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10 Feng Shui Laundry Room Tips for Organization And Positive Energy!

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Even though the laundry room might be an afterthought when it comes to using feng shui in your home, it’s actually a very important room in the home.

For one, it’s a room that does a lot of work for the entire household.

Secondly, like bathrooms, laundry rooms are a source of draining Chi.

Third, laundry rooms also collect lots of dirt, grime, and lint so it’s crucial to make sure they are well maintained so that energy doesn’t get stuck or stagnant.

And finally, if you spend a lot of time in your laundry room, you deserve to spend time in a room that has great feng shui! So let’s discuss the best feng shui laundry room tips!

feng shui laundry room

10 Feng Shui Tips for your Laundry Room

Clear the Clutter

When you are about to feng shui your laundry room, the very first step is to declutter and clean.

Clutter traps stagnant Chi and can cause negative energy to circulate in your home.

Dirt, grime, trash, and broken items have the same effect, essentially causing “broken Chi” that can cause things to break in other areas of your life!

So clean, organize, and declutter your laundry room before doing any of the other feng shui tips.

Consider getting baskets, bins, or other storage solutions to help you keep everything neat and tidy.

Properly Store Cleaning Supplies

Again, the more organized your laundry room is, the better.

Keeping all of your cleaning and laundry supplies together is not only more efficient but it keeps the energy contained.

Cleaning supplies can be hazardous to children and animals, which means they carry dangerous energy.

Keep everything stored properly so that you know they are as safe as possible for everyone who lives in your home.

laundry room with baskets and shelves for organization

Keep the Laundry Appliances Clean and Maintained

As with everything in your home, your washing machine and dryer should be clean and well-maintained.

Not only is it better for the machines to keep them in good condition, but it’s also excellent feng shui to keep everything in your home in good condition.

It prevents a lot of future problems and also shows the Universe that your home is important to you!

That will keep positive energy circulating and everything will flow more smoothly in the rest of your life.

If Your Laundry Room Has A Sink Or Toilet:

Laundry rooms already have draining Chi, which means good energy can go down the drain instead of circulating in the rest of your home.

That is even more true if your laundry room also has a sink and/or toilet.

To counteract the draining energy, keep the toilet lid closed when not in use.

Also, make sure that the bathroom fixtures are cleaned regularly to keep germs from circulating in the rest of your home.

laundry room with sink and lots of cabinets for storage

Feng Shui and Dirty Laundry

Speaking of germs, dirt, and grime, dirty laundry also holds germs and stagnant energy.

It’s important to keep up with the dirty laundry and not let it take over the room (or any other room in your home, for that matter!)

Keeping dirty laundry contained in baskets or bins will help contain that energy so it doesn’t overwhelm the energy in the room.

If you keep dirty laundry in your bedroom or bathroom in between washes, make sure it’s contained there too.

Bedrooms and bathrooms correlate with health and personal care, so letting dirty laundry take over can affect your health and well-being.

Choose the Right Colors

There are a couple of ways to use feng shui to choose colors for your laundry room.

One, you can use the feng shui bagua map and see which area of the map contains your laundry room, and choose colors that correlate with that area of the map.

Or two, you can use soothing earth colors to counteract the draining Chi and fire energy from the dryer.

This will balance the energy and also help your laundry room feel more harmonious and soothing.

laundry room with blue paint color and potted plant

Incorporate Metal Elements

The metal element is responsible for focus, productivity, organization, and completion of projects. If you struggle with keeping up with the laundry, adding metal elements to your laundry room can help!

The metal element is represented by:

  • Actual metal, like the appliances in your laundry room.
  • White and gray
  • Metal colors, like silver, gold, or copper
  • Circles
  • Rounded edges
  • Spheres
  • Polka dots

For more information about the metal element, see this post: Feng Shui Metal Element (Everything You Need to Know!)

Add Plants and Natural Elements

Plants are a great way to increase positive energy to any room, but especially your laundry room!

Plants can help slow down the draining Chi.

Plus, the water in your laundry room will feed the wood element of the plants, which will help attract growth, progress, and new beginnings into your life!

Since you have to use your laundry room often, you might as well put that energy to good use!

open shelving in laundry room for storage and decor items


Lighting is an important aspect of feng shui, because it helps attract positive energy and keep it circulating.

Lighting also represents the fire element, which can help balance the draining Chi.

Think about adding lamps or other warm lighting to your laundry room to help uplift the energy.

And if you have any windows in your laundry room, open them often to let in fresh Chi!

Artwork and/or Decor

Even if your laundry room feels like an afterthought in your home, don’t underestimate how much better it will feel to hang artwork or add decor!

It can be an easy way to balance the elements and increase the good vibes in the room.

Choose artwork that is positive and uplifting if you need extra motivation to get the laundry done.

Or if you need extra energy while you’re doing laundry, choose artwork and decor with bright pops of color.

Bonus Feng Shui Laundry Room Tip: What would make doing laundry easier for you?

One way feng shui in your laundry room can really shine is to think about how you use the room.

What bothers you about it? Is there something that really gets in your way?

Do you often feel frustrated with something in your laundry room?

Maybe there’s something that always falls on your head when you open a cabinet.

Or maybe there’s a broken hinge, clutter in the way, or some easy organization solution that will make doing laundry easier for you?

If laundry is a source of frustration in your home, that room can carry into the rest of your life.

It’s like opening your closet and something falling on your head every time – it’s a little source of frustrated energy that seems small, but taking the time to fix it can really improve your life!

If you’re going to feng shui your laundry room, be sure to take the time to really think through how you use it and how you can make the space really work for you.

Don’t underestimate how much fixing those little things turn out to not be such little things after all!

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