a more calm, peaceful vibe, so avoid using bright, sunshiny yellow throughout the room. Instead, use pale or muted tones, or just use a few pops of bright yellow to increase happiness and optimism.

bedroom decorated with yellows, greens, and blues


Bathrooms are also associated with health and well-being, but they also have draining Chi energy (because of the moving water and open drains in the room.) Adding yellow to your bathroom can help slow down the energy and keep it circulating throughout your home instead of going down the drain! It will also counteract the draining water element energy (which represents wealth and good fortune!) helping to keep abundance circulating throughout your life!

Front Door, Entryway, Front Porch, or Front Yard

Adding yellow to the front of your home can attract more abundance, happiness, health, positive energy, and good fortune into your life! Add pops of yellow to your front door with a wreath or door mat (or paint your front door yellow!) or add a few pops of yellow to your front porch with flowers, flower pots, or even a yellow fountain or windchimes! This will attract the attention of the Universe and help your entire home be filled with more positive energy and good fortune.

brick home with a bright orange front door

Yellow Front Door Feng Shui Meaning

All shades of a yellow front door are associated with happiness, optimism, positivity, sunny energy, creativity, and a cheerful attitude. Paint your front door a bright shade of yellow to speed up the energy and attract more abundance and good fortune! Or use a muted, pale, or earthy shade of yellow to attract more grounded, stable energy into your life.

Yellow Wallet Feng Shui Meaning

Your wallet is a wealth center in feng shui, because it is where you hold and use your money. Using a yellow wallet can attract happiness and optimism, while also bringing a stable, steady foundation to your wealth and abundance!

Yellow House Exterior Feng Shui

The exterior of your home represents your reputation and social status, as well as the overall Chi of your home and life. Painting your house yellow can create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. A yellow house can also promote positivity and happiness in your life! Use more muted or pale yellow tones to make sure that the energy in your home is more stable and doesn’t move too quickly. If you LOVE bright yellow, it’s better to use it on your front door or as accent colors rather than use it all over the exterior of your home.

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How to Use Yellow in Your Home for Good Feng Shui

You can add yellow by:

  • Painting your front door
  • Adding a yellow wreath or doormat to your front door or entryway
  • Painting your mailbox yellow
  • Adding yellow artwork to your home
  • Using yellow furnishings, like sheets, pillows, curtains, or furniture
  • Using yellow home decor items, like vases or picture frames
  • Buying yellow fresh flowers each week or a few times a month
  • Planting yellow flowers outside your home
  • Wearing yellow

Wearing Yellow for Personal Feng Shui

Because yellow is associated with optimism, good health, and positive energy, wearing yellow can be especially lucky! Wear it any time you need to feel more positive, need more creativity, want to attract positive people or travel, or any time you need a happiness boost! It can be especially lucky to wear it on job interviews, meetings with clients, while giving presentations, or even going out on a date!

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flatlay outfit: yellow and white striped dress, jean jacket, white purse, yellow sandals

Effects of Using Yellow in Feng Shui

While yellow is a bright, optimistic, sunny color in that brings positive energy into your home, there are some potential downsides to using too much yellow in your home or office. As with all things feng shui, it’s better to have a balance of energy, and that includes color energy!

Positive Effects of Yellow

The positive side effects of using yellow in your home or office are:

Yellow is a cheerful and uplifting color that can bring happiness, joy, and positive energy to a space. It is mentally stimulating and can help to improve focus and concentration. Yellow is also associated with the earth element and the Health area of the Feng Shui bagua map, which is grounding, nurturing, and stable.

In addition, yellow is believed to be a lucky color that can attract wealth and abundance. It is often used in Feng Shui to enhance the energy of the wealth corner to attract more prosperity and financial success. Wearing something yellow or placing a yellow object in this area can help to activate the energy and bring good fortune.

Negative Effects of Yellow

Yellow can be overstimulating and can cause anxiety and restlessness, especially if you use too much in bedrooms or areas of your home meant for rest and relaxation (like meditation rooms.)

Another potential negative effect of yellow in Feng Shui is that it can attract too much attention and become overwhelming. Yellow is a yang color in feng shui, which means it is activating and can cause a lot of energetic movement and attention. If you use too much yellow in a space, it may become too bright and overpowering, which can lead to feelings of discomfort or unease. It is important to balance yellow with other colors and elements to create a harmonious and balanced space.

Of course, if you LOVE the color yellow, then how you feel when you’re surrounded by it will be very different from how someone will feel if they hate the color yellow. If your home, office, or wardrobe is full of the color yellow and you haven’t seen any negative side-effects, then keep going! Clearly, the energetic mix is working for you and your life, so don’t disrupt it by removing yellow just because feng shui says you should.🙂

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