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Grasshopper Meaning in Feng Shui: Symbolism, Meaning, & Uses!

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Did you find a grasshopper in your house?

Have you seen grasshoppers in your path lately?

We all know in feng shui, everything in your home (or in your life!) has meaning.

The same is true with manifestation – if you’re seeing things cross your path, they could be a sign that your manifestation is coming or that the Universe is communicating with you!

So what is the feng shui meaning of a grasshopper in your path or in your house?

grasshopper meaning feng shui

Grasshopper Meaning in Feng Shui

In feng shui, the grasshopper symbolizes good fortune and good luck coming your way.

It also symbolizes protection from enemies when placed near the front door.

It also represents happiness, a long life, fertility, virtue, health, prosperity, and wisdom.

You can place a grasshopper image or statue anywhere in your home to enhance auspicious energy and attract good luck!

grasshopper illustration

Other Grasshopper Symbolism and Meanings

Seeing a grasshopper in your house or in your path can mean change is coming.

It can also mean that you are meant to take a leap of faith or make a courageous decision you’ve been putting off making.

Grasshoppers can jump far distances with precision (leaping from grass blade to grass blade.)

They are agile and only jump forward.

Seeing a grasshopper in your dreams or in weird places can be a sign from the Universe that it’s time to make those changes you’ve been thinking of making.

Sometimes grasshoppers are mistaken for locusts because they can swarm and cause devastation to crops.

Locusts of course have a long history of being bad omens or causing plagues, so it’s easy to assume grasshoppers have the same meaning.

But they don’t! (Locusts are part of the grasshopper species, but grasshoppers aren’t locusts. It’s confusing, I know.)

Instead, seeing a grasshopper in your home is thought to be a good omen.

And of course, the symbolism is what you make it.

If you ask the Universe for a sign that you’re making a good decision or that your manifestation is coming, and the sign you ask for is a grasshopper, then that is a good omen for you!

There is no inherently good or bad omen – it’s all the meaning you give it!

grasshopper illustration

Seeing a grasshopper in your home or in your path can signify:

  • good health
  • symbol of good luck
  • good news coming your way
  • good omen of things to come
  • following your inner voice
  • taking a leap of faith
  • enjoying a long life
  • eternal youth
  • making a dramatic change in your life
  • triumphing over your enemies or problems in life

How to Use Grasshopper Symbolism in Feng Shui

You can use images of grasshoppers or home decor items containing grasshoppers to bring the symbolic energy of the grasshopper to any area of the bagua.

Using the grasshopper meaning together with feng shui can harness that energy and create it where you need it the most!

Use grasshopper imagery in each area of the bagua for a specific purpose.

For example:

Health Area – to increase health and longevity
Career Area – to help you take a leap of faith in your career or call in a new job.
Knowledge and Wisdom Area – to increase wisdom and help you listen to your inner voice.
Family and Legacy Area – to attract good fortune and auspicious energy to your entire family.
Wealth Area – to attract wealth and abundance.
Fame Area – to increase your reputation and what you’re known for in life, or to help you achieve a big goal
Love Area – to attract good fortune in love and relationships.
Creativity and Children Area – to increase creativity, bring a big leap forward in projects, or to help children in your household with change or listening to their inner voice.
Travel and Helpful People Area – to attract mentors or benefactors that can help you with the change you’re seeking, or to increase travel
Near the Front Door – to attract a new opportunity or to protect your home from negative energy.
In your Garden – to attract good fortune and fresh Chi into your home

grasshopper illustration

Before using the grasshopper for feng shui purposes, make sure to set your intention!

Every time you place a feng shui cure in your home, it should have a specific purpose to help you call on that energy in your home.

Of course, you can use it for general purposes, like health and well-being for your family and household.

Or if you have a specific thing you are trying to call in, like a new job or money for a specific purpose, you can set that intention and ask the Universe to send it to you.

Use the grasshopper item as a reminder that the Universe is bringing you what you want (and more!)

Once the Universe has helped you with your specific intention, you can use the grasshopper for a new intention, or just keep it as a reminder that the Universe will always respond when you ask.

▶ Find a grasshopper you love. It can be a piece of artwork, an image, a home decor object, a pendant or jewelry – anything will work as long as you love it!

▶ Set the intention that the grasshopper is going to help you make the change you want to make.

If you have a specific purpose, like a new job or protection from negative energy, you can use that intention.

If you just have a general intention, like more abundance or good fortune, then that works too!

▶ Feel the feelings of having what you want.

▶ Set the intention that the grasshopper is holding that intention for you and that it will call that energy into your home and life!

▶ Place the grasshopper in the area of the bagua that is associated with what you want! It is done!

Your grasshopper will hold your intentions and help them come into your life.

If you are using a grasshopper pendant or jewelry, you can also wear it or place it somewhere that has significance for you and it will hold your intentions.

Grasshopper Color Meanings and Symbolism

Another way to use the grasshopper in feng shui is to use specific colors to further enhance the energy or to balance the elements.

Or if you saw a specific color of grasshopper and want to know what it means, each color also holds its own significance.

For example:

Green Grasshopper: Green grasshoppers represent the wood element in feng shui, which represents growth and forward momentum.

Green is also the color of change and growth that has strong roots!

A green grasshopper would be perfect to enhance your home’s family and legacy area.

Yellow Grasshopper: Yellow grasshoppers represent the earth element.

They also symbolize prosperity, positivity, and optimism for the future.

Yellow grasshoppers would go well in your home’s health area!

Brown Grasshopper: Brown grasshoppers represent the feng shui earth element, being connected to Mother Earth, and also being grounded and stable.

A brown grasshopper can be a great way to enhance your home’s health area.

Gold Grasshopper: Gold grasshoppers represent the metal element, which corresponds to clarity, progress, and creativity.

Gold is also a color that represents abundance and prosperity!

Gold grasshoppers are perfect for: the wealth area, the children and creativity area, or the travel and helpful people area.

Silver Grasshopper: Silver grasshoppers represent the metal element, which rules creativity and children.

It corresponds to mental clarity, momentum for finishing projects, and enhancing creativity.

Metallic colors can also attract wealth and abundance energy!

Silver grasshoppers can bring metal element energy to your home’s wealth area, the children and creativity area, and the travel and helpful people area.

There are feng shui meanings for every color! You can see more information in this post: feng shui color meanings: using color energy in your home Or you can also find out your feng shui lucky color!

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are you seeing grasshoppers everywhere? find out the spiritual and feng shui meaning of grasshoppers
are you seeing grasshoppers everywhere? find out the spiritual and feng shui meaning of grasshoppers