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7 Easy Methods for Cleansing Negative Energy with Sea Salt!

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Do you need to get rid of negative energy from your home and life?

Have you felt stuck and frustrated lately and can’t quite figure out why?

Have there been lots of arguments in your home recently?

Have other methods of removing bad vibrations not worked very well or at all?

It’s time to try cleansing negative energy with sea salt!

pink salt in heart shape next to candles

As we discussed in the post about the feng shui salt water cure, salt is an energetic purifier. 

It absorbs and cleanses negative energy.

You can even use it to cleanse your personal energetic aura!

How does salt work to remove negative energy?

Salt has been used for centuries as a purifier. It is thought to absorb water particles in the air and trap the pollution (and energy!) they contain.

There is also an energetic component to WHY salt works so well.  It works because we believe it works!

Salt works to remove negative energy from:

  • Your aura
  • Your home
  • Your business
  • Your yard
  • Your child’s bedroom
  • Dark hallways/attics/basements
  • Anywhere the energy feels “off” somehow. 

If you can’t quite put your finger on why an area feels bad, try using salt! 

bowls of salt and herbs

What kind of salt should you use for cleansing energy?

Sea salt, Himalayan salt, or even table salt! 

If you want the most energetically pure salt then choose sea salt or Himalayan salt. 

You can even get it in bulk at most health food stores or even Amazon! 

Just keep in mind that you’re going to throw it out once it’s done its job, so don’t buy something so expensive you’ll regret throwing it out. 

If you are desperate and need salt NOW and don’t have access to a health food store just buy some table salt!

How does cleansing negative energy with sea salt work?

There are many different ways you can use salt to remove negative energy and cleanse your space.

Here are 7 common methods of cleansing negative energy with sea salt:

One:  Salt Bowls

Salt bowls are exactly what they say they are: bowls of salt. 

They are one of the easiest and low maintenance ways of cleansing negative energy with sea salt!

You can place bowls of salt in the corners of rooms, in hallways, in bathrooms – anywhere you want extra cleansing power. 

You don’t need large bowls – small ones will do! 

Place them in the room (or throughout your house) for 24-72 hours.

Once the time has passed throw the salt outside in the trash. 

The salt has absorbed the negative energy so you don’t want to keep it in your home! 

jar of pink salt next to jar of herbs

Bowls of salt are useful in:

  • Dark, damp rooms or rooms that no one uses very often.
  • When your home needs an overall refresh. 
  • When you’re cleaning your home, you can place bowls of salt out during cleaning and then throw them out after a few days.
  • After your home has been full of a lot of people, visitors, or guests bringing in outside energy. 
  • After arguments to clear the air!
  • When you’re moving into a new home and want to remove the previous owners’ energy.
  • In your business or office, to refresh the energy and welcome in new opportunities.

Two:  Sprinkles of Salt

If you don’t want to use a bowl of salt, you can sprinkle a little bit of salt instead! 

After you leave it out for a few hours or a few days, vacuum or sweep it up. 

Don’t leave it for too long because it will start to break down and cause a big mess. 

Also, make sure when you vacuum or sweep it up to throw it outside in the trash immediately.

Sprinkles of salt are useful when:

  • You want an overall refresh or to do a quick cleanup of energy while cleaning.
  • Around your front door/front porch or back door/back porch to refresh the energy and protect your home from negative energy
pink salt and sponge on table top

Three: Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps aren’t just a bohemian home trend – they are useful too!

Himalayan salt lamps absorb negative energy but they also change the ionic makeup of the air in your room, so they do double duty to change the room’s vibrations. 

They are also excellent lamps to use in the evening, when you are preparing for bed and want to turn off all of the blue lights in your room and relax!

Himalayan salt lamps are useful for:

  • Your desk or table while you’re working
  • Any room where you spend a lot of time and want continuous energy cleansing
  • Anywhere you like them!
  • When you want to add light to a feng shui cure, like those for money or romance!
jar of matches, jar of salt, jar of herbs

Four: Saltwater Spray

If you don’t want to leave out bowls of salt or you’re worried sprinkling salt might ruin your floors, try a saltwater spray! 

Put a teaspoon of salt in a spray bottle with filtered or distilled water (usually about 4 ounces of water) and spray around the room you want to refresh. 

You can even add a couple of drops of essential oils (lemon, palo santo, or lavender work well to refresh the air energetically and physically!)

Saltwater spray is useful for:

  • Overall room refresh – when you need something quick and fast to change the vibration of a room
  • Spraying yourself quickly when you need an aura cleanse (spray in the air and quickly walk through the aerosol – don’t spray yourself or your clothes directly)
stack of towels on counter top

Five: Salt bath

If your energy feels off or you’ve had a stressful day, you can use a sea salt bath to remove negative energy from your aura! 

Add a cup of sea salt or epsom salt, and a cup of baking soda to your bath and soak for a while. 

While you’re soaking in the bath: envision the salt absorbing all of the negative energy in your body. 

Then when you leave the tub and drain the water, visualize that negative energy going down the drain.

Salt baths are useful when:

  • You need an energetic refresh
  • You’ve been absorbing other people’s problems or feelings
  • You’ve had an argument with someone
  • You’ve been ill (or someone around you has been ill) and don’t want it lingering in your energy field
bar of soap on soap dish with bubbles

Six: Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

A feng shui salt water cure works similarly to a salt lamp. 

It provides continual energy clearing and can be used to refresh your whole space over time and not just for a few days. 

Click here to learn all about how to create a feng shui salt water cure!

A salt water cure is helpful for:

  • Refreshing a whole space over time
  • When you have a lot of energy entering a space continuously – like in offices or businesses
  • You want longer-term cleansing
jar of oil with dropper next to bowl of salt rocks

Seven: Salt Burning

I love salt burning!  Salt burning is a POTENT way of cleansing negative energy with sea salt! It can cleanse a whole home in just a few minutes.

This is a technique I learned from Dana, at the Tao of Dana.  Here is a video that explains how to do it:

YouTube player

Salt burning is useful when:

  • You want to cleanse a large area all at once, like a whole home
  • You are doing a deep cleanse of your space (or yourself!)
  • You’re ready to set new intentions
  • Other energy clearing techniques haven’t worked well or haven’t lasted

Bonus: Salt Wash for Your Front Door

In feng shui, your front door is where fresh energy and new opportunities enter your life. 

Your front door is the energetic entrance to your life! 

So when you want to welcome in new opportunities, set a new intention, or just refresh your space, a salt wash for your front door is amazing. 

Here’s how you do it:

Create a salt wash for your front door with:
Water, a small amount of dish soap, and a pinch of salt!

Wipe down your whole door – inside and outside.  You might be surprised at how dirty your door is. 

Use the salt wash any time you’re ready to welcome in new opportunities! 

You can also use it at the new moon or full moon, or every month or so to refresh your space!

Click here to learn more ways to feng shui your front door.

cleansing negative energy with sea salt: Q & A

Should you be keeping salt in your bedroom?

Keeping salt in your bedroom for a day or two can remove stale, stagnant energy and bad vibes.

Use small bowls of salt in the corners of your bedroom or even under the bed to absorb negative energy.

Throw the salt away after 24-48 hours.

Keeping salt in the bedroom is a great way to get rid of negative energy after arguments, illness, or even just insomnia.

If you have a guest bedroom that hasn’t been used for a while, you can even place salt bowls in the room to get it ready for guests!

Using salt at the entrance of your home?

You can use salt at the entrance of your home by sprinkling it at the base of the front door or entry.

This keeps negative vibes from entering your home. You can sweep it away after a day or two.

Don’t forget you can also use a salt wash on your front door to make sure the energy is clear too!

Can keeping salt on your desk at work remove negative energy?

Yes! If you are struggling with negative energy in your workplace or office, keeping a small bowl of salt on your desk can absorb it.

Leave the bowl of salt on your desk for 24-48 hours to absorb the negative energy.

Then throw the salt away (outside of your office!)

If you’re worried about someone seeing the bowl of salt on your desk, you can also place the salt bowl underneath your desk or on a shelf behind a picture or plant.

The salt doesn’t have to be visible to absorb negative energy!

You can also smudge your office to remove bad vibes – try a salt spray or smudge spray instead of using a sage wand to make sure it’s fire safe.

jar of oil next to sprigs of herbs

What if you’ve put out salt bowls, smudged, and tried other ways of clearing negative energy but it hasn’t budged?

What should you do if the negative energy just won’t leave?

Or if you’re feeling a spirit or negative vibration that just keeps coming back?

When we first moved into our home, within the first week we knew something was “off” about the energy. 

Things kept happening that were weird and the energy was just frantic and strange. 

I smudged a few times, but it would just keep coming back. 

It felt like we were being watched or that something didn’t want us here.

Our home had strong predecessor energy and I didn’t know how to get rid of it!

One day, I had had enough.

I didn’t know anything about feng shui at the time.

Plus I was just beginning to learn about energetic work, otherwise, I could have tried lots of different ways to remove negative energy (like salt) but instead, I set out to smudge all over again.😉

BUT the biggest thing I did besides thoroughly smudging, was I SET AN INTENTION. 

I energetically claimed my space. 

I literally spoke out loud as I smudged: this space is ours, and all negative energy is not allowed. 

I also energetically placed a bubble around our home (I didn’t realize I was doing that at the time!)

I visualized the space as being ours, as protecting us, as not letting negative energy inside.

So if you’re still feeling negative vibrations in your home and nothing seems to be working: definitely declare your intentions while using one of these methods and see how it feels.

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cleansing negative energy with sea salt – 7 ways to refresh your home and life!


Tuesday 9th of August 2022

Yes I love this information it has helped me so much thank you for your help


Friday 22nd of April 2022

Hi Rachel, Thanks for the information, makes sense. But I want to know is do I throw just the salt after a few days or the container that it was in? Secondly, some feng shui people say to place coins etc. Do I need to place anything in it? Also, it was mentioned to use gloves etc so as not to touch the contaminated salt? Please advise.

In our tradition, when moving to a new empty home, we just placed a large bowl of water and next to it an open packet of salt and a new broom. Then, before we move in, the salt packet and water are thrown away in a bin or flushed or just in the backyard. Is this correct process of discarding? The broom is used in the daily chores.

Thank you. Razia


Saturday 17th of July 2021

Thank you for this vital information. I will be cleansing my house from negative energy today for the first time. I will be using Himalayan pink salt. It has been around 2 years that the energy in our house has changed to the worse, and the same time that I believe I have had a spiritual awakening. I know, feel, and have seen spirits and demons all around the outside of my house and inside of my house. I need to do this cleanse before my marriage ends in a disaster. This will let me know if a deliverance will need to be done as well.