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feng shui items for wealth: attract wealth energy & supercharge abundance!

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In traditional feng shui, there are lots of items you can add to your home and office to attract wealth! 

Here is the ultimate list of feng shui items for wealth. 

Don’t worry — you don’t have to add them ALL to your home!

Instead, choose one that speaks to you! 

As with everything in feng shui, the most important thing is that your home is full of things that you love.

You don’t have to fill it with tons of wealth items to attract more money. 

Less is more, and adding something because you find it fun and exciting will be more effective than adding 10 just because they’re recommended.

Before you get started, make sure you understand how to use the feng shui bagua map so you know where to put your feng shui items for wealth in your home! Click here.

feng shui items for weatlh: attract wealth energy and supercharge abundance!

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Here are 20 feng shui items for wealth that you can add to your home to increase money and abundance!

One: Crystals.

Crystals are my favorite items to add to my home to attract abundance. 

They are so personal and everyone will be drawn to a different one! 

Each crystal carries its own frequency, so if you see one that jumps out at you, definitely choose that one! 

You’ll be attracted to the one you need the most, and you can’t get it wrong!  

The crystals that are most known for attracting wealth are:

Pyrite, citrine, and amethyst. 

But there are also 6 other stones you can use for wealth and abundance.  Check them out here: feng shui crystals for wealth!

woman's hands holding 100 dollar bills

Two: Plants. 

Plants represent growth and abundance, and are a great addition to any home. 

Not only do they purify the air, but they are also known to lift your spirits! 

Add them to any area of your home that you like (except the bedroom — sometimes they can be too stimulating and interrupt your sleep.)

They are especially auspicious if you place them in your money area and close to your front door. 

Any healthy plant can boost your abundance. 

But there are several that are considered attractive to money and abundance! 

Three plants that are considered lucky for wealth are:  Jade, lucky bamboo, & the money tree 

Click here to see the other feng shui plants for wealth!

jar with 20 dollar bills

Three:  Money bowl! 

Feng shui money bowls are so fun to use to attract more money! 

They can be personalized to your specific wants and dreams which makes them even more effective. 

Click here to see how to make a feng shui wealth bowl!

Four:  Wealth Vase! 

A feng shui wealth vase is different from a money bowl. 

A money bowl is more personalized and will be different for each person who creates one. 

But the feng shui wealth vase actually follows a specific set of rules for what it contains and where it’s placed. 

To find out how to create a feng shui wealth vase, click here!

Five: Money frog. 

The feng shui money frog is a traditional feng shui cure that you can add to your money area, your entryway, or even outside on your porch! 

If you add it to your porch, make sure it faces your home so it will represent the money flowing into your home. 

The money toad is a 3 legged frog with coins in its mouth.

According to Chinese folklore, the money frog is able to take money with it to the heavens, and it will bring that money to you if you display one in your home!

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Six: Dragon turtle.

The feng shui dragon turtle has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle.

The money dragon turtle is sitting on a bed of coins or gold ingots, and usually has a baby turtle on its back. 

Dragons represent courage and good luck.  Turtles represent stability and protection. 

So together, they will both enhance your good luck and also create financial stability. 

For attracting money, the dragon turtle should be placed in your money area.

51IsZtbscnL. SL160

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Seven: Chinese coins. 

Chinese coins attract the energy of wealth and money. 

You can place them in your home’s money area, your purse or wallet, or even your work desk!

Be sure wherever you place them, you place them with the four characters facing up.

51+dpqDXL9L. SL160

Click here to find Chinese feng shui coins on Amazon!

Eight: Laughing Buddha. 

The laughing buddha statue is used in feng shui to attract good luck, prosperity, happiness, and good health! 

You can place the laughing buddha in any area of your home that needs a boost, but it’s also really effective in your home’s money area.  I use mine in my feng shui money bowl!

51qMFaN0bqL. SL160

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Nine: Gem tree. 

Gem trees represent growth and prosperity. 

They are covered in crystals and also represent the wood element, which means growth and stability in your finances. 

Choose one that you love, and place it in your home’s money area. 

Or you can even place one in the money area of your desk at work!  

5158Tt8qRoL. SL160

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Ten:  Fountains. 

Fountains move water, and water = abundance in feng shui. 

The moving water of a fountain symbolizes money flowing into your life! 

Put fountains in your money area, career area, or your entryway to help money flow more easily into your life! 

Wherever you put the fountain, just make sure the water flows towards the center of the room (not towards a wall or window) so the money flows into your home.

41U90ZRx rL. SL160

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Eleven: Fish tanks. 

Fish tanks are similar to fountains, in that they move water and get the Chi (life force energy) flowing. 

But fish tanks have the added element of the fish moving around as well! 

Any time there’s movement in an area of your home, it stirs up the Chi and creates more flow. Koi fish (goldfish) are also money magnets in feng shui. 

That’s why you’ll often see koi fish paintings in homes and businesses.

hands holding 100 dollar bills

Twelve:  Wealth ship. 

The feng shui wealth ship represents good luck, money, and good fortune sailing into the ports of your life! 

Ships sail because of the abundance of wind and water, representing the earth and Chi (life force energy) supporting your wealth and good fortune. 

Adding a wealth ship to your home’s money area, career area, or entryway (make sure the ship points in towards your home and not out the door!) can bring good luck and money to your home and family. 

You can even place feng shui coins, money, gold ingots, or other symbols of wealth in the ship (similarly to creating a feng shui wealth bowl!)

51MSqc0YX9S. SL160

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Thirteen:  Bowl of fruit. 

A bowl of fruit represents abundance that can be shared with your family and also friends, the same way an abundance of food in your kitchen represents wealth! 

Keeping a bowl of fresh fruit in your kitchen means you are always attracting more wealth you can share! 

Any type of fruit that your family will eat creates abundance. 

Place the bowl with intention and celebrate the wealth coming to you and your family!

envelopes of money on table

Fourteen: Money cures for your wallet and purse. 

You can apply the basic feng shui rules for your wallet and purse, but there are also wealth attractors you can add to your purse/wallet too! 

Three feng shui cures for your purse and wallet are:  feng shui coins, a stick of cinnamon, and a red envelope. 

  • Keeping a few feng shui coins in your purse or wallet is lucky for money. 
  • Keeping a small red envelope in your purse or wallet brings more fire energy to your wealth. 
  • And keeping a stick of cinnamon in your purse or wallet is also a wealth attractor! 

Choose one wealth booster and switch it out from time to time to bring more lucky wealth energy to your life!

Click here to learn more feng shui wallet and purse tips!

black wallet with 100 dollar bill

Fifteen:  Add a mirror! 

Adding a mirror to your home’s wealth area can double your money! 

Just be careful that the mirror doesn’t face something you don’t want more of in your life – like clutter, or piles of laundry, or extra mail. 😉

Sixteen:  Bells or wind chimes. 

Bells stir up the Chi energy and bring attention to your home, which attracts fresh energy! 

You can add bells to your front door, or even hang them in your wealth area to stir up the stagnant energy and attract abundance! 

Wind chimes by your front door also create a boost of energy. 

Every time they are moved by the wind, the tinkling sound attracts more wealth and opportunities! 

If possible, put the wind chime to the right side of the front door when you are standing outside, facing the door.

Seventeen:  Fresh flowers. 

Fresh flowers bring new energy to your home every time you get them!

Just think about how happy you are when you receive flowers and you’ll see how that energy can translate into your home. 

Why not give yourself fresh flowers every once in a while just to stir up the happy energy? 

Add them to your money area, entryway, or even your desk at work to boost your abundance! 

Just remember to throw them out or compost them as soon as they are wilted or no longer fresh so they don’t attract stagnant energy.

jar of coins

Eighteen:  Chi Lin

The Chi Lin is a mythical creature thought to ward off bad luck and negative energy while increasing good luck and good fortune. 

It is a creature with the head of a dragon (with horns), the body of a horse or deer, and the scales of a carp (fish), meaning it can live both on land and in water. 

The Chi Lin represents wealth, good fortune, luck, and abundance. 

You’ll often see Chi Lin on gold ingots or as part of a feng shui wealth bracelet. 

You can also place a Chi Lin on either side of your front door to ward off bad vibes and increase wealth in your home or business!

51MPfUvRIJL. SL160

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Nineteen:  Elephants

As a feng shui wealth item, white elephant statues or images where the elephant trunk points upward are considered the most lucky. 

Elephants represent power, beauty, strength, and protection. 

The upward trunk represents success and good fortune, while a downward pointing truck represents grounded or stored luck and energy. 

If you want to grow wealth, choose the upward-facing trunk. 

Place elephant figurines in your entryway to invite more good fortune into your home. 

You can also use elephant figurines near your desk to increase wealth and abundance in your career!

41PaCAo3n7L. SL160

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Twenty:  Rooster.

In feng shui, the rooster represents lucky energy. 

In fact, the word rooster in Chinese sounds very similar to the word for “auspicious,” which is part of the reason why a rooster is thought to bring good fortune! 

Roosters are especially great for activating the health, wealth, and fame sectors of your home.

So if you want to use a rooster in your home as a luck symbol, place one in one of those areas! 

For extra good fortune, place a gold rooster in your wealth area.  Or if you’re having problems with your reputation at work or in your career, use a red rooster in your fame area.

51iFSFBt0dL. SL160

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How to use these feng shui items for wealth to boost abundance

While it might be tempting to use every feng shui wealth item and fill your entire home, less is more. 

Choose one item you like so that it is meaningful for you! 

You don’t need to cover your home in wealth items to attract prosperity.

Instead, you could create a feng shui wealth bowl that contains several of the items (crystals, money, a money frog, buddha, gem tree, or rooster.) 

This combines several of the feng shui wealth items so that they work together to bring in more abundance. 

You could also place one or two wealth crystals in your home’s money area. 

Or place an elephant or Chi Lin by your front door. 

It is always better to just use one or two items to increase your wealth and see how it goes. 

If you bring in a lot of different items all at once, it can amplify the lack in your life instead of increasing the abundance and faith in the wealth of the universe. 

Choose one or two and see how they work for you!

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feng shui items for wealth: attract wealth energy & supercharge abundance!