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Dragonfly Symbol in Feng Shui (Spiritual Meaning & Placement)

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Have you been seeing dragonflies in your path? Did you find a dragonfly in your home?

Seeing dragonflies everywhere or in your home can mean a time of transformation and new beginnings coming your way!

It is an especially good omen to find a dragonfly in your home (so don’t chase it away!)

The dragonfly symbol in feng shui means that your home is full of fresh, new Chi and change is imminent.

The meaning of the dragonfly symbol in feng shui comes from a few different factors related to their lifespan and predatory nature.

They are born in the water and then transform into flying insects.

But this process can take months or even years, which is why they represent transformation, maturity, a change in perspective, and positive change.

They are also predators, eating other insects like mosquitoes and flies.

This is why they symbolize chasing away bad luck or that a positive change is coming.

They can also fly in many different directions (including backward!) which symbolizes a change in direction and adaptability.

dragonfly meaning in feng shui - drawing of a dragonfly

Dragonfly Meaning in Feng Shui:

  • new beginnings
  • positive change
  • adaptability
  • transformation
  • happiness
  • wisdom
  • maturity
  • good luck
  • prosperity
  • overcoming illness
  • good health

Seeing a dragonfly in your home or crossing your path is thought to mean a change in direction is coming or you are going to experience a positive new beginning.

If you’ve been looking for a sign that something you’ve been longing for is about to happen, seeing a dragonfly can be confirmation!

The dragonfly also represents the feng shui fire element, which is a catalyst for change and creating fast-moving energy!

The dragonfly is thought of as a flying, modern-day dragon in Chinese culture, and the dragon is a POWERFUL animal that increases good luck and good fortune.

This means you can use the dragonfly as a feng shui cure to increase good luck and attract new beginnings.

You can place a picture of a dragonfly (or a decorative dragonfly) in different areas of your home to attract good luck, prosperity, and a transformation in that area.

You can use the feng shui bagua map to find out which areas of your home correspond with the different areas of your life.

This will help you place your dragonfly symbol with the intention to activate that area of your home!

dragonfly symbol in feng shui - line drawing of a dragonfly

Dragonfly Placement in Feng Shui

Here’s a brief description of what happens when you place a dragonfly in each area of the bagua map.

Career Area: to attract a new job or a fresh start in a current job. Placing a dragonfly here can also represent chasing off bad energy, bad vibes, or things that irritate you in your career.

Knowledge and Wisdom Area: to create a personal transformation. Dragonflies can chase away negative thoughts and help you on a spiritual journey, or they can just help you create personal growth and transformation.

Family and Legacy Area: to increase family harmony and create stronger relationships.

Wealth Area: to increase prosperity and good fortune. The dragonfly in feng shui is closely related to prosperity so this is an especially auspicious area to place dragonfly imagery!

Fame Area: in feng shui, the dragonfly represents the fire element. The area ruled by the fire element is your home’s fame area. Placing a dragonfly here will increase your reputation and standing in all areas of your life.

Love and Relationships Area: to attract a new beginning in your relationship with your partner, increase self-love and confidence, or attract a new romance! The dragonfly also represents a harmonious married relationship, helping remove anything that is coming between you and your partner.

Children and Creativity Area: to support the children in your life as they embark on new journeys or transformations. Dragonflies in this area can also help with your creative endeavors (like learning a new hobby) or starting a new project.

Travel and Helpful People Area: to draw in helpful people or mentors or create good luck in all sorts of travel.

Health Area: the dragonfly represents harnessing your personal power but it can also represent overcoming an illness or other health-related problems. Placing a dragonfly in this area can help you or anyone in your household create better health!

Your Office: Placing a dragonfly somewhere in your office (either at work or at home) or on your desk can increase good fortune, good luck, a better reputation, and even better relationships with your coworkers or clients.

Near your front door or entryway: to attract new opportunities, growth, transformation, and good Chi. It will also chase away negative energy!

closeup of dragonfly on a leaf

How To Use the Dragonfly Symbol in Feng Shui

The key to using the dragonfly symbol in feng shui is to always set an intention.

Everything you use in your home should have a purpose and/or be something you love.

This creates good Chi (life force energy) that expands into every area of your home!

If you want to use the dragonfly symbol as a catalyst or cure to increase good fortune or to create a new beginning, here’s how to do it:

▶ Find a dragonfly you love. It can be an image, a home decor object, a piece of jewelry – anything will work as long as you love it!

▶ Set the intention that the dragonfly is going to help bring you what it is that you need.

If you have a specific purpose, like a new job or better health, you can use that intention.

If you just have a general intention, like more abundance or good fortune, then that works too!

▶ Feel the feelings of having what you want.

Set the intention that the dragonfly is holding that intention for you and that it will call that energy into your home and life!

▶ Place the dragonfly in the area of the bagua that represents what you want! It is done!

Your dragonfly will hold your intentions and help them come into your life.

If your dragonfly is a piece of jewelry, you can also wear it or place it somewhere that has significance for you and it will hold your intentions.

Using the Dragonfly Totem

According to Britannica, having a totem means you have a special “kinship or a mystical relationship with a spirit-being, such as an animal or plant. The entity, or totem, is thought to interact with a given kin group or an individual and to serve as their emblem or symbol.”

If the dragonfly is your totem, it means you are ready to transform your life, create a new beginning, or triumph over any obstacle that is in your path.

You can use the dragonfly totem to align your personal energy with that of the dragonfly!

Wear it as jewelry, get a dragonfly tattoo, or find other ways to use the dragonfly as a symbol of what you are creating in your life.

Using the dragonfly this way aligns your personal feng shui energy so that energy will spill over into the rest of your life.

You’ll start to see dragonflies everywhere as a sign that you are in alignment with your dreams and desires and that you are on the right path.

rainbow dragonfly drawing

Dragonfly Colors – Meaning & Symbolism

As with all things feng shui, different colors have different meanings.

You can choose dragonfly imagery in different colors to harness that color’s power.

You can also look at the different dragonfly color meanings if a specific color dragonfly crosses your path!

Orange: enthusiasm, encouragement, youth, spontaneity, warmth

Yellow: happiness, optimism, positive energy, intellect, perspective, confidence

Brown: stability, grounding, protection, reliability, dependability

Green: prosperity, growth, good fortune, luck, generosity, health, harmony

White: purity, cleanliness, innocence, perfection, openness, hope

Blue: security, loyalty, “true blue,” responsibility, trust, peace, honesty

Black: power, elegance, sophistication, strength, protection

Purple: royalty, luxury, spiritual growth, wisdom, enlightenment

Gold: luxury, wealth, success, achievement, accomplishment

Black and white: harmony, balance, compromise, calm, stability, practicality

Pink: compassion, love, romance, nurturing, intuition, feminine energy, playfulness

Red: passion, love, romance, fire, activation, action, strength

For more information about color and feng shui, see this post: feng shui color meanings

As you can see, crossing paths with a dragonfly or having a dragonfly in your house is a good omen.

You can also use dragonfly imagery to harness the power and wisdom that comes from transformation!

Feng shui is all about intention, so be sure to set your intentions whenever you place the dragonfly in your home or office.

Using the dragonfly symbol with a specific purpose can make it a powerful feng shui cure for you and your family!

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