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spring feng shui tips: 11 surprising ways to fill your home with spring energy!

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Spring is an amazing season for change and new beginnings. 

Most of us know this intuitively, which is why spring cleaning and spring decor are both so popular! 

But what about feng shui?  Well it turns out that spring is the perfect time to refresh your home with feng shui, too! 

When it comes to spring feng shui, it helps to think of it as bringing your home out of hibernation. 

If winter is the time we put our homes to bed for the year, spring is the time we wake them up!

11 spring feng shui tips to make your home feel incredible!

here are 11 spring feng shui tips that will wake up your home and fill it with fresh energy!

one: refresh your front door 

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your front door! 

The front door of your home is considered the “mouth of Chi” – it’s where new energy, new opportunities, and good fortune enter your home. 

Since spring is a time of regeneration and renewal, cleaning up your front door means all of that fresh energy can get into your home and life more easily! 

Sweep the entire front door area (inside and out.)

Shake out your doormat if you have one. 

Wipe down your door with a little soap and water (and a pinch of salt.) 

Make sure all of the hardware on your door is working well, and that nothing is blocking the door from opening inside or outside. 

Clean any glass. 

Sweep around the outside of the door to get rid of the old cobwebs and dust. 

And be prepared for the Universe to send you lots of good fortune for the spring season!  (Click here to learn even more tips to feng shui your front door!)

two: deep clean your home 

Of course most of us get the spring cleaning bug at this time of year, which is why there are so many tips for spring cleaning floating around! 

But it’s for good reason:  spring cleaning clears out all of the nooks and crannies of your home that hold old, stagnant energy. 

It’s one of the best ways to refresh the energy in your home! 

Any time you clean, it stirs up the Chi (life force energy) as well as the metal element energy in your home.

In feng shui terms, cleaning helps concentration, focus, creativity, and brings fresh eyes to everything you do! (Click here for feng shui spring cleaning tips!)

vase full of pink peonies

three: unpacked boxes or clutter 

Do you have clutter piles, things to go to the donation center, or boxes full of things you haven’t touched in years?

Use the fresh spring momentum to tackle those piles and boxes! 

Even going through one or two boxes or tackling one small area of clutter can help refresh the energy in your home. 

Don’t forget, clutter stores energy and can interrupt the energy flow of your home. 

Every time you tackle it, you free up your energy as well as clear that stagnant energy out of your home.

four: change out your decor for lighter, brighter items 

If you love to switch up your home decor every season, spring is the time to switch everything out to lighter, brighter decor. 

This also increases the metal energy (lighter colors carry metal energy) and it can help everything feel lighter and more optimistic! 

Spring is the time of opening up and growing, so putting away all of the grounding/cocooning colors of winter can help you feel refreshed and excited about your future!

bedroom with small desk and lamp

five: open up the windows and curtains 

Even though your front door is the “mouth of Chi” for your home, fresh energy can also enter into your home through the other windows and doors. 

Opening up your windows and curtains increases the fire energy (sunlight) and helps clear out the old energy. 

The sunlight burns off the stagnant energy, which activates new, fresh ideas. 

It also helps purify and wake up your home and life! 

Even if you just open the windows for a few minutes, you’ll feel the effects immediately. 

You can even hang feng shui crystals in your windows to disperse that new, vibrant energy all over your home!

six: refresh your vision board and/or goals 

If you have a vision board, now is a great time to revisit it! 

You can either refresh the one you have, or create a whole new one!

You might even find that a lot of your dreams have come true and it’s time to replace them with new ones. 

Or that things you wanted a few months ago you no longer want.   (Click here to learn how to create a feng shui vision board!)

seven: refresh your feng shui cures

If you have any feng shui cures you’ve used in your home, take some time in the spring to refresh them! 

For example, take everything out of your feng shui wealth bowl, dust it off, and rearrange it or add new items to it. 

Cleanse your crystals. 

Dust off and clean your good luck charms. 

Go through any vision statements and intentions you’ve set and make sure they’re all up to date.

Spring feng shui energy is all about new growth, new opportunities, and new dreams! So use this time to refresh all of your intentions and goals for the next season of your life! 

eight: go through your clothes 

If you switch out your clothes every season, you’re probably used to sorting through your closet in the spring. 

But have you ever really looked at your clothes to make sure that they fit who you are? 

I don’t mean just physically, but symbolically too! 

Do they represent the present you?

Or do you have lots of clothes from old jobs or previous life styles that you never wear anymore? 

Take a look in your closet and make sure that it’s full of things you love and that represent who you are and where you’re going in life. 

If you have a lot of clothes that are just sitting there, collecting dust and taking up room, it’s time to get rid of them and make way for things you’ll actually wear.

nine: refresh your plants (real and fake!) 

Dust off your plants! (real and fake!)

They can become dirty just like the rest of your home. 

And if you have real plants, spring is when they’re starting to wake up. 

So make sure they are clean and spruced up and ready to grow. 

If you have any fake plants, dust them off and/or replace them.

vase of white roses

ten: buy fresh flowers or add a bowl of fruit

Fresh flowers and bowls of citrus fruit represent abundance and sparkling energy. 

Treat yourself and your home to the abundance of spring! 

This is especially helpful if you’d like to increase good fortune and good health in your home this season. 

Use the bouquet or bowl of fruit to symbolize that good fortune and health are coming your way and want to stay awhile!

eleven: make repairs, touch up paint, and check for leaks

Like anything in life, your home can degrade while you’re not paying attention. 

Take an hour or two and go through your home with a fine-toothed comb and look for:  scuffed or chipped paint, broken items, water leaks, or anything else that you’ve been meaning to get to but didn’t have the time or energy. 

Don’t underestimate how much this can refresh the entire vibe of your home! 

Plus tackling these projects takes a weight off of you energetically and mentally and frees you up to think of other things. 

Get those things off of your to-do list and use that spring feng shui momentum to work on your goals and dreams!

bed with pillows next to small desk

bonus spring feng shui tip: tackle the garage

Speaking of the to-do list, everything counts in feng shui!

That means your garage counts towards the energy in your overall home (if though most of us would like it not to!😉 )

If your garage is neat and tidy, sweep it out and make sure there aren’t cobwebs and dust bunnies in there. 

If your garage has become a catch-all and it’s an area you hate, take the time to change it! 

Just imagine how great you will feel once your garage looks and feels the way you’d love it to. 

Even if you just spend 30 minutes every few weekends, that time and energy will add up and spill over into your entire life.

Even more feng shui spring tips for the spring specific areas of your home:

Spring represents wood energy in feng shui.  Wood energy = growth and regeneration! 

The areas in your home that are associated with the wood element are: the family/legacy area and the wealth area! 

This means paying special attention to these areas in the spring can really set you up for growth the rest of the year (and who doesn’t want a more harmonious family life full of abundance and good fortune!) 

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and find out how to locate those areas of your home!)

Double check those areas for:  dirt, grime, dust, clutter, broken items, and leaks. 

Hopefully you already tackled those things if you followed the other spring tips, but definitely go through the family/legacy and wealth areas again. 

Now is a great time to place new feng shui cures in those areas, switch out the decor, and maybe add a plant or two to symbolize growth and stability. 

You can even do a sea salt energy cleanse for these areas to really deep clean and refresh the energy. 

As you can see, spring feng shui is all about creating fresh energy for your home and life! Use that momentum to manifest everything you want – the sky is the limit!

For other feng shui tips for the wealth area and family/legacy area, check out:

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spring feng shui tips: 11 surprising ways to fill your home with spring energy