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feng shui for a happy married life & stronger relationship

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Feng shui for a happy married life has a lot to do with arranging your home to create a connection with your partner. 

There are a few areas of your home that are important for your romantic relationship, so let’s go through them all and discuss what you can do to set your home up for relationship success!

feng shui happy married life & stronger relationship

One of the most important areas in your home to feng shui for a happy married life is your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is a key love and relationship area in your home no matter where it falls on the feng shui bagua map. 

This is because your bedroom is important for rest, relaxation, self-care, love, and it’s also one of the places where you spend the most time. 

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to apply it to your home.)

Here are 6 quick tips to feng shui your bedroom for a happy married life:

One:  Choose romantic, relaxing colors. 

You want your bedroom to feel like a cozy, warm, intimate space for you and your partner. 

Choose soft colors, like pastels, on the warmer side of the color range. 

Warm colors represent the fire element (passion and romance!) but you don’t want them so hot that they interrupt your sleep!

Pick colors like light pink, peach, light yellow, pale blue, and pastel purple. 

coffee table with pink tray and candle

Two: Pairs of items. 

Pairs of items represent a harmonious relationship. 

Use two nightstands, two pillows, two lamps, two pieces of artwork, pairs of decorative items – you get the idea! 

Create room on both sides of the bed if possible, so that there’s room for both you and your partner.

The key is to create a balance – one item for each of you!

Three:  Choose soft sheets, bedding, and pillows. 

Your bed should feel soft and welcoming, representing a soft place for you and your partner to retire to in the evening!

Four: Clear the clutter. 

Clutter is anything that’s standing between you and the life you want to live. 

Clear the clutter in your bedroom from every nook and cranny – including under your bed and in the closet! 

Clutter can cause chaos and disorganized energy, which is the opposite of what you want if you want a happy marriage!

couch with green and pink pillows

Five:  Keep the bathroom door closed. 

If your master bathroom is directly attached to your bedroom, keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible.

Bathrooms are energy drains. 

Keeping the door closed will keep the love energy in your bedroom and away from the drain!

Six:  Display happy photos of you and your spouse. 

Keep other photos out of your bedroom (you don’t want anyone else in your relationship!)

If you haven’t taken updated photos with your spouse in a while, take some new ones and display them! 

These are six feng shui basics for a happy married life, but there are plenty of other feng shui bedroom tips that can also help your relationship. Click here for more!

potted plant in pink flower pot

Feng shui for a happy married life: tips for your home’s love & relationship area!

Another area of your home that’s important to feng shui for a happy married life is your home’s love and relationship area. 

The relationship area of your home is the far back right third, when standing at the front door and looking inside. (Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map to find your home’s relationship area!)

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When you’re thinking about the relationship area and a happy married life, the same rules for your bedroom apply. 

You want it to be clean, clear of clutter, and use pairs of items. 

couch with pink and green pillows

But there are also more feng shui tips for a happy married life you can use in this area:

One:  Look for broken items, home maintenance repairs, burnt-out light bulbs, and lots of clutter or dirt/grime. 

Anything you’re storing in this area that isn’t used often or in good condition should go! 

Not only do these items affect your married life, but they also affect other relationships in your life. 

Two: Look for lots of fire elements or lots of water elements. 

Firey colors, lots of candles, a fire place, and triangular objects are all fire elements. 

A little bit of fire is good because it keeps the passion alive, but too many can dominate and cause lots of fights! 

Too much water in this area – lots of mirrors, blue/watery colors, lots of windows, or a water feature or large fish tank can water down your relationship and put the fire out (so to speak!)

You want a balance of elements in this area so that your relationship doesn’t feel too hot or too cold!

(Click here to learn more about the 5 elements of feng shui!)

Bonus: If you do have a fireplace anywhere in your home, don’t keep pictures of your family or relationship on the mantel. – it can cause instability in your relationships and to your family’s health and well-being.

pink and white flowers in a vase

Three: If you have books or other media items in this area (magazines, movies, etc) make sure they reflect the kind of relationship you want!

If you have lots of self-help items or books/movies/etc that reflect past relationships, they can interfere with your current relationship!

You want everything you keep in your love area to reflect where you want to go with your relationship, not where you’ve been in the past.

Four: Do you have lots of worn-out furniture or items you don’t love in this area? 

If so, it’s time to use your DIY muscles or alter the belongings in some way so that you love them!

Everything in your home carries the energy you have that relates to it. 

Keeping items you don’t love means your home is full of those feelings. 

Even if you replace (or get rid of, or alter) one thing at a time, the energy in your home will start to shift, which means all of your relationships will shift as well!

pink chair with green pillow and side table

Feng shui items for a happy married life:

In addition to all of the above feng shui for a happy married life, you can also add one of the following feng shui cures to either your home’s relationship area or your main bedroom in order to further enhance your love and happiness with your partner!

Here are some ideas – pick one or two and see how your relationship improves!

One:  Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal that is associated with love and harmony.

You can place one in your home’s love area or in your bedroom to activate the love energy and call more happiness and harmony into your marriage!

Two:  Mandarin ducks

A pair of mandarin ducks represent love and harmony in your romantic relationship. 

If you feel called to add a pair of mandarin ducks to your home, keep them in your love corner or your bedroom to balance and strengthen your relationship.

coffee table with tray, plant, and candle

Three: Fresh flowers or a healthy plant.

Add fresh flowers or a plant to your home’s love area to bring more Chi (life force energy) to your relationship! 

Fresh flowers can bring happiness and attract better energy, while a plant can represent growth and stability. 

Choose plants with rounded or heart-shaped leaves and upward growth (not cacti or plants with thorns!) 

You can also add flowers to your bedroom, but avoid putting lots of flowers or plants in your bedroom if you or your partner struggle with insomnia.

Four:  Add a candle and set an intention!

If you want to activate the love energy in your relationship even further, you can add a red or pink candle to your love area. 

You can even go one step further and write out a short intention statement for your relationship that you use every time you light the candle. 

Write out a short intention statement (something like: Thank you, Universe, for our long, happy marriage!) and place it under the candle. 

Light the candle for a few minutes every day for at least 9 days, while feeling all of the feelings associated with your intention statement. 

This activates the energy and draws more love and romance into your marriage!

coffee table with flowers in a vase, books, and candle

Bonus feng shui tip for a happy married life:

When using feng shui for a happy married life, you should also consider your habits. 

Do your everyday habits, routines, and home life represent the happiness you want in your marriage?

Everything you do in your home affects your relationships. 

Set yourself up for success and make your relationship a priority and watch how setting that intention helps your marriage! 

The more you shift your home and your life within your home to reflect the intention of a happy married life, the more your marriage will shift. 

Believe it will happen and watch the Universe rearrange itself to support that belief. 

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feng shui for a happy married life & stronger relationship