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The Feng Shui Meaning of Broken Glass (Is Broken Glass Good Luck?)

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We all know that superstition about broken mirrors attracting 7 years of bad luck.

But what about broken glass?

If you break a glass or find that a window, picture frame, or another piece of glass in your home suddenly breaks, is it a bad omen?

What is the feng shui meaning of broken glass?

feng shui meaning of broken glass

Feng Shui & Glass

Glass in feng shui represents the water element, which is responsible for abundance energy and how it flows throughout your home (and therefore your life!) 

Flowing water represents prosperity coming your way, which is why fountains and water features are so popular in feng shui. 

Glass can be used as a way to invoke the water element without having to use actual water – that is especially helpful in areas where a water feature isn’t practical.

broken window with reflection of sky

The Feng Shui Meaning of Broken Glass

Broken glass has a couple of different meanings in feng shui. 

▶ In general, broken glass means the end of a cycle (and the beginning of a new one!)

In this way, the feng shui meaning of broken glass can be either good or bad.

If the cycle ending is one that made you happy, the ending can be bittersweet. 

If the cycle has been full of struggle, then breaking glass can mean that struggle is coming to an end. 

As with all things feng shui, it comes down to interpretation and how you personally feel about it! 

If you have been looking for a sign from the Universe and suddenly find broken glass (especially somewhere out of the blue!) then it can be the sign you were looking for, signaling that change is coming.

▶ Another meaning of broken glass in feng shui is when a piece of glass shatters in many different pieces. 

If this happens, it can signal that abundance is coming your way! 

Typically this happens when a piece of glass shatters in to so many pieces it’s difficult to count. 

This can mean you are about to receive a financial windfall (so much money that you can’t count it!)

▶ A third way to interpret broken glass in feng shui is that there is a crack in your defenses, so you are susceptible to an attack from an enemy. 

If you have feng shui protections around your home, seeing or finding broken glass can be a sign that it’s time to refresh them. 

This is especially true if you find broken glass in your home in a weird spot that doesn’t seem to have a cause – like finding a broken picture frame when you know that no one has disturbed it. 

With all things feng shui and finding signs from the Universe – what a sign means to you depends greatly on what YOU feel it means to you. 

You can find broken glass and see it as a bad sign or you can find it and see it as a good sign! 

broken window

Things to consider when determining the feng shui meaning of broken glass are:

  • What was happening when you found the broken glass? 
  • Did you come across it randomly? Did you drop it? 
  • How were you feeling when it happened or when you found it? Did you immediately feel positively or negatively?
  • Was the glass object important to you?
  • Did you ask the Universe for a sign before you found the broken glass?
  • Are you in the middle of a major life decision or problem?
  • Did you recently make a major life decision?
  • Is anyone in your household going through a life decision or tumultuous time?
  • Has someone close to you recently passed on?
  • Have you seen OTHER signs from the Universe?
  • Are you trying to manifest something specific into your life?
  • Did you have a dream about broken glass or did you find broken glass in your daily life?

Ask yourself these questions and listen to your inner knowing. 

Most likely you already have an idea about what the broken glass means, you are just here to see if this information confirms what you already know! 

What does it feel like it means to you? 

If you were actively looking for a sign from the Universe about something going on in your life, did finding the broken glass feel good or bad?

That is most likely the answer you were looking for. 

Another way to interpret the meaning of broken glass in feng shui is to specifically ask the Universe to provide you with the answer. 

For example, let’s say you find a broken picture frame in your bedroom. 

You don’t know how it could have happened because no one has been in your room but you. 

You are actively using feng shui in your home to attract a romantic partner.

So now you’re wondering if finding the broken glass is a bad omen, but you’re not really sure. 

Ask the Universe to show you, without a doubt, what it means!

You can do this by saying:

Universe, please make the meaning behind the broken picture frame crystal clear in the next 24 hours. Show me a sign for what to do next. Thank you!

The Universe will show you the answer!

Ultimately, even if you feel like finding broken glass was a negative sign, it really is up to you what you do about it. 

While finding it might have been an indicator that something negative is going on, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to a negative experience. 

Sometimes, things going wrong in your home are just an indicator that energy is moving quickly. 

And sometimes it means that something old needed to leave your life in order for something new to come in! 

Instead of creating an energetic pattern, where you HAVE to find broken glass in order for a cycle in your life to come to an end, practice making room for the things you want instead. 

This is a way to be proactive and remove things on your own to give the Universe a place to bring you what you want.

Also, practice being intentional and listening to your inner nudges and intuition. 

The more you listen to your inner wisdom, the stronger it will become. 

And eventually, you won’t even need signs like broken glass to help you know when something good or bad is coming your way!

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