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feng shui plants for good health (8 plants for health, healing, & growth!)

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In feng shui, plants always represent health, healing, refreshing energy, and growth. 

They represent the earth element and the wood element, bringing balance and cleansing energy to every space. 

They are also one of the easiest ways to add life to your space! 

Whether you already love plants or are just considering which ones to start with to add more healthy energy to your home, let’s go through all of the best feng shui plants for good health!

feng shui plants for good health (8 plants for health, healing, and growth!)

Before we discuss all of the plants that specifically carry health energy, let’s talk about the plants that carry “dangerous” energy according to feng shui.

(I say “dangerous” in quotes, because everything is energetic, and if you’re careful about placement, you can have any plant in your home.) 

Dangerous feng shui plants include any plants that are pointy or sharp. 

Mostly, that means cactus. 

I LOVE cactus, and I definitely keep them in my home. 

But if you’re really concentrating on creating good health, just don’t keep your cactus in the very center of your home. 

They actually do best in the fame/reputation area of your home because that’s associated with fire energy and pointy objects.😉 

So if you love cacti like I do, either keep them there or at least put them in an area of your room where they aren’t “pointing at you” while you’re sitting in the room. 

And don’t keep them in your bedroom because you don’t want the spiky, fire energy keeping you awake at night.   

I keep mine in corners and up higher on shelves and furniture so that my family won’t accidentally brush up against them. 

If you have a really large one, keep it in a corner of a room where it can be a focal point but not out in the middle where someone could trip and fall into it.

picture of fig tree and potted plants

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about which feng shui plants are best for attracting good health!

In general:  Plants with rounded leaves.  Think succulents, geraniums, and pileas.

Plants with lush foliage: like ferns, calatheas, and zz plants.

Flowering plants:  like anthuriums, peace lilies, and African violets

As you can see, lots of plants can bring health and happiness into your home. 

But if you’re looking for specific feng shui plants for good health, these 8 are my favorite:

8 feng shui plants for good health


Pothos have heart shaped leaves, lush foliage, and come in a wide variety of green colors so you’re bound to find one that you love! 

They are easy to care for, and can thrive in the center of your home (the health area) where there might not be as much light as other areas. 

Golden pothos are considered lucky in feng shui, so if you don’t have a preference, a golden pothos can bring good luck to your health!


Orchids are the symbol of fertility in feng shui, but they also represent peace, serenity, and beauty. 

Placing an orchid in your health area can boost vitality and a sense of calm, harmonious energy. 

Choose one with yellow blooms if you really want an extra boost of health in your home. 

woman watering hanging plants


Calatheas also come in a wide range of different colors. 

They have an abundance of leaves, grow in an upward growth pattern (raising the vibrations of your home) and can really change the energy of a room. 

Choose one whose colors you love!


Kalanchoes are flowering succulents that are really easy to take care of! 

They thrive in a variety of lighting situations, and come in a range of colors. 

Being in the succulent family they represent abundance and nurturing, supportive energy. 

Rubber plant: 

Rubber plants have soft, thick leaves that also represent abundance and good health! 

They also grow in an upward pattern, uplifting the energy in a room. 

They can also grow tall and large, which expresses wood energy and creates balance and height in a room. 

Rubber plants are also easy to grow so they are great for beginners!

closeup of potted plant

Peace Lily: 

I love peace lilies because they droop when they need water, so they’re easy plants for someone like me who tends to overwater. 😉

They flower and can grow really large, with lush, uplifting foliage. 

They’re also really easy to find, so if you can’t find other plants in your area, chances are really good you can find a peace lily at the the grocery store!


Anthuriums have heart shaped leaves and rounded flowers, which are perfect symbols for good health. 

They come in a variety of colors too, and are really good if you want something to liven up a space. 

They are low maintenance and have bright foliage that can bring more light and excitement to your home.

Fiddle leaf fig. 

The fiddle leaf fig is the darling of the home decor world on pinterest and for good reason! 

Fiddle leaf fig trees have large, rounded leaves that bring supportive energy to a space. 

They also bring wood energy (supportive, growth energy) to a room. 

If you place them in an area where they can grow large, they can really uplift a room and help balance out its energy.

plants hanging in window

Feng shui plants for good health: Dos and Don’ts

Do: Choose one or two plants and place them strategically in your home’s health area.

If you are really working on your home to support healthy energy, it can be tempting to go overboard and become the crazy plant person. 

But if you really want to work on the health of your home and family, choose just one or two of the feng shui plants for good health and test it out! 

See what kinds of results you get and see how you feel with the plants in your space! 

If you already do own a lot of plants, try spacing them out in the different feng shui health areas of your home and see what happens! 

Even just rearranging your plants can bring fresh, healthy energy to your home.

Don’t: Keep plant hospitals in your home’s health area

If you really love plants, it can be tempting to try and “save” all of the sickly, on-the-verge-of-death plants in your home.

If you love having a plant hospital in your home and don’t like throwing them out, just don’t keep them in your health area.

Dead and sickly plants can drag down the energy, so place them somewhere else.

indoor plants on table and hanging in window

Do: Choose plants you love!

You don’t have to be limited to the plants I listed here.

If another plant catches your eye – get it!

Always keep what you love in your home.

Don’t: Forget to maintain your plants.

Plants are living things! Keep them in good shape.

Make sure they don’t collect dust and grime.

Dusty leaves represent stagnant energy, which you don’t want in your home. Clean them often!

woman arranging flowers in vase

Where should you put your feng shui plants for good health?

If you are placing plants in your home specifically with the intention of boosting your family’s health and well being, there are a couple of places they will work:

In Western feng shui, the very center of your home is the center of health for your whole family. 

Also, each room has a health area – the center of each room. 

Of course, it’s not always practical to place a plant in the middle of the room! 

woman hanging plant in window

So where else can you place plants to boost health?

Your home’s family area!

The family area is responsible for the health and well being of everyone in your home. 

Placing plants here will boost everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional health! 

They can also boost healthy relationships, so it’s a win/win for everyone in your home. 

You can also use the family areas of individual rooms if you’re spreading plants out all over your home. 

Click here to see the feng shui bagua map and learn how to find your health and family areas!

Is there a bad place to put plants according to feng shui?

The only place you really shouldn’t put plants are in bedrooms. 

Sometimes the plant/wood energy of the plants can cause restless sleep. 

If you’re really sensitive to energy or struggle with insomnia, and you do have plants in your bedroom, try removing them and see if that helps! 

If you’re working on health, the last thing you want is interrupted sleep, so stick to keeping plants in more lively areas of your home and keep them out of the bedroom.

(If you already have plants in your bedroom and they don’t bother you, you can leave them.)

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