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Feng Shui Birds (Lucky & Unlucky Birds in Feng Shui)

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Have you been visited by a bird lately?

Could you use a bit more good luck or good fortune in your life?

Would you like to increase positive energy and abundance in your life?

Like all things in feng shui, birds have special meanings and uses.

Let’s go through all of the different feng shui birds and how to use them in your home!

feng shui birds

What Do Birds Symbolize in Feng Shui?

In feng shui, birds symbolize freedom, good fortune, happiness, love, and the arrival of good news. 

Birds represent Yang energy, which is fast-moving, loud, vibrant, and activating. 

Because birds have the freedom of movement and intelligence, being visited by one is a special moment.

They’re often seen as messengers or omens of things to come.

In feng shui, birds and other animal images are generally used to harness the symbolism and use it in your home. 

Birds can be used to increase good fortune, abundance, and yang energy. 

They can also be used to increase success in business or relationships. 

Of course, different types of birds have different meanings in feng shui, so if you want to use birds as a feng shui cure, knowing the individual meanings is extremely helpful. 

Types of Birds and Their Feng Shui Meanings

As with all things feng shui, some birds are thought to attract good luck and good fortune, while others are considered unlucky.

Lucky Birds In Feng Shui:


colorful owl illustration

Owls are symbols of wisdom and knowledge, but they are also predators, which means they can be fierce protectors.

Seeing an owl is a good omen, meaning good luck and good fortune are coming your way. 

You can place an owl near your front door to welcome abundance and protect your home from evil and negative energy.

Or you can place an owl in your home’s knowledge and wisdom area to boost intellect and learning, and help any students in your household.


barn swallow illustration

Swallows symbolize new beginnings in feng shui because of their migration patterns.

In China, they arrive with the spring, signaling the end of winter. 

They represent growth, positive energy, and fresh starts. 

They are also very active, social birds so their energy is associated with good fortune, success, family, and blessings. 

You can put swallows near your front door to usher in good news and new opportunities, or in your wealth area to increase success and good fortune!


cranes and tropical flowers artwork

In Chinese mythology, cranes are associated with longevity and nobility. 

They are thought to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. 

They also represent love, loyalty, and peace! 

You can place crane imagery in your home’s feng shui health area to attract a long healthy life, or in your home’s fame and reputation area to increase recognition.


phoenix firebird illustration

In feng shui, the phoenix represents good fortune, rebirth, and new beginnings. 

The phoenix rises from the ashes after difficult times, signaling the arrival of success and prosperity. 

It also represents harmony and balance, so it’s often used for weddings to represent a happy marriage. 

In feng shui, the phoenix is usually paired with a dragon to increase good fortune, wealth, and auspicious energy. 

The phoenix can be placed outside in your front yard or near your front door to attract good luck and abundance.

It can also be placed in your bedroom or in your home’s love corner to increase harmony in your relationship.

Mandarin Duck

colorful mandarin duck on a perch

Mandarin ducks are associated with good luck, loyalty, and happiness in marriage.

For feng shui, mandarin ducks are usually used in pairs to increase harmony and loyalty in marriage, because they mate for life. 

Mandarin ducks are often carved out of rose quartz to attract love, romance, and a long, happy marriage. 

Place mandarin ducks in your home’s love corner or the love corner of your bedroom to strengthen your relationship or (if you’re single) to attract a partner.


peacock and flowers illustration

Peacocks are vibrant, colorful birds associated with fame, reputation, good fortune, and prosperity. 

In China, they were symbols of the Ming Dynasty, so they also represent power and success. 

You can place peacock imagery or feathers to increase fortune and fame (in your home’s fame and reputation area), attract success (near the front door or in your home’s wealth corner), or even to attract a romantic partner (place in your bedroom or home’s love corner!)

You can also wear peacock imagery or feathers to attract an “all eyes on you” reputation.



Magpies are seen as good omens and bringers of good fortune, happiness, joy, and prosperity. 

If you see a magpie, it means good things are coming your way! 

Because of this, magpies are often used in artwork and decor for feng shui. 

You can use pairs of magpies in your home’s love area or bedroom to increase love and romance, or to attract a partner. 

Or place one near your front door or on your desk at work to attract good fortune and success!


geese flying in front of setting sun artwork

Geese are social birds who are highly protective of their young. 

They represent family harmony and a strong family bond. 

Pairs of geese also represent loyalty, happiness, and fidelity in marriage. 

Using a flock of geese in your home’s family and legacy area can increase harmony and togetherness in your family relationships. 

Or use a pair of geese in your home’s love and relationship area or your bedroom to strengthen your bond with your partner.


flamingo and tropical flowers artwork

Flamingos represent harmony and balance (they do stand on one leg, after all!) 

Because of their pink color, they can also increase the feng shui fire element, which represents passion and activation. 

Flamingos also mate for life and when they stand head to head, their necks create a heart shape – so they can be used to activate your home’s love corner or your bedroom to attract love, romance, or a new romantic partner! 

You can also use flamingo energy in any area of your home that could use more balance and harmony!


small colorful parrot

In feng shui, parrots are seen as the bearers of good news and opportunities. 

The most colorful parrots also represent all of the five elements and therefore attracting harmony and positive energy. 

Pairs of parrots are known as love birds, so they also represent love and harmony in marriage. 

And because parrots live long lives, they also bring longevity and wisdom! 

You can place parrots near your front door to attract new opportunities and fresh Chi, in your home’s love area to increase romance and love, or in your home’s knowledge and wisdom area to help anyone in your household learn new things!


eagle statue in st. lucia

Eagles are associated with strength, freedom, and soaring to new heights.

They are also known as watchful protectors and are often used as symbolic protection from harmful and negative energy. 

You can place eagles outside of your home to “stand guard” so to speak and protect your home from negative energy. 

Otherwise, eagles in feng shui are mostly used for business or leadership roles, increasing business success and recognition for hard work.

Place them in your home’s career area, on your desk, or use one at work to boost your career.


colorful rooster artwork

Roosters are part of the Chinese zodiac, so they have a long history with feng shui! 

Roosters are known to attract good fortune and prosperity, and you’ll find them on many feng shui statues and artwork. 

Roosters can ward off negative energy while increasing success and good luck. 

You can place a rooster near your front door to attract good luck, in your home’s wealth area to increase financial success, in your home’s fame area to increase recognition, or on your desk to increase career success!

Love Birds

pair of love birds

In feng shui, love birds are used to attract a romantic partner or increase love in your current relationship.

Love birds are small, colorful parrots that have strong bonds with their mates.

Sometimes parakeets/budgies are also called love birds, and sometimes other pairs of birds are called “lovebirds,” but traditionally they are small parrots found in Africa and Madagascar.

If you’d like to use love birds for feng shui, make sure you always display them in pairs.

Place them in your home’s love and relationship area or in your bedroom to increase love and harmony in your love relationship or to attract a new partner!

Unlucky Birds in Feng Shui:

Of course, when you have birds that attract good luck in feng shui, you’ll also have birds that are unlucky in feng shui. 

Unlucky birds are usually associated with bad omens or negative energy, but it really depends on YOUR relationship with those birds. 

Nothing in feng shui is inherently lucky or unlucky. 

In fact, one of the “unlucky birds” might be your personal spirit animal or totem and always bring you good luck! 

Briefly, the feng shui unlucky birds are:

Crows and Ravens – they represent bad news, misfortune, death, and bad luck.

Hawks – they are fierce predators, so they can cause disharmony when displayed in your home.

Again – these birds aren’t automatically unlucky.  If you look at a crow, raven, or hawk and feel uneasy, then that’s the kind of energy that bird will attract for you. But if you look at them and LOVE them, they will attract love and good fortune!

crow drawing

Feng Shui Meaning of a Bird in Your House

Depending on the type of bird, finding a bird in your house means that good fortune and good news are coming your way! If you asked to see a sign from a loved one or from the Universe, finding a bird in your home could also be the answer you were seeking.

Feng Shui Meaning of a Bird Visiting You

Again, depending on the bird visiting you, seeing a bird means good news and opportunities are about come into your life!  This is especially true if the bird that visited you was one of the lucky ones above!

Feng Shui Meaning of a Bird’s Nest and Baby Birds

The feng shui meaning of a bird’s nest near your home is that your entire household is about to experience abundance and good fortune! If a bird found your home a safe space to build a nest and have babies, your home is full of auspicious Chi energy and good things are coming your way!  Baby birds are also a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and new opportunities, so your household is about to see growth in all areas!

Feng Shui Meaning of Birds in Cages

Of course, if you have birds as pets you most likely have them in cages. In that instance, the feng shui meaning of birds in cages is positive as long as you love your birds and have a good relationship with them.  Imagery of birds in cages, however, is generally not as lucky as imagery of birds in nature.  Cages inhibit freedom, obviously, so birds in cages mean a limit to freedom and good fortune. 

How to Add Birds to Your Home For Good Feng Shui

You can add bird imagery to your home in so many different ways – the only limit is your imagination!  You can use:

  • Artwork
  • Pictures
  • Printouts
  • Home decor – pillows, statues, fabric, curtains, wallpaper, bedding
  • Outside – yard statues, windchimes, yard decorations, flags, birdbaths or habitats to attract natural birds
  • and you can also wear them, as jewelry, pins, on your clothing, or even get a tattoo to infuse your life with good luck and good news!

Feng Shui 100 Birds Painting

One of the most popular feng shui bird artwork pieces is the 100 birds painting. 

Displaying 100 birds in flight represents good fortune and new opportunities coming your way, while also protecting your home from negative energy. 

Usually, swallows are used for this cure, but if you have a different bird you love, you can use that as well! 

The 100 birds feng shui art piece can be an artwork or a painting, a photograph, or even 100 bird decals or 3d art! 

Place the 100 birds:

Near your front door (flying into your home and not out of it) to attract good fortune, new opportunities, and blessings.

In your home’s fame and reputation area, to increase success and gain recognition.

In your home’s relationship area, to increase loyalty and blessings in your relationship or attract a romantic partner.

In your office to attract business success and abundance!

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