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feng shui apartment tips: 8 essential tips to make your apartment feel like home

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If you live in an apartment, you know that sometimes it can be a challenge to make it feel like a home. 

These feng shui apartment tips can help you create a cozy, welcoming home you love!

8 essential feng shui tips to make your apartment feel like a home

8 essential feng shui apartment tips to make your apartment feel like home:

One: Create a welcoming entry. 

Because you don’t have to worry about the landscape around your apartment, your apartment door and entryway become even more important. 

Your front door is how fresh energy enters your home and life. 

Chi (life-force energy) is attracted through your front door and then flows through your apartment.  This means you want to make your apartment door as fresh and welcoming as possible! 

▶ If you have any control over the outside of your door, you can paint it a fun color. 

Or you can place a welcome mat outside in the hall or breezeway. 

You can also hang a wreath outside your door with a command hook. 

If you have a light by your door, make sure it’s not burnt out and works properly. 

(Click here to learn even more ways to feng shui your front door!)

table and chairs next to painting

▶ If you DON’T have control over your front door, there are still a lot of things you can do to create a welcoming entry. 

One of the most important steps for front door feng shui is to clean your door inside and out. 

You can also sweep outside and inside, and keep it as clean and tidy as possible. 

This is even more important than all of the door embellishments like color, a welcome mat, or wreath. 

Just keep the door clean and in good condition.

Then, on the inside of your door, create a defined entryway in some way. 

If you can’t use a doormat on the outside of your door, use it inside instead! 

You can place a small table or bookcase next to the door or even a small shelf hanging on the wall to define the entryway. 

This is the space where you’ll welcome the energy entering your home. 

You can add a candle, small water feature, or even a plant to this area to spruce it up. 

Be sure to add things that you love to this area so that every time you see it, you feel happy and excited about your home.

▶ What if you don’t have an entryway or room to create one? 

Just make sure that the door is clean, in working order, and can open freely.  Work with what you have and make the best of it!

living room couch and coffee table

Two:  Clear the clutter. 

This is also an important step in feng shui, because keeping the clutter clear helps the Chi flow more easily throughout your home (and life!) 

Clutter is anything that blocks your dreams, and often when you want to manifest something, you have to make room for it in your home!

The Universe loves to fill spaces in your life with the things you want, so clearing clutter is always one of the first steps towards making your dreams come true. 

You can use the bagua map to clear specific areas of your apartment that relate to your wishes and dreams, or you can just clear clutter all over!

You can even use the feng shui 27 things cure if you want to stir up the energy and get things moving in your life.

Three:  Furniture placement. 

This is important for creating good feng shui apartment flow: place the furniture so that it is balanced in the room. 

You don’t want too much furniture on one side of the room or the other. 

Communal areas, like family living spaces and dining rooms, should have seating that encourages hanging out together. 

Ideally, furniture should be placed where it doesn’t block doorways and you can easily move around it if necessary. 

green couch with coffee table and fireplace

Four:  Use your space! 

Think about how you want to use the rooms in your apartment – don’t feel like you have to use a dining area as a dining area if you won’t use it! 

Use your home the way YOU want to use it, not the way tradition tells you that you should use it.  So if you want to set up the dining area as a library or study nook — DO IT! 

It’s more important that you are happy and enjoy your whole apartment.  There’s no such thing as tradition or “ideal” home decor if the room is going to go unused. 

Unused spaces just collect old, stagnant energy and can drain the life-force Chi from you and your home.

Five:  The kitchen = wealth and abundance! 

Your kitchen is one of the wealth centers of your home, so keep it clean and tidy!  Use all of the burners on your stovetop and keep your oven clean. 

Whether you love to cook or barely use your stove, just make sure that you turn your burners on for a few seconds every few days (or every day!) to stir up the wealth chi! 

If you do cook often, you’ll probably notice that one burner gets used a lot more than others, so this feng shui wealth tip applies to you, too!

Turn those burners on for a few seconds even if you don’t use them.  Or better yet — use them on purpose while you’re cooking!

green couch with coffee table and plants

Six:  Open drains and toilets can drain energy. 

Attracting the good energy into your home is just half the battle — you want to keep it there too!  So keep your toilet lids down and the doors to the bathrooms closed as much as possible.  Keep that good energy in your apartment!

Seven: Open the windows. 

Windows can be important for clearing out stagnant energy and letting in fresh energy.  Even if you open them only for a few minutes every few weeks, it can help refresh your space. 

This is even more important if you don’t have a door that opens to the outside — use your windows to create energy flow and invite in new, fresh energy into your apartment! 

If you don’t have windows that open, don’t worry.  Chi will still enter your apartment through the front door.

You can smudge your apartment to clear out the old energy and then set the intention that new energy always enters the front door when YOU enter your front door. 

Eight:  Make your apartment your own. 

No matter where you live, good feng shui means that you love your home. 

The closer you are to something, the more important it is for your health and well-being.  That’s why your home is so important: you spend a lot of your time there! 

So make your apartment your own — even if you’re renting and can’t do much to it! 

In fact, I would say it’s even MORE important to love your home if you’re renting. 

Fill it with things you love and that help you feel at home. 

If you don’t love your furniture – repair it or rehab it so that you do love it! 

Hang artwork on the walls, even if you don’t feel like you’ll be in your apartment long-term. 

Get creative and give yourself permission to love your space, whether you live in one room or a whole home. 

Make it your own, and you will have good apartment feng shui!

Now that we’ve talked about how to feng shui your apartment, let’s talk about how apartment feng shui can be different from feng shui for a detached home.

bench with baskets and vase of flowers

how is apartment feng shui different from house feng shui?

The only difference between feng shui for an apartment and feng shui for a house is that in an apartment you don’t have to worry about landscape or feng shui for the exterior of your home. 

Other than that, the feng shui for your apartment is the same as the feng shui in a home! 

Almost all of the feng shui tips for a home can be applied to an apartment.

How do you apply the feng shui bagua map to an apartment?

Using the feng shui bagua map for an apartment is the same as it is for a stand-alone home: Align the entry to your apartment (the entry into your personal space, not the outside of the apartment building, if they are different) so that it aligns with the bottom of the bagua map. 

This means your entry will either fall in the travel/helpful people area, the career area, or the knowledge/spirituality area. 

The far left 1/3 corner of your apartment will be the wealth area, and the far left right 1/3 area of your apartment will be the love area. 

Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and see how to apply it to your space!

If your apartment is oddly shaped or if it seems difficult to apply the bagua map to your whole apartment, you can also apply the bagua map to individual rooms. 

This means each room in your apartment has its own wealth area, love area, career area, health area, and so-on. 

Sometimes it’s easier to apply feng shui cures to individual rooms and not worry about the overall bagua areas except to keep them clean, fresh, and the energy flowing.  Use your intuition because you can’t really do it “wrong!”

chair with pillows and blanket

What about feng shui for a studio apartment?

Feng shui for a studio apartment is the same as feng shui for a whole home or whole apartment.  Everything is about energy flow and how it moves around your space. 

When it comes to feng shui for a studio, keep these things in mind:

▶ Create a separate space for your bed. 

Where you sleep is important to your  health and well being.  Ideally, you should be able to sleep without high energy electronics, artwork, or appliances too close to your bed.

So if you find that you’re having trouble sleeping, try to separate your bed from the rest of your apartment with a curtain or room divider and see if it helps block that chaotic energy. 

You can also place a plant between your bed and the rest of your apartment to help absorb that energy.

 Contain the trash and dirty laundry.

Trash and dirty laundry hold stagnant energy, so keep them contained in some way. 

Use a hamper for your laundry and a trash can with a lid if your trash is out in the open. 

Keeping the dirty laundry and trash contained constrains that energy so that it’s easily removed from your apartment.

▶ Keep the bathroom door closed and/or the toilet lid closed.

Bathrooms drain energy, so keeping the bathroom door closed will keep the good Chi in your apartment. 

If you can’t close the bathroom door, then try to keep the toilet lid closed as much as possible so you aren’t flushing the good energy in your apartment down the toilet.

table with blue vases and painting

Can you use feng shui to protect your apartment from neighbors?

YES!  If you feel like your neighbors’ energy is intruding on your space, there are a few feng shui apartment tips you can use to create an energetic bubble within your space:

One: Smudge. 

Smudging removes negative energy and can help you claim your apartment as your own. 

When you feel like your neighbors are intruding in your home, you can even smudge more often to keep the energy clean.  Click here to learn how to smudge your apartment!

Two:  Use mirrors to bounce energy. 

If you share a wall with the neighbor that’s bothering you, you can place a small mirror on that shared wall. 

Place the mirror so that it’s FACING the wall, away from your apartment. 

This bounces the energy from your neighbor back towards them and away from you. 

It creates an energetic boundary and helps you reinforce that boundary so that their energy is less bothersome.

shelves with glasses and bowls

Three:  Create more separation. 

If you have room, you can create more energetic separation between you and your neighbors by placing plants along the wall.  The plants can absorb the negative energy and create an energetic barrier between you and your neighbor. 

Furniture can also work to block the energy. 

If you don’t have a lot of room, using a room divider or even a curtain along the wall can also help. 

The most important thing is that you energetically claim your space as your own. 

Set the intention that the energy in your apartment is YOURS and no one else’s. 

Everything you do with your furniture, plants, mirrors, and/or curtains is reinforcing that intention. 

If you set a strong enough intention you’ll find that the neighbors no longer bother you or that they will move away and/or leave you alone.  Click here for even more feng shui tips for home protection.

Four: Use salt. 

Salt absorbs negative energy.

You can use bowls full of salt (set them out for 24-48 hours, then throw the salt away) or even sprinkle a line of salt across the front of your door (outside of your door) to block the negative energy from entering. 

Replace it every week or so if you’re feeling a lot of negative energy from your neighbors entering your home. Click here to learn more about how to cleanse energy with salt.

round dining room table and chairs

Five: Create a crystal grid. 

Use four small clear quartz crystals, or 4 small black tourmaline crystals, and place them in the 4 perimeter corners of your apartment. 

Set the intention that the crystals will protect your space and create a bubble of protection around your apartment.

Six:  Cleanse your personal energy. 

A lot of the vibrations inside your apartment come from YOU and your family. 

How you feel towards living in your apartment, interacting with your neighbors, and interacting with your family can really affect how your apartment feels energetically. 

Make sure you cleanse your own energy along with the energy in your space! You can smudge yourself, take a cleansing shower (envision the water washing the negative energy away from your body and down the drain), or even take a salt bath to cleanse your aura.

(Click here to learn more about getting rid of negative energy in your home and life!)

If these feng shui apartment tips seem overwhelming, don’t forget that you don’t have to do everything on this list in order for feng shui to work for you!

It’s better to use one or two feng shui tips and see what happens!

For each feng shui apartment tip you use, you will see a result of some kind in your life.

Your home is a mirror for everything that’s going on around you, so start where you are and use the momentum to create the apartment of your dreams!

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