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feng shui & the moon: feng shui moon rituals for your home

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What does the moon have to do with it? Everything!

The energy of your home (and life) is closely related to the energy of the moon and the sun.

As the earth moves in its orbit throughout the year, the energy in your home changes too.

Here’s how to use feng shui moon rituals to enhance the energy in your home!

You might be familiar with the different phases of the moon, but if not, let’s go through them and how they relate to feng shui!

different phases of the moon in the night sky - feng shui moon meanings

The phases of the moon represent the position of the moon in relation to the earth’s orbit.

Each phase carries different energy, too.

We not only feel that energy as we go through our day-to-day lives, but we also feel it in our homes.

The different phases of the moon are:

  • new moon
  • waxing crescent
  • first quarter
  • waxing gibbous
  • full moon
  • waning gibbous
  • last quarter
  • waning crescent

Each phase of the moon carries different energy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the moon phases and their energy:

  • new moon: fresh starts, new beginnings, clarity
  • waxing crescent: motivation, budding manifestations, positivity, intention, success
  • first quarter: taking action, creativity, decision making, course correction
  • waxing gibbous: momentum, refining decisions, observation
  • full moon: illumination, cleansing, energizing
  • waning gibbous: introspection, unraveling what’s holding you back
  • last quarter: releasing toxic beliefs, cord-cutting, clearing what no longer serves you
  • waning crescent: wisdom, peace, achieving your dreams, fulfillment, the end of your journey
full moon over the ocean

feng shui moon phases and their meanings:

In feng shui, moon phases and how they relate to your home closely follow the energetic meanings.

The moon is Yin energy: feminine, passive, subtle, restful, and indirect.

The sun is Yang energy: masculine, active, fire, passion, and direct.

The energy in your home can reflect a balance of those energies, but it can also reflect an imbalance (balancing the energy you have OUTSIDE of your home.)

If your home is full of moon energy (Yin) it can feel: restful, quiet, calming, and peaceful.

If it’s full of sun energy, it can feel energizing, activating, sometimes chaotic, fast-moving, or even extremely creative.

One is not better than the other.

Instead, it’s important that your home balances the energy of your life.

If your life outside of the home is chaotic and fast-moving, it might be more important that your home feels restful and calming.

If your life outside of the home is relatively boring and slow, your home might instead feel exciting and energizing.

This is why feng shui is so personal. It can also give you clues to creating more balance in your life!

As the moon travels from new moon to full moon, it slowly transforms from passive, clear energy to more activated, impactful energy.

And as the moon travels from full moon to new moon, the reverse happens.

The full moon carries the strongest energy and then moves towards more passive, restful energy.

moon phases in the night sky

Here’s how to use the moon phases and feng shui to deliberately change the energy of your home:

feng shui and the new moon:

The new moon is the time of new beginnings.

It’s a great time to set new intentions for your home and reset your home’s energy.

If there’s something you’d like to change (whether inside or outside of your home) consider using the few days before the new moon to smudge your home, clear your front door, and switch out your feng shui cures.

Then on the new moon, reset your intentions.

Write new intention statements, re-do your vision board, and set new goals for the next month.

feng shui and the waxing moons:

The waxing moons are when energy builds.

This is the time to take explosive action towards your goals!

Use the power of the moon to make all of the changes you desire, knowing that your intentions will carry you into achieving your dreams.

feng shui and the full moon:

The full moon is the peak of the energetic cycle.

This is the day you want to harness the energy of the moon to reach your fullest potential!

During the full moon, you should: take stock of your dreams and the feng shui cures you have in your home. Are there any that need to change?

The full moon is the time to course-correct if necessary.

Have your goals for the month changed?

Is there something holding you back?

One full moon feng shui ritual you can use is the feng shui 27 things cure, but instead of moving 27 things, consider getting rid of 27 things. (Click here to learn more about the 27 things feng shui cure.)

Getting rid of 27 things symbolizes that you are making space for the things you want.

You’re clearing the things that are holding you back.

You’re harnessing the energy of the moon to create more change and welcome in your desires!

feng shui and the waning moons:

The waning moons are when energy turns more restful and receptive.

Instead of working hard towards your goals, it’s time to get ready for them to come to fruition.

It’s a time of receiving and introspection.

If you think of the moon phases as similar to the changing seasons, the waning moons would be fall and harvest time.

It’s a time of reaping what you’ve sown and getting ready for the next moon cycle.

crescent moon over the ocean

feng shui moon rituals:

Using feng shui for your moon rituals can mean adding feng shui to rituals you already do to spice them up, or creating all-new moon rituals to incorporate feng shui!

Here are a few feng shui moon rituals you can use to get started!

Feng shui new moon ritual:

One of my favorite ways to use feng shui for the full moon is to refresh my front door.

The front door of your home is how fresh, vibrant energy and new opportunities enter your life.

The new moon is the time when you’re resetting your goals and intentions, so using this time to refresh your front door is the perfect pairing.

Clean your front door with a little dish soap, water, and a pinch of salt.

Wipe it down inside and out.

Make sure that the hardware works and is in good shape.

Make sure you can open your front door freely and nothing is being stored behind it or preventing you from entering easily.

Sweep your front door area and front porch if you have one.

Shake out your doormat and make sure that your wreath is in good shape.

Everything you do to your front door will benefit you and everyone who lives in your home.

Cleaning and maintaining your front door area means the Universe can easily send you what you want! Click here to learn more about how to feng shui your front door.

full moon over a tree

Feng shui full moon ritual:

The full moon has potent, cleansing energy.

It’s the perfect time to let go of the things that are holding you back!

One way to use feng shui for the full moon is to clean your mirrors and windows.

Mirrors and windows represent how we see the world.

If you want your dreams to come to fruition, making sure you can see things clearly can be super important.

You can also take this time to clean under your bed.

Your bed is the foundation of health and self-care, so make sure the energy under there doesn’t get too stale, stagnant, dirty, or dusty.

Sweeping and vacuuming stir up the Chi (life-force energy) so that it flows freely and doesn’t get stuck.

The same is true of the other furniture in your home, so if you feel extra inspired during the full moon, clean under those areas too!

Feng shui blue moon ritual:

A blue moon means there are two full moons in one month.

This doesn’t happen very often, so it’s a great time to use feng shui rituals that you don’t need to do very often but could use a refresh.

An excellent feng shui blue moon ritual is to perform an energetic cleanse of your home and then follow up with a white light meditation.

The energetic cleanse resets the energy of your home, cleansing it of any negative or bad vibrations.

The white light meditation then fills your home with brilliant energy and protects it from outside influences.

Here’s how to do it:

First, cleanse your home’s energy

Clean your home, making sure you pay extra attention to your front door.

Sweep and dust and clean under furniture.

Make sure you go around the corners and ceilings of each room and use a broom to clear the cobwebs and stagnant energy!

Once you’re done with cleaning, it’s time to smudge.

Click here to learn how to smudge your home and cleanse the bad vibrations!

Next, it’s time to fill your home with positive energy and protection with a white light meditation!

Sit somewhere quiet and center your thoughts.

Take a few deep breaths, imagining a bright light beaming down over your entire home (and property line, if you have a yard.)

Imagine this light entering through your front door and then circling throughout your entire home until it is filled with bright, white light.

Imagine that light then radiating over your home in a protective bubble.

This bubble protects your home from any outside negativity, shielding you and your family from harm.

Everything that enters your home is transformed into positive, happy energy.

Take a few more deep breaths, inhaling that white light. It is done.

pink moon, clouds, and stars

feng shui pink moon

The pink moon is the full moon that occurs in April of each year.

It is called a pink moon because of the blooming pink phlox flower.

In feng shui, the color pink is associated with love, feminine energy, and gentle passion.

Pink is also associated with the love and relationships area of your home, so a great feng shui pink moon ritual infuses everything you do with love and romance!

One feng shui pink moon ritual you can use is to infuse your home with love by buying yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Whether you have a romantic partner, want a romantic partner, or just want to have a better relationship with yourself, filling your home with love is always a good bet!

Flowers don’t have to be expensive – a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store will do!

The key is to buy a bouquet that you love!

Then, you can either place the entire bunch in your home’s love and relationship corner, in the center of your home (the feng shui health center) or even your bedroom!

Fresh flowers increase abundance, joy, and romance — all things that are perfect for the pink moon!

If you want to take a pink moon feng shui ritual even further, you can write out a quick intention statement for filling your home with love.

Think of all of the things you love about your home, your life, your relationships, and yourself.

Put the intention statement under the vase of flowers.

Once you’re ready to throw out the flowers, plant the intention statement in a potted plant or you can also just place it somewhere in your home’s love area.

feng shui blood moon

A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse, which is a rare occurrence!

A lunar eclipse is a time when the moon is completely in the earth’s shadow, which makes it appear red in color.

Lunar eclipses symbolize fresh starts, new beginnings, and letting go of the things that are holding you back.

Here’s how to use a blood moon feng shui ritual to unblock your dreams and take your life to the next level!

The night of the blood moon, sit somewhere quietly.

Think about something you’ve been working on – maybe a goal or a dream that you’ve been trying to manifest for a while.

Is there something that has been holding you back and keeping you from realizing that dream?

Is there something specific that you’d like to release in order to take your life to the next level?

Is there a big dream that you’d love to accomplish but you don’t see a way to make it happen?

The night of the blood moon is the perfect time to write out that intention.

Take out a piece of paper and a red ink pen or marker.

Write out the big, scary dream that you’d love to realize.

Or the dream that you’ve quietly been harboring but you’re afraid to go after.

And write out the intention that everything that stands in your way of having this manifestation is now gone.

After you’ve written out the intention, place that piece of paper in a red envelope.

Red is not only the color associated with the blood moon, but in feng shui it represents fire energy – the energy of activation and passion!

Once you’ve put your intention in the red envelope, place it in the area of your home that represents the area of your dream.

If it’s for your career, for example, put it in your career area.

If it’s to travel somewhere exotic, put it in your travel area. (Click here to see the feng shui bagua map and how to use it!)

After you put your envelope in its related area, it’s time to keep it activated!

Every day for the next 9 days, turn on a light in that area of your home.

This brings the fire energy to that entire area and activates your dream!

The key is to turn the light on intentionally each day for at least 3 hours a day.

But when you turn it on, feel the feelings of your dream coming true!

Set your intention that the Universe is removing all obstacles and your dream is coming to fruition.

After the 9 days is over, you can either leave your envelope in that area, or remove it and place it with your vision board or manifestation journal.

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feng shui moon rituals: how to feng shui your home with the cycles of the moon
feng shui moon rituals: how to feng shui your home with the cycles of the moon