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Feng Shui to Get Your Ex Back [4 Easy Tips that Work Fast!]

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Have you and your partner broken up?

Do you still love them and want them to come back into your life?

Do you wonder if feng shui can help you change your home so that your ex will come back to you?

If so, the answer is definitely yes!

Here are some ways to use feng shui to get your ex back!

feng shui to get your ex back

Of course, before we get started, I have to make one thing clear to you: there is no way to use feng shui to control another person.

Using feng shui to get your ex back is about how to set your home up so that YOU feel better.

And in doing so, it will make it easier for you to repair relationship.

Setting your home and bedroom up for a happy relationship means it will be easier for your ex to come back (or even to call in new love if you so choose!)

So let’s get into the feng shui tips!

Feng Shui Tips for Getting Your Ex Back

One: Clear the energy.

Clean and declutter your space as thoroughly as possible.

Cleaning and decluttering stir up the stagnant Chi (life force energy) and moves it out of your home.

If you can, open your windows and doors to help the Chi move throughout your home.

This lets the old energy out so that new energy can enter. You can also smudge your home to get rid of negative energy.

See these posts for more info:

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This step is VITAL if you want to cleanse the negative energy of your relationship and your breakup.

Think about it this way: A BIG piece of getting your ex back is getting over the feelings of breaking up.

You have to start with a clean slate, and the break-up is a way to do that!

But you also need to cleanse the energy of your home (and life!) so that you can make room for a fresh start.

When you’re decluttering and cleaning, pay special attention to the following areas:

Your home’s love and relationship area is important for all of the relationships in your life, including your romantic relationship.

And your bedroom is important for your relationship with yourself AND your partner.

Your front door is how fresh energy enters your home and life.

And mirrors represent how you see yourself.

So make sure everything is clean and tidy.

woman lighting candle on nightstand

Two: Remove Items That Can Hold You Back.

Now that you’ve cleaned and decluttered, it’s time to take a look at those areas of your home again.

(Or if you share a home – pay special attention to your bedroom or where you keep your personal belongings.)

You’re going to look for items that can cause stuck energy.

Look for:

  • Broken items
  • Items that represent your breakup (it’s okay to have items that represent your relationship. You just want to look for items that represent the sad times in your relationship.)
  • Items that have negative meanings for you (even if they have nothing to do with your relationships.)
  • Books about your breakup or self-help books about bad relationships.
  • Pictures of old relationships from before your ex.
  • Pictures of yourself that represent the “old you” or pictures of you with people you no longer have relationships with (like old friends, old schoolmates, old jobs, etc.)

Essentially, anything that represents being stuck in the past or being someone you no longer want to be.

Even if you have happy memories attached to these things, sometimes they can hold you back!

Take these things and either fix them, get rid of them, or if it’s something you don’t want to get rid of, put it in a box.

If you’re going to keep them, tie a red ribbon or piece of red string around the box.

This will symbolically trap the energy in the box so that it doesn’t affect the rest of your life.

flowers and candle on nightstand

Three: Go through your closet.

Your closet represents who you are in the world.

It’s how you see yourself, what you wear in different areas of your life, and how others see you.

Clean and declutter if you didn’t do that in step one.

Remove anything that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself.

Also, anything that ties you to past relationships.

Do you have jewelry or clothing items from exes?

Items that you no longer wear for jobs you no longer have, or hobbies you no longer do?

If you don’t want to get rid of them, put them in the box with the other items.

Everything that remains, tidy and organize it as best as you can.

You are just removing anything that is attached to your identity that could be holding you back!

Four: Look at your bedroom with fresh eyes.

Because your bedroom represents YOU but also your relationship, you want to make sure that the things in your room represent who you want to be, not who you used to be.

It’s important that there aren’t things in your room that represent you being single, sad, or lonely.

Especially symbolically, because it can reinforce the feeling that you are alone and your ex isn’t coming back.

For example:

  • Artwork that represents sadness or loneliness
  • Artwork from past relationships
  • Artwork that represents things you no longer want in your life
  • Pictures of single people (or you, when you were single.)
  • Is your bed pushed up against the wall (so there’s only room for you?)
  • Is there only one nightstand or lamp by the bed? (In other words, is your room set up so that someone can join you?)

Ideally, you want to have pairs of items in your bedroom, whether you’re single or not.

You want to symbolically make room for your partner so that the Universe can fill the void, so to speak.

candle and flowers on nightstand next to bed with open journal

What are the colors like in your bedroom?

A lot of red can cause anger and frustration.

Red represents the feng shui fire element.

A little red is good (passion and romance!) but too much can cause fights or really fast-moving energy that burns quickly and goes out. Try removing some of it.

Too much blue or black can water down your relationship.

In the feng shui element cycle, blues and black represent the water element, which can put out the flame of your relationship.

With the elements, balance is important.

You want your bedroom to be restful with some pops of color to activate your relationship but not disturb your sleep.

For more information see this post: how to feng shui your bedroom!

flowers and candle on tray on top of bed

Other things to look for in your bedroom:

  • Exercise equipment
  • A lot of electronics
  • A lot of books (especially self-help or relationship books)
  • Home office equipment, work materials, or school work
  • Pictures or posters with a lot of people
  • Pictures of your kids, animals, or friends

Ideally, your bedroom should be only for rest and romance.

Obviously, that isn’t always practical.

But for the purpose of using feng shui to get your ex back, think of your bedroom this way:

Is there something in your bedroom that could come between you and your relationship?

Pictures of your friends, children, or pets can mean that they can interrupt your relationship.

A home office can represent work coming between you.

Electronics are fire energy, which can cause the same problems as fiery colors.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole here and feel like there’s just too much going on and feng shui is never going to work.

BUT try looking at your bedroom and look for the OBVIOUS thing.

You’ll know it when you see it!

Even changing ONE thing with purpose will cause a shift in energy!

Now that you’ve removed things that can cause issues in your relationship, it’s time to do something specifically to help you get your ex back with feng shui.

vase of flowers and books on nightstand

A Feng Shui Cure to Get Your Ex Back

You’ll need:

  • A picture of yourself and your ex together, from a time you were happy. If you don’t have a picture of the two of you together, you can use just a picture of your ex.
  • A way to display the picture. You can hang it or put it in a picture frame or whatever works for you.
  • A candle or crystal (or both)
  • A piece of paper and a red pen or marker.

Next, choose an area in your bedroom.

You’re going to use this space to create a mini area that represents getting back together with your ex, so choose an area of your room that you will see every day.

Some ideal spots are: on your dresser, on your nightstand or side table, or on a shelf.

You can also do this in your bedroom’s love and relationship corner if you have room there! If not anywhere works.

Write out an intention statement for your relationship on the piece of paper with the red pen.

You can write an affirmation or a positive statement about your ex wanting to get back together.

Write it in the present tense, as if it is happening right now.

For example: [Person’s name] and I have the best relationship and it’s stronger than it’s ever been. Or: [Partner’s name] loves me unconditionally and we are so happy together!

Place the piece of paper under the candle or crystal (this will activate and hold the intention.)

It is done!

Every night before you go to bed, thank the Universe for bringing you your ex back.

Feel the feelings of being back together with your ex.

For example, if you received a call or text from your ex that said everything you wanted them to say, how would that feel? Feel those feelings for a few moments. Feel them as if they are happening right now.

Do this every day for the next 11 days (1+1 = 2, which is the feng shui number for love and marriage!)

This will help infuse your energy with having what you want and activate your relationship!

You might even find that this ritual works faster than 11 days!

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