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How to Use a Feng Shui Elephant in Your Home

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Are you looking for more abundance, good fortune, and success?

Would you like increase courage or inner strength?

Could your home use protection and more positive energy?

If so, a feng shui elephant might be perfect for you!

Let’s discuss the feng shui elephant’s meaning and uses in your home!

feng shui elephant

Elephant Spiritual Meaning

As the largest land mammals, elephants are gentle giants with long memories and great physical power.

They are awe-inspiring creatures and have long been known for their intelligence, wisdom, strength, and family bonds.

Seeing an elephant in your dreams or in your daily life can mean that you’re about to overcome an obstacle in your path.

It can also be a sign that good fortune and good luck are coming your way!

Feng Shui Elephant Meaning

In feng shui, the elephant represents:

  • Good Luck
  • Good Fortune
  • Success
  • Loyalty
  • Strong Family Bonds
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Fertility
  • Wisdom and Intelligence
  • Blessings
  • Overcoming Obstacles

The feng shui elephant meaning comes from Ancient China, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

In Ancient China, the elephant was often used in battle to clear obstacles and carry heavy loads.

In Buddhism, the elephant is often associated with Buddha himself and many believe white elephants are Buddha reincarnated.

In Hinduism, the god Ganesha has the head of an elephant, and is known as the god of new beginnings, good luck, and the remover of obstacles.

Elephant Trunk Direction

In addition to the feng shui meaning of the elephant, the trunk direction also has meaning.

Artwork or statues with the elephant trunk up represent good luck and auspicious energy flowing up and outward, into your life and home.

Elephant imagery or statues with the trunk down represent protection, acquiring knowledge and wisdom, and storing or accumulating wealth and good fortune.

Feng shui elephant statues often have jewels along their body or being held in their trunk, which attracts even more success and abundance.

stone elephant statues with their trunks up, holding a flower

Feng Shui Elephant Placement

In feng shui, different areas of your home represent the different areas of your life.

You can place elephant imagery, artwork, or statues in these different areas to activate that area and attract good Chi.

To see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to use it, see this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!

Tip: When placing the elephant inside your home, make sure the elephant faces into the room (not outward.) This will direct the energy into your home so that it circulates!


Placing a pair of elephants in your bedroom represents growth, loyalty, and stability in your relationship.

They are also used to increase fertility and as a feng shui cure for conceiving a child.

Children’s Bedroom

Placing an elephant statue in your child’s bedroom can be a symbol of protection and family strength.

It can also increase academic success and enhance learning.

As a feng shui cure for academic success, place the elephant on your child’s desk or wherever they study in the home.

Inside Front Door

Inside the front door, an elephant statue represents increasing wealth and good fortune.

Your front door and entryway are where good Chi enters and circulates, so placing an elephant here will help attract auspicious Chi and abundance!

Outside Front Door

Your front door is the “mouth of Chi,” which means it’s how energy enters your home.

If you need protection, placing a pair of elephant statues on either side of your front door can help!

In this case, use elephant statues with the trunks down, and place them so they face away from your home.

This will increase protection and stability for everyone in your home.

elephant statue outside a temple

Knowledge and Wisdom Area

There’s a saying: “The elephant never forgets.

Placing an elephant statue or artwork in your home’s knowledge and wisdom area will increase self-knowledge, wisdom, and also help any students in your household.

Wealth Area

Placing an elephant in your home’s wealth area will attract wealth, good fortune, and abundance in all areas of your life!

Love and Relationships Area

The love and relationship area of your home relates to love and relationships of all kinds.

Placing an elephant here can increase loyalty and strengthen relationships.

You can also place a pair of elephants here to attract a romantic partner.

Children and Creativity Area

Placing an elephant in your home’s children and creativity area can support and protect any children in your household.

It can also help you overcome obstacles when it comes to completing projects.

Fame and Reputation

The fame and reputation area relates to your reputation, visibility, and acknowledgment of your work.

Using elephant imagery here can help you complete certifications, overcome obstacles, attract success, and be well-known for your work.

Helpful People and Travel Area

If you need protection while traveling, or need to call in blessings, helpful people, or mentors, placing an elephant in the travel and helpful people area can help!

It can also call in support from the Universe for everyone in your family.

Career Area

Placing an elephant in your home’s career area can increase success and good fortune in your job or life path.

Health Area

Your home’s health area relates to the health of everyone in your home.

Placing an elephant here can help cultivate good health, longevity, and inner strength for everyone!

Family and Legacy Area

Placing an elephant in your home’s family and legacy area can strengthen relationships between all family members, inside and outside of your home.

You can also place a family of elephants in this area for even more protection.

Office or Desk

Your office or desk represents you and your work.

You can place an elephant statue on different areas of your desk to increase success, good fortune, and financial abundance, or even call in more clients!

This post has more information about how to feng shui your desk!

If you need protection from negative energy at work, you can place a feng shui elephant statue between you and your office door, facing out.

For protection, choose an elephant statue with the trunk down.

Placing it so that it faces the door will protect you so that negative energy has a hard time entering your office.


If you own a business, you can use elephant imagery to increase success and auspicious energy.

You can use the bagua map in your business in the same way you use it in your home.

Place the elephant in whichever area you would like to boost the most!

Should You Have One Elephant Statue or Two?

Pairs of elephants are great for: protection or guarding your front door, enhancing relationships, and increasing fertility.

Otherwise, you can use a single elephant for feng shui purposes! If you love elephants, you can use multiple statues or images throughout your home and/or work.

Elephant Artwork or Pictures

Elephant artwork or pictures work just as well as a feng shui elephant statue!

You can use artwork or images in place of the statue or use both throughout different areas of your home.

When using elephant artwork or pictures, make sure that the artwork is uplifting and positive.

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how to use a feng shui elephant statue to attract good luck
how to use an elephant statue in feng shui