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3 Simple Feng Shui Manifestation Tips to Attract Anything You Want!

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When it comes to creating your own rules and rituals for manifesting, move these feng shui manifestation tips to the top of your list!

Feng shui creates more alignment throughout your whole home and life, and the more in alignment you are with your dreams, the easier and faster they will come true!

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Let’s talk about how to use feng shui to manifest more quickly and create the life of your dreams!

If you’ve studied manifesting at all, you might be familiar with the steps of manifestation:

1. Get clear on what you want
2. Believe you can have it
3. Receive it

But if you HAVE studied manifesting, then you know sometimes it’s not that simple.

It seems like so many limiting beliefs can get in the way and cause problems! This is where feng shui comes in.

You can use feng shui to strengthen your belief in your manifestations, become a vibrational match with them, and dream bigger than you even thought possible.

Here’s how to do it.

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One: Get clear on what you want.

With feng shui, your whole home becomes your vision board!

When you have a specific goal in mind that you want to manifest, such as money, or a new job, you can use feng shui to help you achieve it!

One extremely effective way to get clarity with feng shui is to declutter with intention.

The Universe hates a vacuum, which means when you create space for your dreams, the Universe has an easier time giving you what you want.

How do you declutter with intention?

You start with the area of your home that correlates with what you want to attract into your life.

In feng shui, there are 9 different areas of your home that correlate with the different areas of your life. Your home has a love area, a wealth area, a career area, a travel area, and more. Click here to see a picture of the bagua and find out how to use it!

Once you’ve looked at the bagua, you now know which area of your home correlates with the manifestation you’re trying to call into your life. This is the area we are going to start decluttering with intention!

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Next: Take a visual inventory of the area of your home you identified with the bagua.

  • Is it full of clutter?
  • Are there broken items in it?
  • Are the closets stuffed to the brim?
  • Are there unfinished projects in that area?
  • Is there something you’ve been meaning to do in that area that you’ve postponed and never gotten around to doing?

Clutter isn’t just what we think of as visual clutter: having too many things or things not being put away. Clutter is anything that stands between us and our dreams!

Unfinished projects, overstuffed closets, broken items: all of those things are drains on your energy, and they don’t leave room for the Universe to bring us what we want!

If we are holding onto all of these different things in our lives – not getting rid of things that are broken, not fixing things we love to use, shoving things we don’t want to deal with into closets – then our hands are full of things we already have and there’s no room for anything else.

Finally: Go through the area of your home that corresponds with what you want and fix it up!

Clear it of anything that is standing in the way of you LOVING your home and that area in particular. And if that leads you to want to clear OTHER rooms of your home – DO THAT TOO!!

Every area of your home affects every area of your life.

But if it’s too overwhelming, stick to the area that corresponds to your manifestation. Trust me, it will be enough to get things moving!

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Two: Believe you can have it.

Part of what makes feng shui so effective for manifesting is that you are taking concrete actions towards what you want.

Every time you take action, you get one step closer to believing you can actually have what you want!

A lot of times manifestations come when you believe you’ve done “enough” to get what you want.

For instance, if you are trying to manifest more clients in your business, the clients will come when you think you’ve done “enough” to get them.

But the truth is that YOU are enough just for wanting what you want! You don’t really have to DO anything.

But most of us believe we have to do something in order to get something. That’s where feng shui comes in!

There are a multitude of ways you can use these feng shui manifestation tips in your home to help you attract whatever it is you want.

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For example:

Attracting Money: You can create a feng shui wealth bowl to help you call in a specific amount of money you’d like to manifest.

Attracting Love: Add pink pillows to your bed to increase the fire element and help you attract a new romantic partner.

Attracting a New Job: Clean your front door and front porch to clear the way for new opportunities to enter your life.

Attracting Better Health: Add a bowl of citrus fruit in your kitchen to attract an abundance of good health (and wealth!)

Attracting Helpful People: If you need a mentor or professional advice, or if you need help for something specific (like selling your home, getting a promotion, seeing a specialist doctor, etc) you can create a helpful people box to attract the person you need.

Attracting Travel: Print out a picture of where you’d like to travel and place it somewhere in your home’s travel and helpful people area. You can also create a travel vision board and place it somewhere in this area to create your dream trip!

Of course, there are tons of feng shui tips to help you attract your manifestations. If you have something specific you want to manifest, chances are good there’s a way to use feng shui to help you get it!

As you are applying the tips, visualize everything you want coming to you.

And each time you apply a new feng shui tip or add a feng shui lucky charm to your home – KNOW that you are doing enough to get what you want and the Universe is responding to you!

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Three: Receive what you want!

As we’ve discussed, you have to be open to receiving what you want.

Clearing space, repairing broken items, and taking action towards manifesting your dreams are all action items.

Now it’s time to be open to receiving, which means it’s time to change your life to reflect the manifestation you are creating!

How do you use feng shui to help you receive what you want?

It’s time to change your home to reflect the life you WANT not the life you HAVE. You have to embody the life you are attracting in order for it to come to you!

What does this mean?

It’s time to go through your home and look at it with fresh eyes. Are you hanging onto things that reflect the life you no longer want?

For example: are you trying to attract a new romantic partner? Look at your home and see if you have lots of pictures of you and your ex on display. If so, put them away! Would the future you, who has a romantic partner, display pictures of you and your ex? Nope! It’s time to put them away in preparation.

Are you trying to get healthy and lose weight? Get rid of all of the junk food and reorganize your kitchen to reflect your healthy life.

Do you want more money? Make a list to show the Universe exactly where the money is going. You can even play the money game every day in preparation!

When you act “as if” the thing you want is already here, it has no choice but to show up. It’s when you are sitting around and thinking about how you DON’T have what you want yet, that you’re going to continue to manifest it not being there!

The more you can make your home and life reflect the manifestation already being here NOW, the faster your manifestations will catch up.

You will no longer feel like you’re missing something. Instead, you’ll be making the best of everything exactly where you are and showing the Universe you are ready for what’s next!

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Bonus feng shui manifestation tips for receiving what you want, faster:

Sit in stillness every day for just a few minutes. Visualize already HAVING what you want. Feel the feelings of having it! If someone knocked on your door two seconds ago and they handed you what you want – how does that feel? Feel those feelings!

For extra feng shui power, do your visualization exercise in your home’s wisdom/spirituality area! You will find that your visualization is extra strong and you might even come up with a bright idea to help your manifestation! (Click here to see the feng shui bagua and find out where your home’s wisdom area is!)

Try the 9 red candles cure. Light 9 red candles every day for 9 days to add extra oomph to your manifestation! Candles and the color red represent the fire element, which is the catalyst for change. While you’re lighting the candles, give yourself a moment to thank the Universe for giving you everything you want! This post has more information about the 9 red candles cure.

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can combine feng shui and manifestation to help you attract your dream life!

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