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feng shui tips for love {9 tricks to attract more love and romance to your life!}

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feng shui tips for love {9 tricks to attract more love and romance to your life!}

Feng shui is all about bringing balance and good energy to your home and your life – and that includes your love life!  If you are looking for more love, romance, and partnership in your life, feng shui can help.

feng shui tips for love and romance

Here are 9 feng shui tips for love that you can implement right away.

One: Do you have clutter in your bedroom or love/relationships areas? In feng shui, there are two areas of your home that represent love and relationships:  your bedroom and the relationship area of your home. 

The relationship bagua area is the area that is in the far, back right corner when you stand at the front door and look in your home.  (If you need help locating the relationship area of the bagua, click here to open it in a new window!) 

If you have clutter in either of these two areas, it can get in the way of attracting new energy into your love life. 

Clutter prevents energy flow, which creates stagnant energy.  Removing it helps the energy circulate and makes room for new energy to enter into your life. 

Removing clutter also signals to the universe that you are making room for a new relationship or for new energy in your relationships. So declutter, declutter, declutter!   If you need ideas about where to start, click here.

Also, give both areas of your home a deep clean – don’t forget under the bed, furniture, and the curtains/ceilings!

feng shui for attracting romance

Two: Remove things from the bedroom that don’t represent rest, relaxation, and your relationship. 

Your room should be a haven for yourself and your relationship. 

Remove all the things that would get in the way of that:  exercise equipment, the television, electronics, office/work area, and even books if you keep a lot of them in your bedroom. 

All of these items carry a lot of “busy” energy, which can interrupt your sleep and also interrupt your relationship.  If you can’t remove them completely, consider finding ways to hide them or block them off from your bed to help create more restful energy in your room.

Three: Make sure you have pairs of objects in your home, and especially in your bedroom.  Pairs represent balance in a relationship and they also represent the obvious: you and your significant other as a pair! 

If you want a relationship or if you want your relationship to be better, having pairs of objects will help.  Make sure you have two nightstands, two chairs, two lamps, two pillows, etc. 

Even if you don’t have a partner yet, you want to set your room up as if you DID have a partner.  Don’t have items that represent your singleness – have pairs that represent the life you want.

Four:  Make space for your partner.  This is similar to the pairs tip: make sure that your room has space for your partner. 

If you don’t have one yet, clear a space in your closet and dresser for your new partner’s clothes.  If your bed is against the wall on one side, pull it away from the wall so there’s room on both sides of the bed. 

If you do have a partner but you’re having problems or you want to renew the energy in your relationship, check those areas to see if there’s actually room for your partner in your room. 

Does the room seem unbalanced towards one of your or the other?  Does one of you keep more things in the room than the other?  Can you tell that both of you sleep there? 

Do what you can to create balance and harmony so that your room represents both of you.

Five:  Add pink to your love area and/or your bedroom.  Pink represents love and fire energy, both of which can enhance your relationships. 

how feng shui can help you attract a partner

If you need a boost, adding pink accents to both areas can help. 

You don’t have to be able to see the pink for this enhancement to work: you can put colored paper in drawers or under furniture and the energy boost will still happen. But if you love pink and it fits your decor, then by all means add it!

Six: Check your artwork and photos. 

Do you have any artwork hanging around that is sad or represents a lonely life? Do you have a lot of pictures of yourself all over your house that depict you doing everything by yourself?

Removing sad, lonely artwork and some of the pictures of your single life can bring new balance to your home and represent that you’re ready for a partner. 

Also remove pictures from your bedroom of your relatives, friends, or pets (do you really want them watching you while you’re in your room? 😉 )

If you already have a partner and want more love and romance, make sure that your pictures depict the two of you happily doing things together and represent the aspects of your relationship that you love. This will reinforce your partnership and help bring new, loving energy to your life.

Seven: Consider the position of your bed.  The best position for your bed is the command position: You should be able to see the door from your bed, but not be directly in line with the door. 

Ideally, the door should be across from you, and not behind you. 

You should also not have mirrors that directly reflect your bed, or large windows directly behind the bed. 

The command position will help you and your partner relax while you’re in bed, which will help your intimacy and also help you sleep better!

Eight: Do you have a headboard?  A solid headboard represents a solid foundation and a solid relationship.  A headboard anchors your sleeping space and again, helps create intimacy and solidarity.

Nine: Consider buying new linens and/or sheets.  New sheets and bed linens can bring fresh, new energy to your relationship and help you call in a partner if you’re looking for one. 

If you’re open to it, buying pink sheets is even better! Pink can be a very restful color, and again, will spruce up your romance. 

Otherwise, always pick new sheets and bed linens that you love and that your partner will hopefully like as well, and that represent the two of you together and the relationship you want to have.

When it comes to implementing these feng shui tips for love, you don’t have to implement all of them at once for them to work.  You can choose one or two and wait a bit and see what happens!  But if you do want to use all of them, please do! 

You can see that they are all common sense: if you want to have a romantic relationship, you have to make room for the romantic relationship in your home and life.  Make sure your space reflects the relationship you want to have, and the relationship will follow.

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feng shui tips for love {9 tricks to attract more love and romance to your life!}