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how to use feng shui to attract what you really want

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One of the best things about using feng shui to change your life is that it works fast!

One of the reasons is that what you want and the actions you are taking to get it are fully in alignment. 

In other words, if you are wanting change but you’re just sitting on the couch all day, your actions don’t prove that you actually want to change. 

But if you want to change and you prove it by taking action towards it, changes will happen much more quickly.

how to use feng shui to attract what you really want

Here are 9 tips for how to use feng shui to attract what you really want:

As with anything, you should start with your intention. 

Do you know what you’re seeking to change? 

Whatever that is (more money, a partner, a new job?), write it down on a piece of paper. 

That is the intention you are going to keep front and center in your mind while you’re applying the feng shui cures.

Once you have your intention written down you can:

One: Light a candle every day for 9 days. 

Nine is a lucky number in Feng Shui, so set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to light a candle each day for the next 9 days. 

You can even take the piece of paper you wrote your intention on, and place it under the candle while it’s burning.  

See this post for more information about candles in feng shui: How to Use Candles in Feng Shui for Good Fortune (And More!)

how to attract everything you want with just 9 easy feng shui tips

Two: Turn your front porch light on for 3 hours each day for the next nine days. 

In Feng Shui, your front door is where opportunity enters your home. 

Turning on the light for 3 hours signals to the Universe that you are ready to welcome the change you’re seeking.

Three: Move 27 things. 

Twenty-seven is also a lucky number in Feng Shui, and intentionally moving 27 things in your house will stir up the energy and vibration in your home. 

Again, it’s all about intention. 

Move the 27 things with the intention of moving stagnant energy and creating change.

Four: Get rid of 21 things. 

Any time you declutter your home, you are creating a space for the Universe to fill with something new.

This is why decluttering is so important in Feng Shui – you are helping the energy in your home to move more freely. 

Getting rid of 21 things is a specific cure you can use to open up that space and show the Universe you mean business.

Five: Use all of the burners on your stove. 

You might have noticed that you tend to use one burner on your stove almost exclusively – but now we are going to turn them ALL on for a few seconds and get the energy (and fire!) moving. 

Fire is a manifestation magnet in Feng Shui, and the fire element is represented by fire itself (like a gas burner or candle), light, electricity, and heat.

The stovetop is also a wealth and abundance magnet, so intentionally turning on your burners is a signal that you’re ready to stir things up and create change.

Six: While you’re at it: clean your stovetop and keep it sparkly!

Taking care of your home shows the Universe you’re taking care of the abundance in your life that you already have.

And since the stovetop is such a huge manifestation of that abundance in your life, keep it clean and shiny, and ready to use!

See this post for more information about your kitchen and wealth: 7 feng shui kitchen tips for creating a healthy & wealthy home!

Seven: Replace all of the burned-out light bulbs in your home. 

Again, light represents fire in Feng Shui. You want all of your lights to operate properly. 

Also, you can change out the bulbs to higher wattages in the areas of the bagua where you’d like to create change. 

If your intention is to welcome in a new partner, change out the bulbs in your relationship area and also your bedroom.

Then turn them on for 3 hours each day to signal the change and excitement coming your way.

(If you aren’t familiar with the bagua, click here to open it in a new tab so you can locate the different areas of your home and know which area to activate!)

Eight: Sweep your front porch. 

Because the front door is where new opportunities come into your life, pretend that you’re inviting a very important guest into your home (because you are – and you want that person or opportunity to stay! ;)) and sweep your porch. 

Sweep the dust and cobwebs away from your home with the intention that change is coming.

Nine: Put a bowl of sea salt in stagnant corners or doorways in your home. 

It doesn’t have to be a big bowl, just a small one will do.

Sea salt absorbs negative and stagnant energy, so put the bowls in the areas of your home that correspond with the change you want.

Or you can even put it in every room, to raise the whole vibration of your house! 

Leave it out for 24 hours and then throw the salt away – don’t keep it. 

You are signaling to the Universe that the old energy is gone and there’s room for new energy!

If you don’t have sea salt, you can also burn sage or palo santo, play vibrant happy music, or use your broom and vacuum to stir up the chi.

This post has even more information about cleansing negative energy in your home with sea salt!

Bonus: As you are applying the feng shui cures to attract what you want, be sure to feel the feelings of already having it! 

If the thing showed up one second ago, how would you be feeling right now? 

As you go throughout your life, feel those feelings as often as possible so that you are in the vibration of already having what you want. 

Now you know 9 of the top feng shui cures you can apply to help you attract what you really want! You can use them all or even just one or two of them to help boost your manifesting power!  

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Friday 12th of February 2021

With salt and water, you said to throw it away. But because it absorb the bad vibes, where it would be a good place to be dispose?

Dorothy Faudi

Saturday 23rd of January 2021

I have been following Dana Claudet for several years and I am learning about and loving feng shui! I think being intentional is the biggest issue that I have. I am so capricious! and fairly apathti! Which I am trying to change! thanks for the advise!

Tsion Assefa

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

It was very nice advices, that you are giving fur people.