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9 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips You Need to Know

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In feng shui, one of the basic principles is that everything in your home affects its energy.

And one of the ways to manipulate how the energy flows is with your home decor.

From artwork, to furnishings, to paint colors, you can use feng shui to help you create a positive, more intentional home!

Let’s discuss how to decorate your home with feng shui!

cottage living room with bookshelves, fireplace, and pink furniture

9 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips (For Any Home!)

Artwork and Pictures

One of the most important feng shui principles (in my opinion) is to consider how the decor in your home is speaking to you.

And that is really important when it comes to artwork, photos, and wall decor because they usually become focal points in a room.

For example, is your artwork positive or negative?

Are the pictures in your home from happy times or sad times?

If you have artwork with words, is it uplifting or depressing?

When you look at the art in your home, do you feel positive or negative?

What are the colors like? Are they calming or exciting? Do they match the energy of the room where they’re placed?

The more positive your home decor is, the more positive your home’s feng shui will be! When your home’s energy is positive, that positive energy will attract more good fortune and positivity throughout your entire life.

Choose Decor Colors You Love

Many of us have been told to choose our home decor, paint colors, fixtures, cabinetry, etc with the idea of “resale” in mind (especially in Western culture.)

Which has lead many of us to have dull, boring, builder basic homes.

Now neutral is never BAD, especially if you use it as a backdrop for other things you love, like colorful furnishings and artwork.

But The bottom line is that you really should LOVE as many things in your home as possible!

And if that means you want a turquoise bathroom vanity or pink tile in your kitchen, then you should do it!

The more your home makes you smile, the stronger feng shui it will have.

cottage kitchen with white cabinets, light gray counters, and green tile on the walls

Choose Everything with Intention

Keeping in line with the positive artwork and creating a home you love, the more you can fill your home with intentional decor, the better. Really audit all of your home decor and determine:

  • Do you still love it?
  • Do you still use it?
  • Did you choose it? Would you choose it today?
  • Do you have positive energy associated with it?
  • Does it have a purpose in the room you’re keeping it in, or should it go somewhere else?
  • If you could do anything you wanted with it, what would you do? (TRUTHFULLY!)

And the same is true when you’re out and about BUYING home decor.

Before you find yourself mindlessly putting things in your cart, make sure that you have an intention for whatever it is you’re buying.

And make sure you love it, have room for it, and will use it!

cottage bedroom with green walls, pink bedding, and floral accents

Create a Solid Purpose for Each Room

Another way to make sure your home decor is good for feng shui is to create a solid purpose for each room in your home, and then decorate it according to that purpose.

If you have an open floor plan, then create zones throughout the larger rooms that have their own intentions/purpose.

Feng shui LOVES for your home to be organized and decorated with purpose!

This keeps the energy clean and flowing and it also helps settle and calm your own energy.

For example, in feng shui your bedroom should be used for sleeping and connection with your romantic partner. Removing things like exercise equipment from your bedroom will streamline the energy and create a more peaceful room, leading to more restful sleep!

Also consider the unused rooms in your home.

Those rooms can attract stagnant energy, which just leads to more stagnation throughout your life. Just consider how much unused rooms tend to collect unused items, and you’ll see how this energy plays out.

Can you change the PURPOSE of the unused room so that it will be used more?

For example, if you never use your dining room and it just collects laundry and piles of mail, would you use it if you turned it into a home library? Or a playroom? Think outside of the box and make your home work for you!

Furniture Layout

Furniture layout has a huge influence on your home’s feng shui because it affects how energy flows throughout each room. When creating or rearranging a furniture layout consider:

Is the furniture layout balanced? Try not to place all furniture on one side of the room.

Is the walkway clear? If you can walk easily around the room, the energy can easily flow around the room too.

Are doorways clear? Can doors open easily and all the way?

Is the main piece of furniture in the command position?

The place where you sit the most in each room (or use the most, like your desk or bed) should be in the command position. The command position means you are facing the door (or main entrance) but not directly across from the door, so you can see everyone who enters the room. This position helps you be more in “command” of your life.

cottage dining room with round table and large windows

Decor Placement

When hanging mirrors, artwork, or other home decor items in each room, consider these feng shui principles:

Artwork should be placed at eye level or slightly above, to help the energy flow throughout the room.

Mirrors should reflect positive things, because they double what they reflect.

Mirrors shouldn’t be placed directly across from a door, because it can block energy flow.

Decor items shouldn’t be “hanging over you” while you’re seated.

Don’t place heavy shelving, mirrors, artwork, chandeliers, plants, etc directly over seating areas. This creates a heavy, “dangerous” energy in feng shui. You’ll also find that people avoid sitting in those places without even realizing why!

backyard patio area with seating and a pergola with pink flowers

Add Plants

When in doubt, plants are always a good idea (assuming you can keep them alive, of course!) Plants uplift the energy in the room. They also absorb negative energy and refresh it, creating positive energy and good fortune! Choose plants with rounded leaves for even more positive energy!

Add Lighting

Lamps and uplights help move the energy around your room. They also create a more cozy atmosphere! Uplights also uplift the energy and can be used to attract attention to artwork or plants.

Don’t Forget the Floor

In feng shui, your floors represent your foundation. Adding a rug helps ground and center the energy in a room, especially if you have hard flooring, like tile or laminate. They can also be an easy way to add color and interest to any room!

Now that you know the 9 feng shui decor tips that work for any home, you might also want to know:

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