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Crystals for Plants: 11 Healing Crystals for Indoor Plants

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Whether you want to boost the health of your plants or your home, crystals for plants are a great way to do both!

If you are interested in healing stones, you know that keeping crystals in your home, office, or wearing them can give you an energetic boost.

But did you know that crystals can also help your plants?

Keeping crystals in your potted plants can do double-duty by helping your plants AND your home or office at the same time.

crystals for plants: 11 healing crystals for indoor plants

How do crystals and plants work together?

When you place crystals on top of the potting soil of your plants, they absorb the crystal healing energies.

This increases plant health and helps develop the plant’s roots.

That energy will be absorbed into the natural vibration of the plant, and then as the plant grows, those positive energies will be released into your home or office.

Not only can this amplify the healing properties of the different stones, but it can also help heal sick or wilting plants.

The following are the best crystals for plants:

  • moss agate
  • green calcite
  • green aventurine
  • tiger’s eye
  • clear quartz
  • citrine
  • amethyst
  • black tourmaline
  • moonstone
  • rose quartz
  • shungite
amethyst lamp next to a houseplant

Let’s go through the properties of each of the stones and how they can help your plants!

moss agate:

moss agate

Moss agate is known as the gardener’s stone, which means it’s perfect to increase the health and vitality of your plants.

It can help you feel connected to your plant and its healing energies without draining its health.

It promotes balance, abundance, and creativity. It also encourages peace and stability.

If you don’t have a green thumb, using moss agate can help instill the confidence you need to keep your indoor plants alive and healthy!

green calcite:

green calcite

Green calcite promotes healing and plant growth.

It is a light green stone, so it’s closely associated with the heart chakra which increases love and vitality.

It is a good stone for stressed plants because it increases emotional, mental, and physical health.

It’s known as a stone of transformation and change, helping you release negative emotions and energy blocks.

green aventurine:

green aventurine

Green aventurine is one of the luckiest stones, helping you to be in the right place at the right time.

It can help you plant new seeds, attract new opportunities, and create personal growth.

This makes it one of the best crystals for house plants because it can help encourage new growth and optimism in both you and your plants!

As the stone of new beginnings, you can use it near plant cuttings to help your new plant babies get off to a great start!

tiger’s eye:

tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for grounding and protection.

It can help you develop inner strength and courage.

It’s often used as an amulet to ward off negative energies.

It’s a great stone to use for plants that are struggling because it promotes clarity and grounding while protecting the plants from outside energies.

It encourages root growth and an abundant harvest!

clear quartz:

clear quartz

Clear quartz is the chameleon of crystals for plants.

You can program clear quartz with any intention you desire.

It’s the go-to crystal when you don’t know which one to use, because it can be used for everything!

Use it to boost the health and growth of any plant, create protection for your home and everything in it, or even program it to help sick plants.



Citrine is the stone of joy, energy, and prosperity!

It’s connected to the solar plexus, bringing warmth and growth to everything near it.

It can help you (and your plants) transform negative energy into positive energy.

Use it for plants that need a boost or revitalization.



Amethyst promotes spiritual connection, peace, and stability.

It can help you create a connection between your plants, your home, and the divine.

It is especially helpful if your home or life is full of stress because it can help you develop inner strength and healing, while protecting you from outside interference.

It’s known as a master healer, and is frequently used for its soothing energy.

black tourmaline:

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is best known for its grounding and protective properties, which makes it excellent for plants.

It encourages strong root growth while protecting from electromagnetic forces (EMF) and other outside attacks.

If you have sick or dying plants, black tourmaline can help revive them.



Moonstone is a powerful gem of new beginnings, balance, restorative health, and rest.

It helps plants that are stressed or droopy, helping them create more growth.

Moonstone is the stone of the moon and feminine energy, promoting fertility and abundance.

Use moonstone when you want to channel the divine feminine to create illumination and deeper intuition.

rose quartz:

rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of love and feminine energy.

It supports unconditional love, trust, and harmony.

It can bring balance to your plants and your home, promoting healing, peace, and compassion.

It is known for its healing properties, helping you open your heart chakra to the divine feminine energy of source.

It’s also a stone of fertility and self-love.



Shungite is a purifying stone that has been used for centuries to filter water and negative energies.

It can help you release blocks while protecting your home from outside energies.

Shungite is most known for its EMF protective properties, but it can also help balance the masculine and feminine.

Use shungite when you’re feeling out of balance, too tied to technology, or you feel like outside forces (or electromagnetic radiation) are penetrating your life.

Plants can absorb that energy just as easily as you can, so shungite can help you filter it out and keep your energetic field clear.

Now that you know the best crystals for plants and their properties, let’s break it down into an even simpler way:

Best crystals for growing plants:

  • Moss agate
  • green aventurine
  • green calcite
  • citrine
  • tiger’s eye
  • clear quartz

Best crystals for healing plants:

  • black tourmaline
  • shungite
  • rose quartz
  • moonstone
  • amethyst
  • clear quartz
crystals and sage stick next to house plant

Why should you put crystals in plants?

They can help stimulate growth, encourage deep roots, add grounding and healing properties, and even protect the plant (and your home) from negative energies.

Crystals help increase the positive energy of your plants and give them an energy boost.

They also raise the natural frequency of the plant and your home!

They can help revive sick plants by energizing the soil and positive vibrations around the plant.

You can even use crystals in your garden and around your outdoor plants!

Which types of crystals are good for plants?

In general, any healing crystal can be good for plants.

Especially green crystals, which are associated with health and the heart chakra.

There are two things to keep in mind, however, when it comes to using crystals for plants.

Is the crystal safe in water?

Some crystals dissolve in water, which means they aren’t good for your plants.

If the soil has any moisture in it at all it can dissolve or degrade your crystal.

Not to mention it could release salt or other minerals into the soil which can affect your plant’s health.

Is the crystal safe in sunlight?

If your plant is in direct sun or under a UV light, it can also degrade your crystal.

Crystals exposed to sunlight can fade – even if it’s not direct sunlight.

If you’re okay with that happening, you can use any of the crystals listed above.

If not, you might want to stick to clear quartz or black tourmaline and program it for healing and protection.

moss agate tumbles

For this reason, the crystals you shouldn’t put in plants are:

Any of the salt crystals, like halite or selenite.

Softer crystals, like fluorite, malachite, or chrysocolla.

Crystals that can rust (they contain iron), like hematite, pyrite, or orange calcite.

Jade should also not be submerged in water for any length of time, but it can be placed under running water for a short time.

When in doubt, definitely research the crystal you’re considering before placing it in your plant!

Often the malachite stone is suggested as a water safe stone, but it is a soft stone that shouldn’t be submerged in water for long periods of time.

Where should you put the crystals for plants?

Most people put the crystals on top of the soil.

If you don’t want to put the crystal on top of the soil, you can also set the crystal next to the plant pot.

If the crystal can’t get wet and you still want to use it, place the crystal outside of the potted plant.

polished selenite in moss

Is selenite good for plants?

Selenite is not recommended in the dirt of your plants only because it’s a salt and will dissolve in water.

You can use selenite near your plants, but don’t place it where it will get wet.

Selenite is an excellent purification and cleansing stone.

It can clear negative energies from your plants, your home, and can even be used to cleanse your other crystals.

How do you use crystals in plants? Do the plants have to be sick?

While most people use crystals in their plants when they’re sick or need a boost, you can really put the crystals in your plants any time you wish.

The plants don’t have to be sick in order to benefit from the healing properties of the crystals!

Using plants in your home or office can help you boost your mood, your health, and clean the air.

It makes sense that the plants would also absorb the positive properties of the crystals and help radiate them into your environment as well.

It’s also a fun way to use more crystals around your home or office (or garden!)

amethyst cluster

You can also use the crystals in your plants to create a grid around your home.

One common way to create a protective grid around your home is to use clear quartz or black tourmaline in the corners of your home.

Instead of just sitting the crystals in the corner, you could place your plants in the corners with the crystals on top of the soil.

Program them to create an energetic bubble and that bubble will be enhanced by the growth and vitality of the plants, too!

Now that you know how to use crystals for plants, you might also want to know:

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11 healing crystals for indoor plants
11 healing crystals for indoor plants

Crystals for Plants: 11 Healing Crystals for Indoor Plants