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8 Feng Shui Money Plants That Attract Wealth Energy To Your Home

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Did you know that there are plants you can add to your home that attract money & good luck in Feng Shui?

Plants, in general, are great for feng shui, because they represent growth and stability (the earth and wood elements!) and they also purify the air and energy of your home. 

the best feng shui money plants for your home - jade plant in white pot

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While any plant that is healthy and thriving will give your home (or office!) an energy boost, there are several that have specific money and abundance-enhancing properties in feng shui.

The 8 Feng Shui Money Plants You Need In Your Home Are:

Money Tree

money tree feng shui plants

A money tree is one of the most well-known feng shui plants for wealth.

The feng shui money tree plant typically has a braided trunk and stems with 5 leaves.

They are fairly easy to find in most stores that sell plants, and can range in sizes from small/dwarf varieties to dozens of feet tall!

They are easy to grow indoors with moderate light, which makes them perfect to keep in your home’s feng shui wealth corner. Or if you own a business, you can keep one by your cash register!

I used to think I had a black thumb, but I’ve been able to keep my money tree alive for a couple of years now, so I can tell you that they are good plants for beginners. 

Just make sure you have bright light and don’t forget to water it. 😄  

Click here to see money trees on Amazon.

Jade Plant

jade plant for abundance

In feng shui, all succulents symbolize abundance, but the jade plant is especially popular.

In fact, there’s a saying: Jade at the door, you’ll never be poor!

Jade plants can live for decades and are easy to grow and maintain. They make excellent housewarming gifts!

You can keep them anywhere in your home (except the bedroom, where plants can disrupt sleep) to bring abundance in that area of your life.

They are also perfect to keep next to your feng shui wealth bowl or by your front door or in your home’s entryway!

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map to see which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life.)

They are super easy plants to grow, however, and don’t need much maintenance. 

I like to keep mine in my money corner in the winter and on the front porch in the summer.

Click here to check out jade plants on Amazon!

Lucky Bamboo Plant

feng shui lucky bamboo for money

The lucky bamboo plant is one of the more traditional feng shui plants for wealth, good luck, and good fortune.

The lucky bamboo plant is hollow, which means it allows water to move freely through its trunk, which is symbolic of moving energy.

Also, many of them are kept in a vase of water and rocks and then tied with a red bow and a coin – which means the lucky bamboo represents all 5 elements. 

The number of bamboo stalks represents the different types of luck:

  • 2: love and doubling your luck
  • 3: happiness, long-life, and good health
  • 5: the five elements and good luck in all areas of your life
  • 6: new opportunities for wealth
  • 7: positive energy and good fortune
  • 8: the luckiest and most auspicious number
  • 9: great luck for the receiver (good as a gift!)
  • 10: completion
  • 21: powerful blessings

The number 4 is generally considered unlucky, so you won’t usually find a lucky bamboo with 4 stalks.

The lucky bamboo plant should be kept in your home’s wealth corner, your career area, or in your business or office.

Click here to check out the lucky bamboo plant on Amazon!


orchid good luck money plant

Orchids have round, colorful flowers and tall stems. This makes them great plants for prosperity (and also love!). 

They represent serenity and peace, which is especially helpful if you’ve had a tumultuous time with your finances lately. 

Traditionally, orchids were kept by royalty as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

The colors most associated with money and abundance are purple/violet and green, so choose either of those if you’d like to bring in more money! If you’d like to be abundant in love, choose pink!

You can keep orchids anywhere in your home, but they are most auspicious in your home’s love corner or wealth corner.

Click here to see a gorgeous selection of orchids on Amazon!

Peace Lily

abundance plants peace lily

Peace lilies are easy to care for and give you a lot of bang for your buck (so to speak 😉 ).

They are excellent air purifiers and represent prosperity and purity because of their abundant foliage and tall, white flowers.

They also bring peace, harmony, and serenity to the owner, so they are great if you’d like to bring calm to your financial situation.

Peace lilies droop when they need water, so they are great for beginners or people who tend to overwater.  

They also don’t require a ton of bright light so they are excellent for bathrooms or your desk at work!

Click here for an excellent, established peace lily plant on Amazon.

Citrus Trees

citrus trees for wealth

Citrus fruit represents abundance in Feng Shui, so a potted citrus tree is an excellent way to usher in new wealth. 

Plus their fragrant blooms and bright colors add lots of happy energy to your home.

Of course, you can also eat the fruit, use it in high-vibe natural cleaning mixes, keep it in a bowl on your kitchen counter to bring wealth and abundance, and share it with friends and family, so that’s a win-win for everyone!

Keep a citrus tree on your front porch, by your front door or entryway, in your kitchen, or in your home’s wealth corner to increase wealth energy!

Click here to check out a potted lemon tree on Amazon.

Also, check out how to use 9 lemons in a bowl to attract good luck!


money plants golden pothos

If you can only get ONE of these feng shui plants for wealth, getting a pothos is my recommendation!

There are so many different varieties of pothos plants that you will never get bored! 

They are low-maintenance plants and are a great plant for a beginner house plant enthusiast.

Most varieties don’t need bright light, so they are great to liven up dark corners and refresh their energy. 

They are easy to care for and are also great for plant hangers. Plus, hanging them from the ceiling can help raise the energy in any room!

Pothos can go in any corner of your home to uplift the energy and attract abundance.

You can also keep a pothos on your desk to increase wealth energy in your career.

Click here to see a golden pothos on Amazon.


pilea chinese money coin plant

Also considered a Chinese money plant, pilea is a fun, unique plant to add to your Feng Shui wealth repertoire.

Even the leaves look almost like coins!

They can be difficult to find locally, so I recommend ordering from amazon or asking for a cutting of one from a friend. 

In fact, getting cuttings from friends is also considered lucky in itself! 

Click here to check out a pilea plant on Amazon!

Even though these 8 plants are considered the “best” Feng Shui plants for wealth, any healthy plant that you love and take care of is good for Feng Shui purposes.

Just make sure that it’s not dying, brown, or super neglected and it can help you boost your abundance.

Bonus feng shui money plants: Succulents!

succulents for money

Succulents are also great plants to bring wealth into your home. 

Their leaves store water and nutrients, which means they are full of their own abundance, which is exactly what you want when you’re manifesting wealth! Click here to see an assortment of succulents on Amazon.

Are there feng shui plants that are considered unlucky for money and abundance?

While I don’t really believe that anything is “unlucky” and that the energy you bring to a plant is what counts, there are a few plants that are considered a negative in Feng Shui terms.

Cactus: because they are spiky and somewhat dangerous, they can be negative in your space.

When you think in terms of what the plant represents (safety, prickly exterior, defensive) you can think about where you would or wouldn’t want to put them in the bagua.

Usually, they are best outside, where they can protect your home. 

However, I love my cactus plants and I have to keep them in my house in the winter and I haven’t seen any negative effects. 

If you find that a certain area of your life isn’t working (love, money, fame, health) and you just happen to keep a cactus in that area, then try removing it and see if things improve!

cactus dangerous feng shui plants

+ Plants with downward growing leaves, or trailing leaves – can represent downward facing energy and depression.

Again, I would only remove them if something isn’t working in your life and you want to see if removing them helps.

+ Fake plants that are dusty or not well kept. 

This goes for everything in Feng Shui: if you take care of it and you love it, keep it! Just keep it clean and tidy.

+ Dead or dying plants (or cut flowers past their prime) – this means don’t keep your plant hospital in your money corner if you’re trying to attract wealth. 😉

Honestly, dead or dying plants aren’t great for any area of your home, but if you are tending them and sending them good, healing energy that will mitigate the problem somewhat.

If you do find that you seem to be attracting bad luck, there are several things you can look for, including unlucky plants. Check out these posts for more info:

What are the best areas of your home to place your lucky Feng Shui money plants?

All plants represent wood element energy, so use them anywhere in your home that you need growth and new energy. 

Well-tended plants will always raise the vibes of your space. 

Also, the following areas of the bagua are great for plants:

  • Wood element – areas of the bagua that are ruled by the wood element: wealth/abundance and legacy/family
  • Fire element – wood feeds and supports fire, so the fame area of the bagua is a great place for plants.
  • Health – the health area (center of the bagua) is great for plants because it will nourish your health and bring an abundance of good energy to everyone in your home.

Click here to see a picture of the bagua and see how to apply it to your home!

Bonus feng shui money tip!

If you are focusing on bringing more wealth, prosperity, and cash money into your life, don’t forget to bring plants to your office or workspace too! 

Placing plants near you while you’re working has been shown to increase productivity while creating a greater sense of health and well being – both of which you need when you want to manifest more money and increase your income!

For more info about the best feng shui office plants, check out this post: The Best Feng Shui Office Plants for Good Fortune and Positive Energy!

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plants that attract money according to feng shui / 8 plants that attract wealth - pinterest pin overlayed with text

feng shui plants for wealth (8 plants that attract money and abundance!)