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The Best Feng Shui Office Plants for Good Fortune and Positive Energy!

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If you love having plants in your home, you know how they can help your home feel more happy, fresh, and alive.

Plants bring a sense of growth, vitality, and uplifted energy to your home that can’t be matched by anything else.

And pairing plants with feng shui can liven up that energy even more!

But did you know you use feng shui and plants in your office as well?

feng shui office plants - snake plant on a shelf next to framed art

Adding feng shui office plants to your work environment can actually change the energy even more than the ones you add to your home!

Your office, business, or workplace usually has a mix of energies that you can’t control.

From the office building itself, the people you work with, or the customers that come in and out of the building can all have their own vibrations and emotions going on, both positive and negative.

You can use feng shui and plants in your office to help balance that energy, and even protect you from negative vibrations!

Let’s discuss the best feng shui office plants and how to use them!

The Best Feng Shui Office Plants and Where to Place Them!

potted jade plant

Jade Plant

Placement: Near your office door, on your desk’s wealth area, in your office’s wealth area, or career area.

Jade is a succulent that can live for decades, and even grow up to 6 feet tall in the right conditions!

Succulents are wealth plants in feng shui because their leaves hold water (the water element = abundance!)

In your office, jade can attract success and good fortune in your career, or even help you attract new customers and clients!

money tree plant with braided trunk on a patio

Money Tree

Placement: Near your office door, on your desk’s wealth area, in your office’s wealth area or career area.

The most well-known feng shui wealth plant is probably the money tree.

The money tree (pachira aquatica) is a tree with a braided trunk and stems with 5 leaves.

They are extremely popular as indoor plants because they require little maintenance and only bright, indirect light.

The money tree is thought to trap fortune in its braided trunk.

Keeping a money tree in your office, business, or near your desk at work will create a growth of wealth, abundance, and career success!

rubber plant in a basket on top of a stool

Rubber Plant

Placement: Near your office door, in your office’s career area or wealth area, or as a screen between you and negative energy or people to bounce the negative energy away from you.

Rubber plants have thick, rounded leaves which are associated with peaceful, positive energy in feng shui.

They can grow tall, bringing a strong wood element into your space, helping your career grow to new heights!

They come in a wide variety of colors, helping bring movement and interest into your office, which attracts even more positive energy and good luck!

Rubber plants bring resilience and happiness in all areas of your career, not just financial success.

snake plant in a basket

Snake Plant

Placement: Near your office door, in your office’s knowledge and wisdom area, career area, or legacy area, as a screen between you and negative energy to redirect the flow and protect your energy.

Snake plants have strong upward growth, which attracts new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and good fortune!

They are easy to grow and come in a variety of colors to complement your decor.

You can also propagate them from leaf cuttings, which means you can have an abundance of plants (attracting even more luck!)

potted peace lily plant

Peace Lily

Placement: Near your office door, in your office’s relationship area, helpful people area, creativity area, or career area.

Peace lilies have an abundance of deep, shiny green leaves, and large, spoon-shaped white flowers.

They symbolize peace, good fortune, and abundance.

They are easy to care for, which makes them an excellent choice for office spaces.

They are also known as indoor air purifiers, so they cleanse the air of a room as well as uplift its energy!

Adding a peace lily to your office can help harmonize relationships, increase peaceful vibrations, boost creativity, and soften the flow of stressful energy.

golden pothos plant in a gray pot

Golden Pothos

Placement: Anywhere in the office!

Pothos are just great indoor plants in general, which makes them extremely versatile to boost good feng shui!

They are easy to grow and care for, plus they thrive in a variety of conditions.

As they grow, they trail and vine, which softens hard edges and corners.

This makes them excellent feng shui cures to soften negative energy and sharp corners.

Golden pothos plants are probably one of the the most popular feng shui plants for offices because they represent good fortune and wealth and are so easy to care for and propagate!

potted citrus tree next to a door

Citrus Trees

Placement: Near your office door, or in your office’s wealth area, career area, or helpful people area.

Citrus trees (especially lemons and oranges) represent good fortune and abundance, especially when you have enough to share with others!

Having a citrus tree in your office or near the front door of your office means your career is continuously growing wealth and abundance.

Of course, citrus trees require bright light and room to grow, so they aren’t always the most practical plants for small offices.

But if your office or business is large and has an abundance of light, citrus trees are excellent office plants!

small succulent plants in white pots

Succulent Plants

Placement: Anywhere in the office or on your desk!

Succulents are known for attracting wealth and good fortune in feng shui, so they are great plants for the office.

Of course one of the most well-known wealth succulents is the jade plant, but other succulents attract abundance as well!

Hoyas, sedums, kalanchoes, and crassula plants are also easy to grow and have plump, water-filled leaves that attract success and abundance.

Most succulents are easily grown in small pots, so they are also great plants to keep on your office desk!

boston fern plant in front of a brick wall

Boston Fern

Placement: Anywhere in your office!

Boston ferns have lush, feathery foliage that can trail as long as three feet, making them excellent plants for hanging baskets or to liven up the top of tall cabinets.

They are great in any area of your office where you need to soften energy and redirect flow.

They can also be used to protect you from negative energy or create privacy if you feel exposed.

candles and a lucky bamboo plant on a table

Lucky Bamboo

Placement: Near your office door, on your desk’s wealth area, in your office’s wealth area, or career area.

Lucky bamboo plants have long been associated with good fortune and abundance in feng shui.

They are often given as gifts because they attract good fortune, strength, abundance, and longevity.

Lucky bamboo is a great office plant because it is easy to care for, and is usually grown in water instead of soil.

Water energy represents money and abundance, so the lucky bamboo plant is growing wealth and good fortune!

The container is often tied with red ribbon, which activates the fire element and brings auspicious energy.

spider plant on burlap fabric

Spider Plant

Placement: Anywhere in your office!

Spider plants are easy office plants to care for, especially for beginners!

They can get quite large and even produce white flowers and little trailing pups, so they are also great in hanging baskets or on top of tall cabinets.

They also attract good fortune and good health because they cleanse and purify the air.

You can place spider plants anywhere in your office that could use a bit of joy and happiness!

pilea in a ceramic flower pot


Placement: Near your office door, on your desk’s wealth area, in your office’s wealth area or career area.

Pilea is considered a Chinese money plant because of its coin-shaped leaves.

Pileas are fairly small, which makes them great plants for your desk or office window.

Adding a pilea plant to your office or desk can attract wealth, financial success, an increase in customers or clients, or even help you attract a raise!

pink orchid plant in a pink flower pot


Placement: Anywhere in the office or on your desk!

The orchid is a small plant that carries a lot of good vibes for your office!

Orchids are associated with happiness and feminine (Yin/receptive) energy in feng shui.

They also have blossoms shaped like coins, which attract good fortune and auspicious Chi energy!

You can add an orchid to your office to create harmony and happiness between your coworkers or to attract wealth and abundance.

Pink orchids can help relationships, while red or purple orchids attract wealth and abundance!

zz plant in a black pot

ZZ Plant

Placement: Anywhere in your office.

The zz plant is the perfect plant for your office because it’s easy to take care of and doesn’t need a lot of light.

It has a strong, upward growth which uplifts the energy.

It also has deep, glossy, coin-shaped leaves, which attract wealth and good fortune in feng shui!

cut lilac flowers in a vase

Honorable Mention: Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a fun way to uplift and attract positive energy into any space, even the office!

Adding a fresh bouquet of flowers to your office or desk can help every day feel more special.

They are a bright, easy way to increase good Chi, no matter where you place them.

In feng shui, fresh flowers represent growth, progress, renewal, celebration, and new beginnings.

flowering cactus plant on a desk

Feng Shui and Cactus Plants In The Office

Cactus plants tend to have a bad reputation in feng shui.

Their sharp points and thorns are considered poison arrows (dangerous Chi energy), which can accumulate and can have negative effects over time, like attracting bad luck, illness, and frustration.

But cactus plants aren’t automatically bad luck in your office.

If you LOVE cactus plants, you can keep them in your office!

The best place to put them is in your office’s fame and reputation area, which will increase recognition and enhance your reputation in your career.

You can also use cactus plants to ward off negative energy.

If you have a troublesome coworker, you can place a cactus plant between you and that person (say between your desk and your office door) to protect you from that energy and redirect it.

Just be mindful of the poison arrow energy and don’t place a cactus plant anywhere you or someone else can accidentally bump into it.

That means don’t keep one extremely close to where you sit or work throughout the day!

shelves with books and plants

Feng Shui Rules for Office Plants

Don’t keep unhealthy plants in your office. Dead, dying, or unhealthy plants represent dying Chi. This brings down the energy of your office and can attract stagnant, frustrated energy. Throw out and replace dead and dying plants ASAP.

If you have fake plants in the office, make sure they are well-kept. Keep them clean and dusted, and replace them if they become faded and worn out.

Keep walkways and doorways clear. Make sure doors open freely and that you can easily walk around your office. Cluttered doorways and blocked pathways slow down the energy and slow down good fortune!

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