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The Best Feng Shui Color for Each Room of your Home!

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One of the best things about feng shui is that it helps you create a home full of intention.

When you use feng shui to create a great furniture layout, choose paint or home decor color with intention, or even declutter – you create a home full of great energy.

And that energy will flow with intention throughout your entire life.

When it comes to choosing the best feng shui color for each room of your home, there are two trains of thought.

One: Look at the purpose of the room and choose colors that align with that purpose.

Or two, look at the area of the feng shui bagua map where the room falls and choose the best color based on the bagua area.

best color for each room according to feng shui - fireplace with basket of pillows

Choosing the Best Color for Each Room

There are a couple of other things that you need to consider, however, when it comes to choosing colors for your home and feng shui. 

First, do you actually LIKE the color feng shui recommends?

The whole point of feng shui is that how you feel about your home is going to be reflected in your life outside of your home.

If you HATE a color, decorating with it is not going to be good feng shui, period. 

In that case, it’s often better to use the color in the room in other ways (like lining drawers with it or hiding it behind artwork or under furniture.)

The second thing to consider is what your life *currently* looks like inside and outside of your home. 

For example, are things going especially well in your life?

If so, most likely the feng shui of your home is already pretty great and you really shouldn’t change anything!

You can also double-check each area of the bagua and consider how your life is going in that area.

If it’s going great – don’t change anything in that area of your home.

If it’s not going well or could be better, THEN consider adjusting the colors in that area/room. 

Now that we have that settled, let’s discuss the best color for each room of your home (according to feng shui!)

(Note: for a more in-depth explanation of each room’s purpose and choosing the best colors and decor, be sure to click through and read the accompanying posts for each room!)

The Best Color for Each Area of Your Home (According to Feng Shui!)

front porch of home with red front door

Front Door

The front door is extremely important in feng shui.

In fact, it might be THE most important area of your home!

The front door is how energy begins to enter your home and then circulate throughout your life. 

When it comes to attracting the luckiest energy to your home, fire element colors are always a good bet.

Choose from the red, pink, bright yellow, bright orange, or purple color families.

Verdict:  When in doubt, choose red! Red is considered the most auspicious color and it’s why it’s one of the most popular front door colors.

entryway of home with caramel colored walls and stairway leading to the upper level


Once energy enters your home, the first area it encounters is the entryway (or area directly inside the front door, if you don’t have a formal entryway!)

The entryway should be welcoming and encourage energy to circulate throughout your home.

In general, this area of your home should be warm and inviting. 

The best color family to choose from would be earth element colors, like browns, beiges, or warm, earthy yellows.

Verdict: A warm brown, like caramel, is one of the best colors for your entryway! It’s earthy with just a hint of orange which helps energy feel grounded but still able to circulate into the rest of your home.

Living room with sofa, pillows, metal shelves, and sage green walls.

Living Room

Living rooms are active rooms meant to be shared by everyone in your home.

They can be areas where your whole family spends time together, and also where you entertain guests.

They should be warm, welcoming, and encourage harmonious relationships and good conversation.

Living rooms that are too cold or sterile (with lots of white or cool blues) can make people feel like they can’t relax or spend time there.

Whereas living rooms full of firey colors, like bright red or bright pink, can cause energy to move too quickly and even cause arguments! 

The best colors for the living room are earth tones, like browns and beiges, or wood element colors, like all shades of green.

Verdict: Sage green is perfect for the living room according to feng shui. It’s soothing, welcoming, and will encourage strong family bonds.

dining room with terracotta and beige walls and large dining table with orange chairs

Dining Room

Dining rooms are associated with abundance (because being able to share meals with others means you are wealthy, indeed!)

They are also associated with family, both immediate and extended. 

The energy in your dining room should be warm, welcoming, and encourage everyone to sit and stay a while. 

Earth element colors, like warm browns, deep reds, and deep oranges, or wood element colors, like all shades of green can create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages good conversations as well as good digestion!

Verdict: Terracotta is great for the dining room. Because it’s a deep orange, it can keep the conversation going without being too stimulating!

kitchen with purple/gray walls, purple cabinets, and dark gray curtains


The kitchen is a center of both health and wealth, because it’s where food is stored and prepared (and often eaten!)

In feng shui, nourishment that can be shared with others is one of the greatest signs of abundance!

Because the kitchen also has draining energy (water pipes) and fiery energy (appliances) it’s a great place for earth tones to slow down the moving energy.

And because it’s a wealth center, you can also add purples or greens to increase and grow abundance.

Verdict: Plum purple. A deep purple like plum or eggplant will activate the fire element (as well as wealth and abundance!) but not be as activating as royal purple or violet.

Bedroom with doors to a nice deck, furnished with white bedding and greige walls

Main Bedroom

In feng shui, your bedroom should be a room of rest and relaxation.

It’s related to your health and wellbeing, as well as your romantic relationship. 

Because bedrooms should be peaceful and relaxing, calming neutrals with pops of color (like fuscia, red, or purple,) or soft fire-element colors, like peach, pink, or lavender are excellent choices.

Verdict:  Warm greige. A neutral like a warm gray/beige for the walls means you can customize your bedding, curtains, and furnishings to support your goals.  If you’d like to stir up the passion in your relationship, for example, you could use pink bedding or throw pillows. If you’d like to boost your health, you can use green bedding and/or curtains. 

neutral bathroom with pops of fresh, spring green in the towels, curtains, and bath rug


In feng shui, bathrooms are associated with health, well-being, and self-care.

They are also a source of draining energy, because Chi (energy) can leave your home through the drains. 

They also hold a lot of water element energy (which is wealth and emotional energy!) so that should be counter-balanced with other feng shui elements, like earth and wood.

Browns, greens, greys, and white are often used in bathrooms to create spa-like environments that feel clean and fresh.

Verdict: Spring green.  Green will counter-balance the draining energy, and all of the water will feed the wood element energy, supporting health and wellbeing.  If you don’t want to paint your bathroom, you could add plants to increase both the earth and wood elements!

kid's bedroom with light tan wall and colorful bedding

Child’s Bedroom

As with your bedroom, your child’s bedroom represents their health and well-being.

Because kid’s bedrooms are often where they do all sorts of activities, like playing, studying, and sleeping, it’s important to choose a neutral color palate to counter-act all of the active energy. 

Then add pops of color with bedding, curtains, and even toys and pillows!

Verdict: Tan. Using a light or mid-tone tan or sand color for the walls and furniture will help the room feel calm and nurturing.  You can then add pops of color with bedding, curtains, and other decor! 

home office desk area with lots of wood furniture, plants, and dark gray walls

Home Office

Your home office represents success in your work, regardless of whether or not you actually use it for your work outside of the home (or if you work from home!) 

You can use color in your office to boost creativity, increase abundance in your work, or help you concentrate while you’re working. 

Some great colors for your office are: whites and greys (which support concentration and creativity) or different shades of green (to increase abundance and attract growth opportunities.)

Verdict:  Dark Gray.  Gray represents the metal element, which supports clarity of thought, productivity, and logic.  But dark gray also contains the color black, which is the water element. The water element is related to abundance and good fortune, which will help you attract wealth and good luck in your career.

laundry room with warm white cabinets, white appliances, and burgundy walls

Laundry Room

Your laundry room is a source of draining Chi, which means energy leaves your home through the drains.

It’s also a source of water flowing out of your home, and water = abundance and good fortune!

You can counteract the draining energy by using fire element colors (red, orange, purple) or earth element colors (browns and mustard yellows.) 

Verdict:  Burgundy.  Burgundy is a dark, brownish red, so it incorporates both fire and earth elements, helping the draining energy in your laundry room to slow down and circulate. 

Final Thoughts About Color and Your Home

Of course, your home should reflect YOU, your family, and your goals.  While it’s great to use feng shui to guide your choices, at the end of the day your home should be full of things you love – and that includes color! If you always fill your home with things you love and enjoy, good feng shui will take care of itself!

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