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feng shui tips for good luck (9 ways to attract luck to your door with feng shui)

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feng shui tips for good luck (9 ways to attract luck to your door with feng shui)

One of the things that is fun about using feng shui in your home is that you can do so many things that help you attract luck and good fortune.  Feng shui is all about attracting positive energy and keeping it within your home, and because like attracts like, that positive energy will attract luck, wealth, and good fortune for all who live there.

9 feng shui tips for good luck

Here are 9 feng shui tips for good luck that you can add to your home to instantly raise the vibes and attract good fortune!

feng shui tip:  adding fresh flowers to your home can increase your luck!

One: Fresh flowers. Many of us associate fresh flowers with special occasions, but adding them to your home on a regular basis can make every day feel special. And that feeling raises the vibration of your home and attracts more luck and good energy. Buy yourself flowers that you love, spread them all over your home, and make sure you replace them as they turn brown or wilted.

Two: A bowl of oranges.  Similar to fresh flowers, a bowl of fresh oranges in your kitchen or dining room can also attract wealth and good luck.  Fresh oranges symbolize wealth and good fortune, and keeping a bowl of them out for everyone to enjoy represents abundance for everyone who enters your home.  

Three:  Plants!  All plants represent good luck, high vibrations, and abundance because they represent wood energy, which is the energy of growth and increase.  Plants also cleanse the air and remove pollution, which brings fresh energy to your space.  You can pick any plant that you love, or if you want one specifically for luck, consider a lucky bamboo plant.

Four: A fish tank or fountain.  Moving water represents good energy flowing towards you, so adding a fish tank or small fountain to your home can help circulate that energy in your space.  A picture of moving water helps too, and placing any of these items in your career area or near your front entrance will attract even more positive energy.  Click here to see a picture of the bagua, which will help you identify the career area of your home.

feng shui items for good luck: feng shui money tree!

Five: A gem tree or money crystals.  A gem tree is a symbol abundance and wealth in feng shui, and adding one to your wealth area can boost the energy of your finances.  If you don’t want a gem tree or can’t find one, wealth crystals in this area will also help.  A few crystals that are considered abundance boosters are:  pyrite, citrine, carnelian, and amethyst (purple is the color of wealth!).

Six: A laughing buddha.  The laughing buddha statue is a traditional feng shui symbol of good luck, happiness, and success.  The laughing buddha represents blessings and joy that can’t be contained and just looking at him, you can see that joy radiating everywhere.  There are many different styles of the laughing buddha statue – make sure you choose one that you love and that makes you happy when you look at it!  Place the statue near your front door or in your wealth area for the biggest boost of wealth and blessings coming your way.

adding a laughing buddha to your home can increase good luck and fortune

Seven: An elephant.  Elephants are wise, loyal, and protective gentle giants, and bring that energy into your home when you display them.  You can pick a statue, ceramic elephant, or even a picture of an elephant – anything that you love.  Display it in an area of your home that your family enjoys together to represent that auspicious energy being shared by all.

Eight: Feng shui coins, money frogs, and lucky cat statues also bring wealth and good fortune in feng shui.  You can add them to your money areas or near the front door to attract abundance, luck, and new energy.  Choose one that has meaning for you – because luck is about intention and if you choose an item just because it’s supposed to be lucky, it won’t have the attraction energy it needs to work for you.  

Nine: An item you love that you’ve always considered lucky, or one that you buy with the intention that it will bring you good luck.  In western feng shui, it is important that you love what is in your home.  ANY object that you consider to be lucky will bring you good fortune and wealth!  You don’t have to put your faith and intention in objects that you don’t love, because we make our own luck!  If you have a lucky penny, necklace, pair of socks, crystal, hat, tie, pair of shoes — the possibilities are endless — then that item will attract that good energy right to you.  YOU have the power, and any time you use it with intention, the energy of the universe will respond. 🙂

Are there things in your home that can block luck and good fortune?

While western feng shui isn’t based on traditional good luck or bad luck items, there are certainly things in your home that can block lucky energy.  Those things are:

One: Clutter.  Clutter blocks the positive flow of energy, and tends to represent stuck and stagnant areas of your life.  If you look at the areas where you tend to collect clutter and then check those areas against the bagua, you can usually tell which areas of your life aren’t feeling lucky for you.  Clearing the clutter will instantly boost the energy and attract new, positive energy to your space.

Two: Dead or dying plants.  Plants represent growth, so dying plants represent dead energy. Even though many of us don’t want to give up on things we’ve nurtured, replacing the dead or dying plant is part of the cycle of life and isn’t anything you should feel bad about!  Think of the new plants as new beginnings, and be excited about bringing the fresh energy into your home.

Three:  Broken items.  Broken items represent things that drain your energy and things that you don’t have time to replace or repair.  Fix them ASAP and see how your space immediately feels lighter and brighter!

Four: Burnt out light bulbs.  Light bulbs represent fire energy, which is the energy of intensity, luck, and high vibrations.  Burnt out light bulbs represent the absence of those things, so replace them as soon as they burn out.

Five: Items blocking your front door, such as bushes, boxes, plants, or anything that blocks the view of your door from the street.  Good luck enters your home through the front door, so keeping it light, bright, and easily accessible means that energy can flow right in.  This also goes for items directly behind your door or in your entryway that block you once you enter your home.  Move them so that the door can open freely, and the energy will will enter freely as well!

Do you have to apply all of these feng shui good luck cures to your home?

No! In fact, it’s better if you choose one or two of them that really resonate with you.  Try them for a few weeks and then consider adding one or two more, or even switch them out for different ones to keep the chi moving in your space.  Lucky energy in your home is all about intention, love, abundance, and happiness – and you have control over that at all times!  Choose feng shui items that feel lucky to you, and the good fortune will follow fast!

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feng shui tips for good luck (9 ways to attract luck to your door with feng shui)