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feng shui decluttering tips (9 easy tips for creating a high vibe home)

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feng shui decluttering tips (9 easy tips for creating a high vibe home)

One of the cornerstones of good feng shui is energy flow.  Good energy flow in your home = good feng shui! But what blocks the flow of energy? CLUTTER!

As someone who has dealt with clutter my whole life, I definitely understand how decluttering can be overwhelming and frustrating.  There seems to almost be a clutter “set point,” an amount of clutter that just keeps reappearing no matter how many times you get rid of things. Feng shui has helped me change this set point, and I hope that it can help you too.

9 feng shui decluttering tips to help you create the home of your dreams!

Here are 9 feng shui tips to help you declutter your home:

One: Understand what clutter truly is.

Clutter is anything that stands between you and the life you want to live.  Clutter is unmade decisions.  Clutter is energy, and reflects the energy relationship you have with the things in your space.  Holding onto clutter means you are holding on to the energy, not just the items. 

If you look at an object and feel negative emotions, then that object has a negative relationship with you.  If you are holding on to negative feelings and energies, that negativity will be reflected back to you in other areas of your life.  And sometimes those areas are reflected back to you in direct relationship to the areas of your life that aren’t working.

For example, if you have a lot of clutter in the love/relationships area of your home (the back right corner of your home when you are standing in the doorway and looking into your home, (Click here to open a picture of the bagua in a new window so that you can refer to it later!), that can mean stress in your love relationships.  It can lead to fighting, miscommunication, and strain with your loved ones. 

Two: Use the bagua to figure out where feng shui decluttering can most help your life work better! 

Because clutter very often relates to the areas of your life that are holding you back, using the feng shui bagua can help you have the motivation you need to help you clear it!

feng shui for decluttering

This might be one of the easiest ways for you to actually decide to deal with the clutter:  identify areas of your life where things are frustrating you or not going the way you want them to, and use the bagua to see if that’s where clutter exists for you in your home.  If it is: CLEAR IT!!!

Get rid of as much of it as you can, and organize the rest so that you feel better when you look at the space.  This will help the energy flow move in that area of the bagua and therefore help the new energy move into that area of your life.

Three: You don’t have to declutter everything at once.

In feng shui, everything counts! That means even getting rid of one or two items, or reorganizing and moving items where they belong, can greatly improve the feng shui flow of your space.  Even decluttering for 10 minutes can free up energy and give you the momentum you didn’t already have. 

Don’t underestimate doing things in small chunks every day or every few days.  You don’t have to make a huge, clean sweep of your space to reap the benefits.

Four: Again, in feng shui, everything counts!

Don’t forget clutter in closets, under beds, in your pantry, and even on your computer and phone.  Anything you know that you have to deal with but you haven’t done it carries the weight of something unfinished. 

Freeing up space in the areas you rarely think of can lighten the energy of your home and your mental and physical energy as well.

Five: While you’re decluttering, circulate the energy by playing upbeat music and opening a window.

Music changes the vibrational frequency of your home and can greatly affect your mood while you’re decluttering.  Plus it can help you feel completely different while you are in the process of getting rid of things.

Opening a window can also change the energy of your space and help move the stagnant energy you’re stirring up when you’re moving things you haven’t touched in a long time.  If the sun is shining outside, the fire energy can also help burn away the negative energy and freshen up your space.

Six: At its core, to feng shui your space means that your home should be full of things you love.

This means while you’re decluttering, only keep things you love (or that spark joy!) or actually use — even if that means you have empty space!

declutter with feng shui

When you practice space clearing, you are making room for new things that you love, and the Universe responds.  If you want to bring new things into your life (literally and figuratively), the Universe can’t bring you what you want if you don’t have room for it! 

For example: Do you want a new job or a promotion at work? 

If your career area falls in your entryway, and your entryway is cluttered with so many things that you can barely open the door — can you see how that would symbolize not having the room for something new to enter your space? You are signaling to the Universe that you don’t have room for what you currently have, so why would the Universe bring you more?  

If you use the rule of thumb that you only keep things you love, and you only buy new things if you love them (and/or need them/use them), then everything in your space will reflect this rule. 

Everywhere you look in your home, you will see things you love and that will raise the vibration of your home.  Plus it’s an easier way to make decisions about what to declutter: think about what you want to KEEP in your space, not just what you want to get rid of. 

Seven: If you don’t know where to start: consider clearing 27 things.   

The number 9 is lucky in feng shui, and getting rid of 27 things will give you some serious momentum!  (2 + 7 = 9!) They don’t even have to be 27 “big” things – 27 old magazines or old mail totally count!  

Eight: Consider decluttering and organizing as part of your daily home ritual.

In feng shui, how you feel about your home and your space reflects how you feel about yourself.  If you hate the clutter and mess in your home, it reflects parts of yourself that you don’t like and maybe aren’t taking care of. 

You deserve to take care of yourself and to take care of your home! 

Consider a nightly ritual of putting things back in their place, getting rid of trash, and taking care of the daily mail as a ritual of both self care and home care.  Not only will you feel better when you go to bed at night, but those vibrations of taking care of your home will be reflected in your whole life. 

Nine: Don’t forget to smudge your space after you declutter. 

Smudging helps dissipate negative energy and make room for new energy to take its place, which is exactly what you want when you’re removing clutter. 

It will help change how your home feels and ensure that the negative energy attached to the items you’ve cleared out doesn’t linger in your space. 

Click here to learn how to smudge and how it helps remove negative vibes from your home.

Bonus: As you go through the feng shui decluttering process, don’t forget that you are using feng shui to help make your home a space that you love.

Keep your eyes on the prize and think of the person you WANT to be: is that the person who is reflected in your space? Would the person who has the job, has the money, has the car, has the relationship you want live with the things you own? 

If the things you own don’t match the person you want to be, then they are holding you back.  You deserve to be the person you want to be.  You deserve to have the things you want to have.  Keep that in mind when you are decluttering, and every decision you make will lead you closer to the life you want to live.

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