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The Feng Shui Meaning Of Water Leaks (Is A Water Leak A Bad Omen?)

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In feng shui, water equals wealth.

In fact, water is so fundamental in feng shui that it’s literally part of the name.

The term feng shui means “wind” and “water.”

It reflects how energy flows into your home, and therefore into and around your life.

If something is stopping the flow in your home, energy gets stuck.

But if energy is leaking from your home, you have the opposite problem.

Leaking energy means there’s always more going out than coming in.

And leaking water means that wealth and good fortune are definitely going out faster than they’re coming in!

feng shui meaning of water leaks

The Feng Shui of Water and Plumbing in Your Home

According to feng shui, the water element represents wealth, good fortune, and abundance.

It is also associated with the career area of the bagua, representing not only your job or career, but also your path in life.

Plumbing represents how well water flows in and around your home and life.

It can also represent health since clean water is essential to health and well-being.

It can also represent emotional health, and because plumbing is often hidden in walls and cabinets, it can represent emotions or issues that are hidden just below the surface.

Drains, however, represent draining energy.

Drains are part of the plumbing system, but they are necessary in order to eliminate dirty water, grime, and waste.

So even though drains receive a lot of negative attention in feng shui, they are actually part of the healthy movement of energy in your home.

The problem with drains comes when energy goes down the drain unnecessarily (like water dripping into the drain) or some sort of open drain near your front door or in a key area where you’d want energy to stay and circulate.

water leaking from an indoor plumbing pipe

The Feng Shui Meaning of Water Leaks

Because of the different ways water is used in the home, there are many different feng shui meanings of leaking water.

Plumbing leaks from water sources, like faucets and pipes that move clean water throughout your home, can represent:

  • Hidden emotions or health issues coming to the surface.
  • Financial leaks, like overspending, mismanaging money, or even problems generating wealth.
  • Problems in your career/job/or life path.
  • Health issues, if the leak was in your bathroom (bathrooms represent good health and self-care.)
  • Issues in the area of your life that corresponds with the area of the bagua the leak occurred in. If the leak was in the health area of your home, for example, it can represent issues with health and well-being. If it occurred in the love and relationship area, for example, it could represent problems with your significant other.

Plumbing leaks from drains, however, can represent things like:

  • Problems letting things go or holding onto things for too long.
  • Issues with not wanting to release things that are bad for you.
  • Someone or something in your life is draining your energy.
  • A wake-up call that you aren’t letting energy circulate properly like you’re afraid to spend money or declutter because you might “need it later.”

Water leaking INTO your home from outside sources, like your roof or basement can mean:

  • You don’t have a strong foundation or strong boundaries.
  • Overwhelm, busyness, or not taking time for repair and rejuvenation.
  • Problems you don’t want to deal with.
  • Feeling ungrounded or unstable.
water dripping from a faucet

And gushing water leaks or costly plumbing repairs can also be a sign that things are shifting in your life. You might be:

  • Consciously shifting energy, and the leak is an example of the energy moving.
  • Craving a new beginning, and the leak is the catalyst for change.
  • About to rise to a new level, and the leak is a symbol of letting go of problems or things holding you back.
  • About to call in a higher level of financial success, and the leak/repairs signify that you’re uncomfortable (similar to manifesting a large amount of money and then also manifesting a surprise bill for the same amount or even more.)

Often, how you FEEL about the water leak and the issues it caused can show you what the leak means in your life.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, the water leak represents that overwhelm.

If you felt terrified of the bill, you could have financial work to do.

If you didn’t want to tell your partner, it could mean that there are issues in your relationship.

When Is A Leak Just A Leak?

Are there times when a leak is just a leak? ABSOLUTELY.

Appliances wear out.

Plumbing gets old and cracks, rusts, or breaks.

Tree roots can get into pipes and cause water to back up into your sink.

Sometimes things just happen!

Water leaks aren’t always a bad omen.

It doesn’t always mean you attracted it in some way or it reflects some kind of bad luck or bad Chi going on.

Again, how you feel about it will greatly reflect what it means in your home and life.

If you feel like you attracted it or like if bad things keep happening, taking a moment to think about how you’ve been feeling or thinking lately can show you what it means.

Sometimes leaks can even be a blessing in disguise!

They can help remove things that are holding you back or even help you further along toward something you’ve always wanted!

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