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17 Signs of Positive Energy In Your Home (& Good Feng Shui!)

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One of the biggest goals of using feng shui is to fill your home with positive energy.

The more streamlined your home’s feng shui is, the more peaceful and welcoming your home will be.

And the more peaceful and welcoming your home is, the more you will see the positive effects throughout your entire life outside of your home.

The good news is that you don’t always have to overhaul your entire home when it comes to using feng shui.

Often there are already things that are working in your home!

If your home is already full of positive energy, you might not need to change things very much at all.

Instead, you can add a few feng shui cures to target specific things you want to enhance or manifest.

This makes it a lot easier to boost your home’s positive energy in specific areas rather than trying to completely change things overnight.

signs of positive energy in home - plants on coffee table

Here are 17 signs of positive energy in your home!

Your home feels fresh and vibrant.

The best sign that your home has positive energy is that things feel fresh and vibrant.

Does your home feel good to you?

If so, that is a really good sign that positive Chi (life-force energy) is circulating well.

You feel relaxed.

Do you feel relaxed and peaceful?

When you enter your home, do you feel like you can relax after a long day?

If you can’t sit still or feel like you have too much to do when you get home, it can be a sign of negative energy in your home.

That doesn’t mean that things can’t be stressful sometimes.

It just means that when you think of being at home, most of the time you feel relaxed and at peace.

When your home feels like a sanctuary, it’s one of the best signs of positive energy in your home.

You sleep well.

If you sleep well at night, or if everyone in your household sleeps well, that is a sign of positive energy circulation.

When energy gets stuck, stagnant, or cluttered, it can cause stress, insomnia, and sleep disturbances.

You can freely move everywhere in your home.

Feng shui is all about energy flow.

The words “feng shui” mean wind and water, and when considering how energy flows throughout your home, you can think of how wind or water would move through.

Would it move freely? Or would it get stuck somewhere?

The same is true when YOU move through your home.

If you have a lot of clutter, large furniture, storage, or other things in walkways and doorways, that can be a sign of stuck energy.

Being able to move freely throughout your home means positive energy can move freely too!

toothbrushes and plants on wooden shelf

Your home is full of items you love.

If you can look around your home and see things that you love, that love will translate to positive energy!

If you look around and see a lot of things you don’t like or wouldn’t have in your home if you had a say in it, that can mean your home is full of negative energy.

The more you fill your home with things you love, the more your home will be full of positive energy and good vibes!

You don’t hate your home.

If you hate your home, it can be hard to have a home full of positive energy.

Do whatever is within your power to create a home you love!

Change the things you can change and accept the rest.

If you are fighting against your home at every turn, it will permeate throughout your entire life.

You want to be home.

If you find yourself avoiding your home, it can be a sign that the energy is chaotic and low.

Wanting to be home is a good sign that your home is full of peace and happiness!

Other people want to be in your home.

Do other people want to be in your home?

Do people you invite into your home sit and stay awhile?

If you have kids, do their friends come over?

All of these things are signs that your home is full of good vibes!

Your pets are happy.

Do your pets seem happy and content?

Do they relax and sleep well?

Do they get along?

If your pets are relaxed and comfortable, the energy in your home is too.

Paying attention to how your pets behave can be an early signal of positive energy in your home!

hallway with plants and mirror

Your plants are happy.

While not everyone has a green thumb, it can be a lot harder to keep plants alive if the energy in your home isn’t optimal.

And honestly, your energy is just as sensitive as a plant’s energy, so if it’s hard to keep a plant alive, think about how that energy is affecting you, too!

Plants that are dead or dying can be a sign that the energy in your home is low or negative.

Plants that are happy and thriving means that good Chi is circulating!

Your life is going well overall.

Is your life going pretty well (for the most part?)

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you’d change, but if your life is pretty good overall, the energy in your home is good overall too.

Everything going on in your home is reflected in your life outside of your home, in some way or another.

If you have an area where your life has problem after problem, you can usually take a look at the feng shui bagua map and see a correlation.

So if your life is generally pretty good, the feng shui in your home is generally pretty good, too!

Everyone in your home is healthy and happy.

If everyone in your home is healthy and happy (the majority of the time!) your home has positive energy.

When your home is full of stress, negativity, frustration, clutter, or lots of arguments, that can lead to illnesses and unhappiness.

So when your home is full of positive energy, it follows that everyone who lives there will be mostly healthy and happy!

plants and watch on coffee table

Conflicts are resolved quickly.

Of course, not everyone in your home can be positive 100% of the time.

But when arguments, low energy, frustration, and sad times happen – are they usually over quickly?

Do the good times outweigh the bad? If so, your home has good energy.

Every room feels peaceful and welcoming.

Does every room in your home feel peaceful and welcoming?

Do you feel like you want to spend time in each room?

Feeling peaceful and like you want to spend time in a room means it’s full of good energy.

If you find that you don’t feel peaceful in a certain room, it can be a sign of low or negative energy.

Every room has a purpose and is used.

Do you find that you don’t use certain rooms in your home?

Do you have rooms no one wants to be in?

Those can be signs of stuck, stagnant energy.

Actively using every room in your home means the energy flows well and doesn’t get stuck.

Conversely, not wanting to be in a certain room of your home can be a sign of negative energy in your home.

Everything in your home is in good shape and well maintained.

Clutter, broken items, deferred home maintenance, burnt-out light bulbs and things that aren’t well maintained or kept clean can create stuck, low vibe energy.

If you are actively cleaning and maintaining your home, it’s a sign that your home has good energy!

plant, soap dispenser, and bar soap on a shelf

As you can see, your home doesn’t have to have perfect feng shui or magazine-quality decor to be full of positive energy!

If your home is full of love, family, and friends – it is a welcoming, happy place to be!

As long as your home is full of more positive than negative, your home has positive energy.

Nothing can be perfect 100% of the time, but if you are mostly happy and healthy, it’s time to celebrate that!

Like attracts like, so the happier you are and the more you love your home, the more full of health and happiness your entire life will be!

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17 signs your home has positive energy
17 signs your home has positive energy